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  • Mission Statement: )
  • Corporate Governance : ( , ) Board of directors: ( )
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Yahoo! presentation  dimitriou, dolmatzi Yahoo! presentation dimitriou, dolmatzi Presentation Transcript

  • Reorganizing Yahoo! Dolmatzi Stavroula
  • Mission Statement & ObjectivesMission StatementOur vision is to deliver your world, your way. We do that by using technology,insights, and intuition to create deeply personal digital experiences that keepmore than half a billion people connected to what matters the most to them –across devices, on every continent, in more than 30 languages. And weconnect advertisers to the consumers who matter to them most – the oneswho will build their businesses – through our unique combination of Science+ Art + Scale.ObjectivesKey objectives of reorganization:•Expand customer-centric culture and capabilities•Create leading social media environments•Lead in next-generation advertising platforms•Drive organizational effectiveness and scale
  • Strategic Audit AnalysisStrategic Audit Heading (+) Factors (-) FactorsI. Current Situation Serves approximately 700 •Internet users spend more time with million people in more competitors. than 20 countries. •Cannot keep up with changing technology.A. Past Corporate ROI: increase from 2001 -2005.Performance Indexes Then ROI drops within a year from 22.09% to 7.82%. After 2008 it started increasing again, but in a more stable way.B. Strategic Posture “Our vision is to deliver Current Mission: your world, your way”. 4 objectives of Current Objectives: reorganization of the company. Current Strategies: Current Policies:
  • Strategic Audit AnalysisStrategic Audit Heading (+) FactorsSWOT Analysis Begins:II. Corporate Governance The Board of Directors sets high standards for the employees, officers and directors. The Board must be committed to monitor the effectiveness of policy and decision making both at the Board and management level, with a view to enhancing long-term stockholder value.A. Board of Directors A director is expected to spend the time and effort necessary to properly discharge such director’s responsibilities. The Board’s goals are generally to build long-term value for the Company’s stockholders and to assure the vitality of the Company for its customers, employees and the other individuals and organizations that depend on the company.B. Top Management Scott Thompson – Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Callahan – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary David Dibble – Executive Vice President, Service Engineering and Operations David Filo – Co-founder and Chief Yahoo e.t.c.
  • Strategic Audit AnalysisStrategic Audit Heading (+) Factors (-) FactorsIII. External Environment (EFAS):Opportunities & Threats(SWOT)A. Societal Environment •Become more organized & more simple. •“Brand Universe” for high- profile entertainment brands will be viewed..B. Task Environment Industry •Most visited website •Many strong competitors.Analysis worldwide. Low revenues •Customers tend to seek for something more simple in use when it comes to their website, since it is easy to navigate at.
  • Strategic Audit AnalysisStrategic AuditHeading (+) Factors (-) FactorsIV. InternalEnvironment(IFAS):Strengths andWeaknesses(SWOT) A. Corporate Yahoo has a complexStructure organization structure and no clear strategic directionB. Corporate At Yahoo! they value excellence and areCulture committed to winning with integrity and don’t take shortcuts on quality. They value Teamwork and treat one another with respect and communicate openly. They Value innovation and thrive on creativity and ingenuity. The Value community and share an infectious sense of mission to make an impact on society and empower consumers in ways never before possible, etc.
  • Strategic Audit AnalysisStrategic AuditHeading (+) Factors (-) Factors1. Marketing No revenues from search- related advertising (dotcoms)2. Finance The company’s financial information can be found easily.3. Research and The R&D make it possible for Yahoo! toDevelopment be a premier digital media company.4. Operations and Many partnership deals, butLogistics couldn’t work with some.5. Human Resources Teams in the company could not work with each other; problems, people felt they were not encouraged to be creative.6. Information “The Technology Group" controlsSystems Yahoo’s global investments (create new technology & advertising policies).
