Utah State Parks Newsletter Summer 2009


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Newsletter from Utah State Parks covers a variety of issues.

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Utah State Parks Newsletter Summer 2009

  1. 1. Get Ready FORE Golf pg. 2 | Summer Safety pg 3 | Three-Park Tour pg 4 The Utah State Parks Expl rer N Spring 2009 ROCKIN’ UTAH 2009 BEGINS Utah State Play, discover and explore the great outdoors Parks as part of the Utah State Parks Rockin’ (Reaching Out Connecting Kids in Nature) Geocache Utah initiative. Learn new activities, get ac- tive and enjoy Utah’s state parks. Adventure Join the high-tech Pre-registration is required and the cost is $10 per family/group with up to eight people. treasure hunt! Each family receives a fun outdoor gift related to the event. To register, please call Hunt for treasure (801) 537-3123 or email rockin@utah.gov. Take your pick at the apple harvest as part of the Utah State Parks Geocache Adventure. Explore Select from this list of statewide Rockin’ Utah activities: Utah’s state parks on Paddlefest Join us for camping and Learn ancient pottery mak- a high-tech treasure Saturday, May 16 cooking in the outdoors - ing techniques and create hunt using a global Utah Lake State Park, Provo made easy and fun. your own art. positioning satellite Learn all things boating… (GPS). Enter coordi- sailing, canoeing, kayaking, Prehistory Hunt Hiking of the Island nates into a GPS unit knot tying, safety and more. Saturday, June 27 Saturday, August 1 and find the hidden Utah Field House of Natural Antelope Island State Park, cache. We Heart Hiking History State Park and Mu- Syracuse Saturday, May 16 seum, Vernal Join us for an exciting hik- Bring your own GPS Wasatch Mountain State Hunting for fossils…Jurassic ing adventure on Antelope or use a free Magellan Park, Midway Park style. Island…you’ll be amazed. GPS unit at the park. It’s spring and all the new Inside each cache, critters are out. Join us for History Day Camp Birding on the Bay the secrets of the pond hike. Saturday, July 11 Saturday, September 12 you’ll find a logbook Camp Floyd State Park and Willard Bay State Park, Willard and a selection of free Fish and Fly Museum, Fairfield Take a nature walk while small gifts. Sign the Saturday, June 6 Travel back in time to 1858 watching for numerous birds book and claim your Yuba State Park, Levan – 1861 and enter the world that call Willard Bay home. prize! Learn to fish in the morning of a soldier with Johnston’s and then fly kites with Cloud Army at Camp Floyd in the Fall Apple Harvest For a list of participat- 9 on the sandy beach in the Utah Territory. Saturday, September 19 ing parks and GPS afternoon. Wasatch Mountain State coordinates, visit Pottery in the Park Park, Midway stateparks.utah.gov. Happy Campers Saturday, July 11 Join us for an old-fashioned Saturday, June 27 Escalante Petrified Forest apple harvest and learn Palisade State Park, Sterling State Park, Escalante what you can do with apples. Utah State Parks
  2. 2. Page 2 Get Your Utah State Parks Annual Pass Purchase a Utah State Parks Annual Pass and explore the lava tubes at Snow Canyon, catch large trout at Scofield, view wildlife at the Rock Cliff Nature Center at Jordanelle or visit any of Utah’s 43 state parks and museums. Passes for the 2009 season Palisade State Park are available for $75. Utah residents 62 years FORE! Get Ready for and older may purchase a Senior Adventure Pass for $35, which offers the same Utah State Parks Golf benefits as the Annual Pass. Use code USPNWS and receive $5 off! In three of Utah’s state parks, an afternoon hike might mean a stroll along fairways and greens sporting your golf bag instead of a back- Passes cover day-use fees pack. Utah State Parks offers six challenging golf courses at three for the cardholder and up very different parks in various regions of the state. From the mean- to seven guests in the same dering water hazards at Green River and breathtaking canyon shots vehicle.Annual passes now at Palisade, to tree lined fairways of Wasatch Mountain, Utah State also provide a $2 per night Parks offers consistent, great play at an affordable price. Combine golf discount on camping except with extraordinary scenery and camping for a great weekend getaway. on holidays and holiday weekends. Passes are Online golf reservations may be made from approximately May 1 honored at all state parks through September 30. Tee times may be booked up to eight days in except This Is The Place advance, starting at 9 p.m. Online reservations are offered through Heritage Park, and do not Active Golf Solutions; there is no cost for us- cover the Davis County ing this service, but you must register before Causeway fee at Antelope making a tee time. Island State Park. Tee times may also be made by telephone or Passes may be purchased in-person at the pro shops, up to seven days at any state park, in advance starting at approximately 6 a.m. region office, online at stateparks.utah.gov and Wasatch Pro Shop: (435) 654-0532 or (801) the Department of Natural 266-0268 Resources located at 1594 Soldier Hollow Pro Shop: (435) 654-7442 or West North Temple in (801) 261-4733 Salt Lake City. For more Palisade Pro Shop: (435) 835-4653 information, please call Green River Pro Shop: (435) 564-8882 (801) 538-7220 or toll-free (877)UT-PARKS.
