Preliminary task storyboard (1)


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This is a storyboard concerning my Preliminary Task for my A-Level Media coursework.

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Preliminary task storyboard (1)

  2. 2. STILL 1 This is a Long Shot (LS) of an actor on the outside of a door. This isn’t the main establishing shot, yet it creates an image to the audience of where the character is. I will use this shot to highlight the fear within the character, and the symbolism of the door signifies that they feel trapped. This evokes the initial emotions thrillers do within an audience
  3. 3. STILL 2This is a shot of a stickbreaking. It will be a Close-up/Extreme Close-up and theangle will be slightly downward.This establishes a second actorand is the cause of the othercharacters’ fear. This will createtension within the audience.
  4. 4. STILL 3 The next image will be a shot of a microphone. It will be a Point Of View shot and will be a Close-up. This creates the idea that the character is a type of journalist/reporter. This will build pathos in the scenes as the microphone is actually a symbol-how social media is constantly around us, possibly killing us.
  5. 5. STILL 4This will be a shot of two peoplearguing. It will be a Medium-Shotwith a Side-profiled angle (A.K.ATaken from the actors side-profile). This will create theimpression of someone watchingthem-imposing on their privacy.This will increase the already hightension on the couple. This willalso symbolize the breaking downof relationships due to socialpressure and social networking.
  6. 6. STILL 5 The next still will be of actor 1 looking up at a house. This will be a panning shot from the house to the actor. This will also be an over-the- shoulder shot (when it reaches said actor). This will imply that there is something in the house that he is actively looking for. Alternatively, this could symbolize that there is someone watching him. This double entendre allows the audience to decipher their own meaning of the shot, even if both ideas are malevolent
  7. 7. STILL 6The next shot will be of a womanseated on a chair/stairs nearing thefront door of the house featuring inthe previous shot. This will be adown-ward angle of the girl, possiblyshowing innocence. Slowly, theactress will look up to show that sheseems almost numb to everythingaround her. This will build asuspicion in the audience as she hasdefied the prior thought to innocencewith her numb expression.
  8. 8. STILL 7 This shot will be after a fade transition. This will feature Actor 1 and actor 3 (actor 2, the female actor 1 was arguing with in still 4, is not present in this scene). This angle will be a low angle, but in the way where the camera has been evidently placed low-down. Both actors will be in shot-in a mid-shot fashion, yet the camera will be placed in a shot where it seems that someone else is watching the,. This increases the already high curiosity and fear within the audience.
  9. 9. STILL 8This shot will be in slow-motion asactor 1 proceeds to kill actor 3. Theshot will pan downward as actor 3dies, and the angle will slowly increaseto be that of a high-angle. Thissymbolizes the soul leaving the body asdeath takes life away. However, whenthe shot pans back to the body, there isimplied life still within thebody, implying that her “presence” isstill felt within the actor. This gives theimpression of the almost immortalityof madness.
  10. 10. STILL 9 Although the image quality is poor, this is intended to be a shot of a road. This will be a shot filmed whilst walking, slightly tilted. This either gives the impression of someone being followed or exploring the area around them, like they’re seeing it for the first time. This symbolizes new life and conveys and image of dark intentions due to the dark contrast that will be placed over this shot through editing.
  11. 11. STILL 10This shot will be a medium shot ofactor 3’s legs hanging limply (implyingsuicide). The camera will be tiltedfilming this angle as it implies twistedreality-the actor has already been killedsurely? We saw that for ourselves? Themeaning will not be clear to theaudience, creating the opportunity toadapt to the shot, creating their ownmeaning, through their ownexperiences.
  12. 12. STILL 11 This shot will be a Close-up of Actor 1’s face. The shot will be imposing, and therefore ominous. This shows him sleeping, to darting awake. Showing this will show that he has been hurt somehow. The editing pace now will be fast so this shot will be brief, showing the anxious, quick-thinking of the male.
  13. 13. CAST LIST Gage Hatton-Lepine - Actor 1 Bethany Sylvia “Shep” - Actor 2 Shannon Horton - Actor 3