Five County Association of Governments Annual Report for 2009


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Five County Association of Governments Annual Report for 2009

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Five County Association of Governments Annual Report for 2009

  1. 1. Serving Southwest Utah
  2. 2. Published October 2009 This Annual Report is published as a service for the use and benefit of the elected officials in the Five County Association of Governments region; appointed boards and commissions; local, state and federal agencies; and the general public. This report provides brief summaries of some of the principal achievements and activities which took place during the period of July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. The Five County Association of Governments produces other detailed program and fiscal reports relating to specific program activities. An annual audit report is also undertaken and published separately. If you would like copies of these, or need any other information relating to the Association, please contact: Mr. Kenneth L. Sizemore, Executive Director, Five County Association of Governments, P.O. Box 1550, St. George, Utah 84770; telephone (435) 673-3548, extension 121; e-mail: Mailing Address: Five County Association of Governments Post Office Box 1550 St. George, Utah 84771-1550 Street Addresses: Main Office 1070 W est 1600 South, Building B St. George, Utah 84770 (Tonaquint Center High-Tech Business Park) Cedar Satellite Office 88 E. Fiddlers Canyon Road Cedar City, Utah 84720 (Fiddlers Canyon Office Building) Home Rehabilitation Program & Weatherization Office/Warehouse 2344 W est Industry W ay #2 Cedar City, Utah 84720 Main Office Telephone Numbers: Voice: (435) 673-3548 Facsimile: (435) 673-3540 Web Page: Disclaimer The materials presented in this publication are distributed by the Five County Association of Governments as an information source only. The Association makes no statements, representations, or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of, and you should not rely on, any information contained in this publication for purposes beyond their intended use. The Association disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for any expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of any information being unintentionally inaccurate or incomplete in anyway, and for any reason.
  3. 3. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Executive Director Message “...we were at the ready and tors who deal with pro- of local officials to put prepared to send staff from grams implemented in parochial interests aside Denver and Salt Lake City to southwestern Utah by in order to gain greater respond to what we expected staff at the Five County impacts through regional would be a firestorm of irate Association of Govern- approaches in the alloca- beneficiaries. We waited for a ments. tion of funds, planning deluge of calls from upset effective transportation Washington County citizens . . . but those calls didn’t come. In these challenging systems, and touting the You are to be commended - times, employees at the advantages of living and because whatever you did was Association of Govern- working in southwestern absolutely right!!! You handled ments continue to dem- Utah. this problem incredibly well.” onstrate excellence in “As a former county commis- program delivery. My hat goes off to the sioner and chair of the “... the Five County WX dozens of volunteer par- Mountainland Association of Program [is] in an excellent We are committed to ticipants who sit on advi- Governments, I can attest to p o sitio n ...W e c o n g ra tu la te continuing this course by sory committees dealing the important role that all [you] for [this] forw a rd seven of Utah’s Associations keeping local officials with issues ranging from of Governments play in bring- approach to thinking and informed of new oppor- assisting seniors to pro- ing economic opportunities to consider [you] a very valuable tunities for improving the viding effective child care the state.” asset to the State of Utah W ea th e riz a tio n A ssista n c e viability of communities, options to coordinating “ With limited resources, our Program.” as well as assuring that with federal land man- AOGs are able to secure valu- current programs are agement agencies. able state and federal dollars These are just two exam- administered effectively for local infrastructure pro- jects, provide invaluable ser- ples of many kudos for- and efficiently. It continues to be a plea- vices to our elderly, youth and warded to me by local sure working for the others in need of critical ser- officials, state agency This regional cooperation betterment of our region. vices, and help enhance the is the result of a strong - Kenneth Sizemore quality of life for Utahns representatives and fed- throughout the state.” eral program administra- commitment on the part Executive Director - Gary R. Herbert, Governor 1