  3. 3. Page 3 Summer Recreation Raccoon Scat: Safety Tips A Tasty Outdoor Your safety is our number one concern. Utah State Park Rangers offer these safety tips: Snack! Off-Highway Vehicle Safety Tips - Always wear a safety-rated and properly fitted helmet, goggles, clothes that cover arms and legs, and over-the-ankle boots. Jordanelle State Park Naturalist - Check mechanical controls and safety devices on your ma- Kathy Donnell shares this chine before you ride to ensure proper operation. delicious and fun recipe from the National Association for - Do not take alcohol or drugs along for the ride. Interpretation: - Ride your OHV only in areas designated for their use. The 3 Tbs butter best way to protect your riding privilege is to stay on the 1 12 oz bag marshmallows trail and respect closed areas and private property. 1 12 oz bag chocolate morsels 10 oz bag candy corn (represents corn that a raccoon would eat) - Do not carry passengers on single-person machines. How- 10 oz of jelly beans or raisins ever, never ride alone and always let someone know your (berries) itinerary. 2 cups crispy rice cereal (insects and crayfish parts) Boating Safety Tips: - Always wear a life jacket, Wear it Utah! 1. Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan - Take a safe boating course from Utah State Parks 2. Add marshmallows and allow to melt, stirring - Follow navigation rules often. Once marshmallows are mostly melted, add - File a float plan chocolate morsels and stir until everything is melted. 3. Add candy corn, jelly - Play safe and play sober; do not boat under the influence of beans or raisins, and cereal alcohol to mixture, stir (Amounts are approximate For more information, please call (801) 538-RIDE or (801) and may need to be 538-BOAT or visit stateparks.utah.gov. adjusted until you get the right consistency.) 4. Use a spoon to scoop out cookies onto waxed paper or cookie sheet 5. Form to look like raccoon scat 6. Allow to cool Makes approximately 30 yummy cookies!
  4. 4. Page 4 Three Utah State Parks in Three Days: Green River, Goblin Valley and Dead Horse Point Explore southeastern Utah and visit Green River, Goblin Val- ley and Dead Horse Point state parks. Though only three to four hours south of Salt Lake City, these beautiful areas are a world away. Day One: Green River State Park, located in Green River, Utah, makes an excellent hub for a weekend getaway. Covered by a canopy of cottonwood trees, the full hookup campground ac- commodates both RV and tent campers. A nine-hole golf course offers challenges to golfers of all abilities, and if golf isn’t your thing, take a swim in the Green River that is within walking distance from camp. Green River State Park Golf Course Green River State Park boat ramp is the put-in site for Labyrinth and Still- water canyons. This 100-mile stretch of water winds calmly through desert canyons. For beginning rafters or those with limited time, the Green River Daily offers the perfect day-trip. This nine-mile stretch through the lower portion of Gray Canyon can be done in half a day. Local river outfitters offer guided trips on the Green River. Day Two: After cooling off at Green River State Park, travel 45 minutes southwest to Goblin Valley State Park. Unique sandstone formations are abundant and thrilling for people of all ages. Several movies, including Galaxy Quest, were filmed at Goblin Valley because of its strange and un- earthly scenery. Spend the day hiking in the many hoodoos and spires, but take plenty of water and sunscreen as temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Hoodoos at Goblin Valley State Park during summer months. Day Three: Venture on a quick one-hour drive from Green River to Dead Horse Point State Park located west of Moab. Enjoy spectacular views of the desert land- scape that stretch as far as the eye can see. The labyrinths of Canyonlands National Park, carved by the Colorado River, appear a maze of seemingly un- inhabitable land. The park has been the backdrop for several movies includ- ing Mission Impossible II and Thelma and Louise. Known as a little Grand Canyon, this is a must-see for any visitor to southeastern Utah. A visitor center reveals how this area was created over time. Learn about the wonders of ice, wind and water and how they attribute to forming the many unique formations, making this area popular worldwide. A gift shop offers wonderful treasures to remind you of a wonderful place and time. Dead Horse Point State Park We want to hear from you! Utah State Parks Newsletter Contributors Nichole Mallory - Please send your comments, 1594 West North Temple Ste. 116 Hollie Brown - writer marketing stories, questions and P.O. Box 146001 holliebrown@utah.gov nicholemallory@utah.gov contributions to parkcomment@ Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6001 Kathy Donnell - Stefanie Michaelson - utah.gov or contact us by mail (877) UT-PARKS, park naturalist designer or phone. For more information (801) 538-7220 kathydonnell@utah.gov stefaniemichaelson@ about Utah State Parks, visit stateparks.utah.gov Deena Loyola - editor utah.gov stateparks.utah.gov deenaloyola@utah.gov