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  1. 1. Immigration.By Stefany Velasquez
  2. 2. Legal Immigrants.• Many immigrants come to The United States to bring their invention ideas to life. Such as Sony created in Tokyo, Japan. After World War 2, Masaru Ibuka (co-founder of Sony) visited the United States to build America’s first transistor for communication, and military purposes. After that, Sony went into business with the United States.• According to ABC, CNN, CBS, and NBC, all immigrants in America claim to have freedom and a better life, escaping oppression, tyranny(ex. Castro from Cuba) in their own country.
  3. 3. Legal immigrants #3• If The United State’s population continues at this rate, then by the year 2020 the U.S will add enough population to create another New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco, Indianapolis, San Jose, Memphis, Washington D.C., Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Boston, Columbus, New Orleans, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, and El Paso - plus the next 75 largest cities in the U.S. if we don’t stop large quantities of immigrants now.• Immigration is the largest factor contributing to the population growth. It contributes about 2.25 million people to the U.S. annually.
  4. 4. Illegal Immigrants pros vs.cons.• Illegal immigrants can never benefit the country, and must be stopped by the government. According to Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. government received 305 million taxes collected from the illegals. What this basically means is that when you cross the border and you’re an illegal, you need some sort of food, some clothes etc. The tax that is collected when you make a purchase of any product legally is a sales tax. If many illegals are purchasing products, they’re contributing through sales tax.• Illegal immigrants are hardworking people when it comes to jobs. Illegal immigrants are always ready to take any low wage paying job that Americans wouldn’t want. Who’d want to plant crops for long hours every week to only get paid the same wages that they would give you in McDonald’s?.
  5. 5. Illegal Immigration cons• Who knows what crosses the border? Gang members, terrorists, pedophiles, JDs it can be anyone, anything. When they cross illegally, you don’t know what they can do.• Illegal immigrants use America’s resources and education benefits at the cost of taxes paid by Americans. Meaning while your mother is paying school taxes, district taxes, every other kind of tax people are getting it for free without paying. How is that fair?• Illegal immigrants are not contributing to the economy, not giving back their fair share. So why should we let them into our country?
  6. 6. Diseases.• Tuberculosis wasn’t really common in the U.S. for some time, till foreigners mostly immigrants came into the states. TB has been common in foreign countries like Belize, Honduras, and even Mexico. If TB is spreading across the United States, then how was it brought here? It was brought here by illegal immigrants who come into the United States secretly without a health screening for any diseases .• TB takes an estimated 2 million lives each year. It’s really contagious through the air and 10-15 people will be infected each day from TB. 43% of non-citizens under 65 have no health insurance, that means an estimated 9.4 million uninsured immigrants are in the country illegally.
  7. 7. Diseases Part 2.• Changas disease was brought into the United States by immigrants. Changas disease had an epidemic in South America through Central America. It really hadn’t been a problem in the States until recently, a roughly 100,000 through 500,000 people in the United States have Changas disease mostly Latinos.• Many other diseases have been brought over like Malaria, Dengue and Leprosy. Many of these diseases are deadly and must be stopped from coming into the United States.
  8. 8. Border Security• 9/11 hit the United States really hard. It changed America’s viewpoint on terrorism. Even though it wasn’t the Latinos fault of 9/11, but since millions of immigrants pour into the United States every single day they had to do something. There’s a possibility that a terrorist can come into the United States by crossing the border so America as a nation needs to step up and keep everything in check. Even though the border’s so long, the National Guardsmen looked into having a full K-9 division to help the guards keep order.
  9. 9. Border Security 2.• The National Guardsmen have also used Aerial surveillance courtesy of Obama to watch over to see if anyone is coming over illegally. The National Guardsmen watch out for American citizens and try to keep illegals out of the country so that it’s safe.
  10. 10. Opposing• Many people don’t have the same opinion about immigration as me. Many people believe more immigrants mean more opportunity for terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals in the country. Other Americans say that immigrants especially poor immigrants use a high amount of government resources without paying taxes.• And the number one reason why Americans oppose the idea of immigration is because a lot of unskilled Americans can’t get jobs or earn money because they have to compete with immigrants.
  11. 11. Solution• America as a nation needs to step up and stop immigrants from coming in the first place, or they have to find a way to have them contribute to the resources they took. Otherwise America’s systems are going to go bankrupt due to the people who are taking and not giving back.