  • External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) Weighted External Factors Weight Rating Score Comments Opportunities Ranking model A chance to challenge “Panama” .05 3 .15 Google From Panama and the Regain lost glory .10 3 .30 reorganization Not using Google’s search Yahoo Slurp .10 3 .30 engine anymore. The peanut butter Informed about changes manifesto .15 4 .60 that would benefit Yahoo. The chance for Yahoo to The reorganization take control and be well- program .15 4 .60 structured. Threats Competition’s strength .20 2 .40 Google Decreasing market growth .15 3 .45 Less searches. Facebook, Myspace, New competition .10 3 .30 Youtube Total Scores 1 3.01
  • Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) WeightedInternal Factors Weight Rating Score CommentsStrengthsBrand recognition .10 3 .30 Worldwide known brand name.Accessible .10 4 .40 Easy to usePartnership with many Expected to dominate in thecompanies & Overture .15 4 .60 search advertising market.Most visited website .10 3 .30 160 million users per month.WeaknessesReduced revenues .10 2 .20 Half than Google.Not clear strategic Not focusing on a specificdirection .15 2 .30 strategy.Complex organization They had to reorganize thestructure .10 2 .20 company 3 times.Complicated Website .10 2 .20 Offers all servicesNon encouraged Company does not encourageemployees .10 3 .30 creativityTotal Scores 1 2.80
  • Analysis of Strategic Factors (SFAS) Strategy Weight Rating Weighted Short Interme Long Comments Factors score diate S01 Brand .15 3 .45 X Worldwide known recognition brand name. S3 Partnership .15 3 .45 X Expected to with many dominate in the companies & search advertising Overture market. W2 Not clear .20 3 .60 X Not focusing on a strategic specific strategy. direction W4 .15 3 .45 X X Offers all services Complicated Website O3 Yahoo Slurp .10 4 .40 X Not using Google’s search engine. O5 The .10 4 .40 X The chance for reorganization Yahoo to take program control and be well- structured. T1 Competition’s .15 2 .30 X Google strength Total Score 1.00 3,05
  • Core & Distinctive Competencies Yahoo!’s core competency is the websites wide selection of services provided to its users that helped attract millions of users to the portal. Many users prefer Yahoo! because it allows them to access many different services without needing to go to different websites. On the other hand, Yahoo!’s distinctive competency is the fact that it started off as a handmade directory of interesting websites and quickly grew into the first and biggest web portal.
  • How Yahoo! Lost its Identity in the Market Place. Can it Develop a Sustainable Strategy & Regain it? If Yahoo develops a sustainable strategy, then it will be able to regain control and its identity. Through their reorganization program in 2006, they are already a step closer to achieving this goal. The company is better structured, they have a plan of how they want to operate, they have identified their target market and make the right decisions when it comes to partnerships, such as working with CBS on video streams. They also launched Panama, which decreases the numbers of clicks in the advertisements and creates more revenues.
  • Financial AnalysisFinancial Ratios
  • Financial Analysis – Annual Income StatementFinancial Ratios
  • Financial Analysis – FinancialsFinancial Ratios
  • Financial Analysis – Efficiency RatiosFinancial Ratios
  • Financial Analysis – Profitability RatiosFinancial Ratios
  • Strategic recommendationsIn order to become more successful and gain back its reputation, Yahoo!should consider some strategic recommendations for the company.The research and development sector should research the competition andfind ways to better themselves.The company can learn a lot about customers’ needs just by studying theircompetitions success.Next, Yahoo must try and maintain their successful online services in areassuch as finance and sports.Another recommendation would be to start small and then expand the targetmarket.For example, Yahoo! should be aiming to regain or attract customers fromsmaller competitors such as MSN and instead of targeting the largerand more popular Google.
  • Yahoo! In 2011•Yahoo! is considered to be one of the web’s best-known brands.• A number of potential buyers (investors and firms) are looking for the chanceto take over parts or perhaps the entire company.•Currently, Yahoo! has many assets that boost the company’s value whichinclude a 35% stake in Yahoo!•In the first 6 months of 2011, revenue from display ads was essentially flat, at$1 billion, while the online ad industry grew at about 27 percent.•Yahoo!’s main problem is that Internet users prefer and are spending more oftheir time with Yahoo’s competitors.•According to eMarketer, it is likely that Yahoo! will lose its lead in the marketfor online display advertising in America.•In October of 2011, the company partnered with Walt Disney’s ABC unit toshowcase articles and videos from ABC News, and to create a co-brandedwebsite for “Good Morning America.”