Golden triangle for sustainability


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The Golden Circle of Simon Sinek is a brilliant tool to map a 'business know why' or belief system of a brand. In this presentation, we apply it to sustainability and triple bottom line entrepreneurship

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Golden triangle for sustainability

  1. 1. Why
 The Golden Circle “Simon Sinek’s tool on ‘business know-why’ applied to sustainability”
  2. 2. Facts and figures Belief and excitement Business know-how Business know-why
  3. 3. Why
 Simon Sinek, the Golden Circle
  4. 4. ? Why
 Differentiation, what’s better? What’s smarter? What
 Telling and selling what you do (products, features, price)
  5. 5. [WHAT] We have to decrease the footprint of our company [HOW] by reducing waste and emissions, and design more eco-friendly products [WHY] to safe us from climate change… Boring…
  6. 6. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”
  7. 7. Facts and figures Belief and excitement Business know-how Business know-why
  8. 8. Why
 Wanna buy one? How
 They’re beautiful designed and user friendly. What
 We make great computers
  9. 9. “It is about turning this argumentation structure upside down”
  10. 10. Why
 In everything we do, we believe in breaking the status-quo, we believe in thinking differently How
 the way we break the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, easy to oversee and user-friendly. What
 thinking like that, we just happen to make great computers, phones, music devices and probably a zillion other things in the near future. “The hardcore belief system”
  11. 11. STARTING FROW WHAT: Low margins > many models > many features A lot of advertising STARTING FROW WHY: High margins > few models > few features Few advertising
  12. 12. “Not idea-driven, but ideal-driven belief-systems”
  13. 13. Why
 Dove believes that the world would be better if women where allowed to feel good about themselves How
 That’s why we reject the artificial beauty ideals of the cosmetic industry and reclaim natural beauty in all our touch points with the audience What
 We do that, because we happen to produce a range of personal care products for all ages
  14. 14. “As the Golden Circle is not idea- centric, but ideal-centric, I believe it is an excellent tool to develope a core beliefsystem for a sustainable product, service, project, …”
  15. 15. “Cradle-to-cradle”
  16. 16. Why
 We believe that ongoing prosperity happens if we make humankind back native to nature How
 We can do that by changing our design intention. By remaking the way we make things: turn the make-take-waste practice into endless closed-loop- cycles What
 Designing the cycle and not the product, houses will produce more clean water, and produce more energy then it consumes. Houses become like trees, and cities become like forests
  17. 17. “Organic”
  18. 18. Why
 We believe that beauty is as beauty does. It is a natural thing that can only be achieved with respectful care and kindness How
 From this understanding, we’ve connected people with the art and science of pure flower and plant essences from the early beginning What
 That’s how today we’re the non- disputed sustainability front-runner in our industry with a top range of organic, C2C Gold certified beauty products
  19. 19. “Imagine the dirtiest company in the world”
  20. 20. Why
 After the massive spill, we finally started to understand that we should work radically hard developing alternative energy solutions…. How
 … What
  21. 21. “Some tips and tricks on writing your own”
  22. 22. Why
 Your belief as close as possible to the companies core business and How
 target audience Your proposition. As new, differentiating and relevant as possible What
 The measures and bottom line benefits (less costs, more profit) Some advice
  23. 23. Example “Sustainable kinder garden?”
  24. 24. Why
 I believe that parents today only want the very best for their children and suffer a sort of fear against our over-polluted world How
 That’s why a natural kinder garden that is like a farm with organic food and a natural environment to play would work good in this area What
 The socio-demographic potential is huge and thanks to this list of potential strategic partnerships and subsidiaries, the project is more cost-effective than expected.
  25. 25. Goal… If you have the chance to open your mouth for 30 seconds only… the CEO should asks you to tell the full story
  26. 26. Why
 Start write your own, now!
  27. 27. We should relocate dreams and build belief!