  4. 4. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Aging Services A senior community on Aging programming. Additionally, this past year apartment resident has New Senior Citizen Cen- County Councils on Aging social security income less ters were opened in programs held special Congregate Meals: than $600. Her rent is Parowan and Panguitch. event Health Fairs. They 85,011 $375 per month. For the were well attended by se- Home Delivered Meals: past 8 years, she has been This past year, the Five niors and supported by 128,739 going to the senior center County Area Agency on regional providers. Transportation: for lunch. “I love it!” she Aging presented a special 36,223 rides said enthusiastically. “My regional Senior’s Confer- Senior Centers host a vari- Outreach: 9,126 hours life would be miserable ence, “Surviving the Age ety of programs including without it. I come to the Wave”. It was planned meals; transportation; Information & Asst: 45,924 client requests center every day the and executed in coordina- nutrition education; quilt- doors are open. The se- tion with the Adult ing; dancing; bereavement Friendly Visiting & Socialization: nior bus picks me up right Protective Services Unit support; yoga; painting; 49,667 hours at my apartment, and staff. Fred Adams, who caregiver support groups; also takes me back home”. will turned 80 this year ceramics; tai chi; Telephone/Reassurance: 49,078 hours gave an amazing keynote pinochle; bridge; health 6,038 individuals were address on “Living and and wellness; recreation, Chore Maintenance: 32,599 hours served by County Council Aging Well”. AARP long term care workshops, financial Recreation & Exercise: workshops, computer 28,977 hours classes, puzzles, Alzhei- Legal Services: mer’s support groups, re- 114 hours spite programs, and emer- Health Screening: gency preparedness. 3,098 units Nutritional Counseling & Education: 818 hours Education Classes: 4,138 2
  5. 5. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Human Services ‘Craig’ lived his life on the work with a Housing Au- Agency, staff work with a More than 16.000 streets and in the moun- thority and AOG partners network of human service individuals in 7,000 tains since he was 13 to stabilize his situation. providers to mitigate the families participated years old. He found his He is currently a volun- causes and conditions of way to one of the human teer at the Care and poverty through a variety 1,330 episodes of Support Service Case Management service partners that pro- Share, feeling good about of means. vide Support Service Case giving back and making a 44,507 meals and 16,356 Management. He was difference in the lives of The Five County Human shelter nights provided helped with his basic others. Services Council, a tripar- needs, receiving shelter tite board made up of one 21,700 emergency food boxes distributed and food from a County Human Service programs third elected public offi- Care and Share. partner with individuals, cials, one third low income 329 households used bus families, and community representatives, and the passes for SunTran or Craig made positive life groups to assist low- remainder from the pri- CATS changes with the income consumers (less vate sector, makes policy 1,316 persons received guidance of case than 125% of poverty recommendations to the literacy assistance managers. Challenged by level) in becoming more Steering Committee on all disabilities, he connected self-sufficient. As the re- matters pertaining to Hu- 19 teen parents advanced with the Department of gion’s Community Action man Services in southwest in high school with on-site Workforce Services, So- Utah. child care assistance cial Security and the More than 900 dental and Pamela Atkinson health screenings Homeless Trust Fund occurred Ending Chronic Homelessness pilot Local pantries procured 2,510,382 pounds of food program. 225 persons became Utah These connections pro- Savers vided a path for Craig to 3
  6. 6. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Child Care Resource and Referral “When my TEAM Award day…they love the Billy the inspiration you pro- came in the mail, it was Goats Gruff the best. You vide for all of the daycare just like Christmas….the should see them building providers in this Families Provided with kids were so excited . . . the bridge and then region. We are truly bless- Child Care Options: 775 we opened the boxes and tramp, tramp, tramping ed to have people like you looked at the items but I across! These unit blocks in our lives!” Technical Assistance told the children they are wonderful-so much Calls: 964 would have to wait until better than others I have The mission of Child Care Hours of Child Care the next day to play with used. The stories, people Resource and Referral, Training Provided: 721 them so I could get them and animals spark their Western Region, is to im- labeled and into tubs. creativity in ways I could- prove the quality of life for Funding to Child Care n’t even have imagined. the children in Southern Providers: $175,327 One of the three-year-old