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Kayak+ Dialog Kayak+ Dialog Presentation Transcript

  • Kayak+ Dialog marketing tool seamlesslyintegrated with Kayak SubscriptionSystem
  • Kayak+Two way customer dialog in real time interaction with Kayak – Service contains ready made direct channels to email and SMS marketing. User friendly UI to manage customer care models and actions. All message tracking, bounce management and testing included in service. Easy to adopt, easy to use. – Content management and survey tool integrated to Kayak+ enables making of personalized emails, banners, campaign pages and customer surveys directly connected to Kayak customer data. – Reports and analysis of Kayak+ integrated and at your use.Why Kayak+Bring all customer events and communication as part of customer careOffer additional services based on customer data more dynamically – Include feedback survey or upsell email in personalized, visualized order confirmationBe one step ahead of your customer to secure continuous customer relationship – Offer renewal of subscription month before end date
  • From tracking past to planning future Analyze, control and manage customer communication to optimize dialog results• Analyze planned customer communication to – Detect too much planned communication in too short period of time and – Detect too few or none events for specific customer segments (or individuals)• Plan and add new communication for missing segments• Restrict / prioritize / schedule in case of too much planned communicationHow it helps• Use planned and scheduled communication tasks as a criteria for creating new tasks• Use reports to find too little or none communication planned• Use Dialog’s conflict manager to detect too much communication and to plan what to do 3 6/19/12 Copyright © Steeri Oy 2012
  • Kayak+ Dialog Architecture Inbound Response Personalized web banner• Order confirmations Personalized Web service call• Automatic alerts• Triggered changes Web solution to manage customer care:• Subscription changes Direct activities • Dynamic Customer care models and Task rules Create and export printed mail list • Query tool and Target groups• Service ordered • Content Management Create and export call list• Link clicked • Segmentation Personalized SMS• Login to web portal • Event management • Customer analysis Personalized Email • Activity launch to multiple channels Survey/ Feedback / Invitation form• Direct activities history• Completed tasks All customer data from multiple data sources Tasks to operative CRM Triggers launched in one hierarchy view Kayak CallCenter from any system Task: Book meeting Task: Call-out Launch service
  • KayakPlus Dialog: From tracking past communication Towards planning and managing future dialogueCopyright © Steeri Oy 2012
  • A Simple Idea Change your view From just IntoCreate and keep updated the forthcoming customer tracking planning andcommunication at individual customer level what has managing happened what shouldWhy happen• Allows you effectively plan and manage your customer communication• You can analyze planned communication to – Detect too much planned in too short period of time Past Now Future and – Detect too few or none events for specific customer segments (or individuals)• Business decision makers have time to define how to react (a hard thing to do afterwards ;-) ): – Plan and add new communication for missing segments and – Restrict / prioritize / schedule in case of too much planned communicationHow it helps• You can use planned and visible communication tasks as part of criteria for creating new tasks• You can use reports to find too little or none communication planned• You can use Dialog’s Conflict Manager for detecting too much communication and deciding what to do 6 6/19/12 Copyright © Steeri Oy 2012
  • Personalized offers, upsell, cross-sell… Systematic, triggered Manage the communication – manage the entire purchase process dialog Triggered relationship customer relationship management dialog Scheduled/ triggered 1st deal. Great, we have a new customer! customer listening We want to reinforce the new Ville has been using our relationship – product for awhile. It would Ville seems happy and We believe we be nice to know, how we interested in us. Let’s and reward Ville also. Ville contacted us to would have an have succeeded. strengthen our relationship and ask about his interesting offer subscription. We to Ville. involve him more Welcome to can now offer him Your order is our Give us some something else that Check this offer confirmed! customer! feedback Test before he might like! Ville! others We miss Get a you Ville. good deal! Is there Thank you something we for your could help you purchase! Looks like Ville with? Check our new Happy Birthday is passivating. benefits! Renew your Ville! How are You Never forget toWe should try to NPS subscription. Ville? thank youractivate him with Come and check our offer! customer! a right offering! Ville has been browsing our newsletters. We are It is Ville’s birthday. We introducing new services After awhile its good to Ville’s subscription period is We have not been in should not forget our and benefits that might know if our customers coming to an end. This contact with Ville for a long loyal customer. interested him. Take a are promoting us. What would be a good time to 7 time. We should try to 6/19/12 look, Ville! would Ville say? remind him of the renewal. activate our relationship.
  • How implemented: In Dialog you have customer’s futurecommunication tasks visible and available for analysis Best offer to How are You One customer: you Ville? We miss you Ville. Come and check our offers! Come and check our offers! Check this offer Ville! Thank you for Test before your purchase! others Give us some feedback Welcome to be our customer How we can help you Ville? NPS Order Happy Birthday confirmation Ville! 8 6/19/12 6/2012 9/2012 1/2013 3/2013 6/2013 9/2013
  • How it works• You define the criteria for creating communication (i.e. to who an event is created) tasks and define the timing (i.e. when it is executed) in Kayak+ Dialog• Kayak+ Dialog evaluates the criteria and creates the communication tasks at individual level beforehand• Kayak+ Dialog keeps the forthcoming communication flow updated – As database content is changes new tasks may be added and some tasks may be passivated (criteria not fulfilled anymore) – For example: Before actual execution of the task the criteria is re-evaluated to avoid wrong communication (selection rule does not picks some customer it used to pick earlier)• The personalization of message is done when executing the task using up- to-date database information at that moment 9 6/19/12 Copyright © Steeri Oy 2012
  • An implementation example: Case Sanoma UNIIKKI Easy and reliable to obey the promise: max one email or SMS per weekSanoma News www services:Separate services containing >700 000 consumers& B2B decision makers with marketing permission & profile Max 1 email & SMS / UNIIKKI DB: week Combined customer information and profiles from the Sanoma’s www services Message using the brand of the database where customer is based Email; SMS Bounces Link clicks Reporting Online Analyzing report to my campaign Email containing link to my report Uniikki Sales Customer
  • KayakPlus Dialog:Communication Conflict Manager
  • Conflict Manager analyses the customer tasks and detects andmanages conflictsConflict rule: Frequency: Results: How are YouIf customer has offer Analyse conflict daily Ville?and feedback discussionat same week ConflictedConflict action: Test before othersCancel offer 12 6/19/12 Copyright © Steeri Oy 2012
  • Steeri OyTammasaarenkatu 5 00180 Helsinki Tel. 010 217 6430 Fax. 010 217 6420Email: info@steeri.fi www.steeri.fi