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Presentation for Workshop on RTTC Curriculum Revision workshop
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Presentation for Workshop on RTTC Curriculum Revision workshop


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The presentation was used as an introduction of the SEAL Programme at the workshop on the revision of the Cambodian curriculum for teacher training of lower secondary education.

The presentation was used as an introduction of the SEAL Programme at the workshop on the revision of the Cambodian curriculum for teacher training of lower secondary education.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Teachers from practice schools
  • Moreover, an extra opportunity to strengthen the M&E processes of TTD lieswithin the Teacher Development Master Plan that aims to train 280 new inspectors in a five yearperiod by 2014.
  • TTD will also be responsible for the dissemination of educational materials in print as well as digitallearning objects through a web-portal.
  • A comprehensive set of posters is developed together with the teacher trainers. Selection was based on concrete demands. The set will be used and evaluated during the pilot phase. Each poster has an activity sheet consisting of background, activities, tips…
  • TTD will assume final responsibility for the integrationof the developed materials and trainings in their professional development planning and processes.
  • Target group: science teacher trainers and ?? Selected teachers from practice schools.Challenge: to train and monitor teachers from practice schools.1. Selection of tools & experiments for inquiry-based science teaching
  • Target group: science teacher trainers and ?? Selected teachers from practice schools.Challenge: to train and monitor teachers from practice schools.In addition, I'm considering if I can incorporate one more activity in the final year, which is “Subject-wise Study Group Meeting at RTTC” so that science teachers in cooperative schools get together subject-wise once a month at RTTC, share the difficulties in one’s teaching, and get practical ideas and academic support from RTTC trainers in charge of that subject.In my idea, all of these activities will be handled by a POE secondary office (with inspectors)in an integrated fashion.
  • The ToT team consists of a group of teacher trainers and teachers, appointed by the management ofthe partner institutes, and are selected from the pilot phase working groups. Input training is given bythe ToT team and materials, manuals etc. are disbursed. The composition of the ToT team will dependon the requirements for each training session with some sessions organised at a central location,preferably at the pilot TTC. The same ToT team will be responsible for the subsequent steps;
  • Transcript

    • 1. RTTC Curriculum Revision Workshop
      July 20, 2011
    • 2. Outline presentation
      SEAL Programme Structure
      Target groups
      From pilot stage…
      To mainstreaming stage
      Learning materials
      Trainings & Follow-up
    • 3. SEAL Program structure
      Improvement of the pre-service teacher training for Science education, and Environmental/Agricultural Life skills at Regional Teacher Training Colleges”.
      Environmental Life skills
      Agricultural Life skills
      Center (ICT)
      Science education, Environmental & Agricultural Life skills
    • 4. Target groups SEAL Programme
      Relationship between VVOB, the direct and indirect target groups
    • 5. From pilot stage…
      Needs assessment
      Capacity building plan
      Selection of innovative concepts
      Introduction to technical working groups
      Selection, localization and try-outs
      Pre-mainstreaming workshops for teachers
      Fine-tuning and final adjustments
      Planning and preparing roll-out
      Capacity building activities
    • 6. …To mainstreaming phase
      Train ToT team & develop ToTmanuals
      Material publication & distribution
      Capacity & knowledge transfer to other RTTCs
      Follow-up and coaching
      Dissemination through web portal
      Monitoring & Evaluation
    • 7. Mainstreaming phase
      We will help you…adopting a more student-centered approach
      Educational materials
      Quality manuals
      Follow-up visits
    • 8. Materials: Science posters
      Aligned with curriculum
      Ca. 230 posters
      Also in smaller format for group work
      Activity sheet per poster
    • 9. Box with materials
      Demonstration videos
      Materials: Low-cost experiments
    • 10. Materials: Teaching aids
      Simple equipment can help making lessons more student-centered
      Voting Cards
      Cards for classification activities
      Concept cartoons
    • 11. Materials: Equipped science labs
      Purchase of science lab material for 4 sciences
      Collecting information & advice
      Including books, experiments, models, furniture
    • 12. Materials: ICT Resource Rooms
      . ICT resource rooms
      • 13. Animations, Simulations, Educational software
    • Quality Manuals
      Manual on Student-Centered Approaches
      Active reading & writing skills
      Reasoning skills
      Teaching the scientific method
      Conceptual science teaching
      Analogies and Models
      Educational games
    • 14. Quality Manuals
      Manuals with low-cost experiments
      Physics: mechanics, pressure, electricity & magnetism, sound, light, heat
      Biology: Human body, osmosis
      Chemistry: Acids & bases, chemical reactions
      Earth science: weather, astronomy
    • 15. Trainer of Trainers Team (ToT)
      Approx. 15 members
      • Teacher trainers & teachers
      • 16. MoEYS & POE
      Training and coaching of the wider target group
      Monitoring & evaluation
    • 17. Training activities 2011
      Mainstreaming workshop VVOB SEAL – JICA STEPSAM2
      (7 days, 3.5 days facilitated by VVOB, September)
      Preparation with ToT team for subsequent workshops
      Distribution science poster package to RTTCs (with short orientation activity)
    • 18. Training activities 2012
      Workshop “SCA for Science Education” (2 x 5 days, January)
      Tools for student-centered science teaching
      Model lesson plans
      Workshop per subject (4 * 5 days)
      Animations & Simulations
      Subject-specific techniques & tools (like games & posters)
      Inquiry-based lesson & lesson study (w/ STEPSAM2)
       RTTC-based INSET trainings (w/ Stepsam2)
    • 19. Follow-up visits
      Observe lessons & provide feedback
      Monitor material use
    • 20. Questions?