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StatusPeople User Guide - manage all of your social media campaign activity on StatusPeople

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StatusPeople User Guide

  1. 1. StatusPeople User ManualStatus People Ltd (07561828)Website: StatusPeople.comEmail: info@statuspeople.comTwitter: @StatusPeopleFacebook:
  2. 2. Create an AccountCreating an account is easy. Enter your email, password and then click enter.
  3. 3. New ConnectionsUpon signing into StatusPeople for the first time you will be required to connect toTwitter and Facebook. Connect following the instructions below.Connect to Twitter: Click “Sign in with twitter” icon > Authorize the app (you may berequired to log in)Connect to Facebook: Click “I would like to connect to my Facebook page first” > Click“Connect using Facebook” icon > Authorize the app (you may be required to log in) Or
  4. 4. New ConnectionsIf you connected to Twitter first connect to Facebook by following the instructionsbelow.Connect to Facebook: Click Account > Connections > Under “Facebook” click“Connect” > > Log into Facebook > Click “Manage” under desired page
  5. 5. New ConnectionsIf you connected to Facebook first connect to Twitter by following the instructionsbelow.Connect to Twitter: Click Account > Connections > Under Twitter click “Connect” >Authorize the app (you may be required to log in)
  6. 6. ManageBelieve in making things easier for yourself andyour team? Status People allows you to viewand manage all of your activity in one place.Social Hub – See all of your social mediaactivity and engagements in one placeCampaigns – Create campaigns for promotionsAlerts – System and engagement alerts sent toyou by email, so you can keep on top ofeverything that’s happeningFeeds – Automatic RSS feed and hash tags(based on trending topics)Image Cloud – Store all of your images on thecloud, with your own branding
  7. 7. DashboardThe StatusPeople Dashboard summarises all of your accounts social media activity. Exploring thetool is also made easy through access to the expandable explorer bar on the right hand side. Campaign review Change account and overall performance Quick view of interactions Explorer bar to access all StatusPeople tools Report overview
  8. 8. Social HubThe StatusPeople Social Hub lets you view and manage all of your Twitter and Facebookcommunications.Post to Twitter: Select the blue “Twitter” tab > Enter copy and links in text box > Click “Tweet”Post to Facebook: Select the blue “Facebook” tab > Enter copy and links in text box > Click“Share”View Feeds: Select the blue “Feed Reader” tab > Add feeds by inserting RSS feed url into the textbox > Click “Add Feed”
  9. 9. Social HubThe StatusPeople Social Hub has a scroll bar allowing access to every aspect of your Twitteractivity. Home: Twitter timeline @”twittername”: Your tweets Mentions: All tweets mentioning your Twitter account Followers: List of all your followers Retweets: All Retweets with details of users DM: All Direct Messages Search: Search a Twitter user or key word Saved: List of your previously saved searches Bio: Your Twitter accounts bio (you can update this)
  10. 10. FeedsStatusPeople allows you to manage all of your feeds in one place. You can post to your Twitterand Facebook accounts straight from here, using pre-defined templates. They can even beautomated so that as soon as you update your blog, an auto post is generated.Create a auto post “Template”: Click “Edit” > In the text box “Template” enter copy and do notdelete the merge tags [~Title~] [~Link~] and [~AutoHashTags~] > Switch automation onMerge tag definitions:• [~Title~]: Is the title of the feed post that is to be merged in to the Tweet• [~Link~]: Is the link to the feed post, which will automatically shorten on post• [~AutoHashTags~]: This is the name of the RSS feed and is converted to a Twitter hashtag (all white space and non-alphanumeric characters are removed)
  11. 11. CampaignsThe Campaigns section allows you to schedule content to both Facebook and Twitter. Thisenables separate reporting on specific promotions, collating multiple posts together.Create Campaign: Click “Social Hub” > Click “Campaigns” > Under “Add Campaign” select Twitteror Facebook or both > Enter a “Campaign Name” > Insert content in “Post” > Schedule time anddate > Click “Add Campaign”Add Post to existing Campaign: Click “Social Hub” > Click “Campaigns” > Click campaign nameyou want to post to > Insert content in “Post” > Schedule time and date > Click “Add Campaign”
  12. 12. AlertsAlerts will send you information about your accounts social media activity. Emails will update youon recent Mentions, Retweets and ClicksSet up Alert: Click “Social Hub” > Click “Alerts” > Select User to receive alert > Select Alerts youwant to receive (Mentions, Retweets or Clicks) > Select Send Rate > Click “Submit”
  13. 13. ReportsThe cool stuff. Measure engagement, reach andinfluence and show off how great you’re doing.MinionMood – Your social media engagementscore based on monitoring servicesInfluence & Reach – Integrated KredInfluence and Reach scores so that you identifyvaluable brandvocates and engage accordinglyBuzz – Detailed click reporting to identify whatcontent creates the most chat
  14. 14. ReportsReports are accessed within the StatusPeople tool. However, expanding graphs and downloadingdata into a spreadsheet is an essential part of analysis. To do this, follow the instructions belowDownload Data: Click Reports > Click “Clicks”, “Twitter”, “Facebook” or “Campaigns” > Click on“Enlarge Report” under chosen graph > Click “Export to CSV”
  15. 15. Click Reports
  16. 16. Twitter Reports
  17. 17. Facebook Reports
  18. 18. Account SettingsStatusPeople allows you to manage all of thesettings for your account:Accounts – Create new and update existingaccountsUsers – Create new and update existing users,as well as establish access settingsConnections – Manage Twitter and Facebookpage connections for your accountsSubscriptions – Manage subscription toStatusPeople and payment methods
  19. 19. AccountsCreating new accounts relies upon having the correct subscription service. If you areunable to create new accounts, then you will need to upgrade by going toSubscriptionsNew Account: Click Account > Accounts > In “Name” box under “Add Account” type innew account name > Click “Create Account”Update Account: Click Account > Accounts > In Account Name box type new name >Click “Update”
  20. 20. UsersCreating new users relies upon having the correct subscription service. If you areunable to create new users, then you will need to upgrade by going to SubscriptionsNew User: Click Account > Accounts > Type in details under “Add User” > SelectAccess rights” > Click “Add User”Update/Delete Account: Click Account > Accounts > In Current User box type newclick Yes under “Edit” or “Delete”
  21. 21. SubscriptionsWhen you set up your StatusPeople account you are provided with free access to thetool for 30 days. Once this trial has expired you must update your subscription. To dothis following the instructions below.Renew: Click Account > Subscriptions > Select “Subscription Period” > Select“Currency” > Under “Current Subscriptions” click “Renew” > Enter payment detailsand confirmOther Subscriptions (Upgrade): Click Account > Subscriptions > Select “SubscriptionPeriod” > Select “Currency” > Under “Other Subscriptions” click “Buy Now” > Enterpayment details and confirm