So much creative play is Utah who are enrolled in Support Services to 150 boys that I tend couldn’t happening and I see the child care programs; to Child Care programs wait! The next day he spark in their little eyes as provide support for their came running in, kissed they imagine big things! families and child care Organized and hosted the his mom a hasty good-bye Thank you so much for providers; and to serve as 6th Annual Early Childhood Collaboration Conference and pushed her out the the opportunity to earn a resource to communities door. He turned to me and this award. I appreciate on child care issues. Hosted the “Week of the said, ‘Can I play now’? all the work you do and Young Child” in area That first day, we played libraries and distributed with the blocks for the 1,000 children’s books entire day. We read the Published list of available books and acted out all of summer programs to the stories and loved ev- parents, 65 elementary ery minute of it. Now the schools and libraries kids ask to read the sto- ries almost every 4
  7. 7. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Community and Economic Development After a great deal of plan- The center provides need- senior citizens center in ning and preparation, the ed services to the senior Parowan to a reality. Parowan Senior Citizens citizens of Parowan, Without the hard work Community Development Block Grant Program: Center was dedicated on Paragonah, Summit and and dedication of these 9 projects funded totaling October 15, 2008. The surrounding area. Con- entities this project would $1,193,466 new 3,500 sq. ft. facility gregate meals, crafts, ex- not have been possible. has a commercial kitchen, ercise, health screenings Community Impact Board activity room, offices, ac- and other social activities Community & Economic Projects: 12 projects assisted, cessible restrooms, and a can be accommodated at Development Program totaling $17,058,150 banquet hall with a stage. the new facility. staff provide resources ($16,483,500 in loans; This efficient facility pro- and assistance to local ju- $574,650 in grants) vides abundant lighting The Community and Eco- risdictions. Regional plan- and a delightful atmo- nomic Development staff ning activities provide ac- Revolving Loan Fund: 3 loans closed totaling sphere for gathering, en- at the Association encour- cess to potential state and $208,798 couraging senior citizens aged the cooperative ef- federal funding. Four pro- One $10,000 micro-loan to join in congregate forts of both Iron County fessional planners and a closed meals as well as other and Parowan City to program specialist assist Sold Escalante land projects and activities. bring the dream of a new community, county and Planning: regional leaders in efforts Prepared & submitted to plan, prepare and im- Utah’s Patchwork Parkway plement programs that (Hwy 143) National Scenic assist elected officials de- Byway Designation Pro- velop viable communities posal by providing decent hous- ing, suitable living envi- ronments and expanded economic opportunities. 5
  8. 8. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) Program ‘Betty’ is one of many se- home energy. HEAT is 1. Family Size and Federal nior citizens in the region. not a welfare program. Poverty Level She raised her family as a This federally funded En- Households Served full-time homemaker, and ergy Assistance Program 2. Energy Burden (high anticipated that her hus- is administered by the heating/cooling bills) Beaver County: 221 band’s $500 monthly so- State of Utah through the Garfield County: 183 cial security income Department of Commu- 3. At-risk Groups: Chil- would be sufficient for nity and Culture and lo- dren under six (6) years of Iron County: 1,149 their needs. But as luck cally administered by the age, elderly, and those would have it, her hus- Five County AOG. with disablilities. Kane County: 182 band got very ill and Washington County: 1,995 passed away after a long HEAT applications were hospital stay. Even with taken during the period of TOTAL: 3,730 frugal living, Betty has November 1 through April difficulty making ends 30 this year, with the ex- meet. She, along with ception of Washington many other seniors, find County, where a trial year the HEAT program to be round program has begun. one way they can stay Each household can only afloat with very limited receive HEAT assistance income. once during this time pe- riod. The Home Energy Assis- tance Target Program, Each household’s benefits also known as the “HEAT are calculated individu- Program” is designed to ally. Amounts are deter- assist eligible households mined by three main fac- meet the rising costs of tors: 6
  9. 9. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 In-Home and Community Based Aging and Adult Services “ Please accept my thanks which include a compre- quarterly reports, fiscal for all of the good works hensive assessment of cli- reports, billing & other Alternatives Program performed by the Five ents’ status and needs and accounting procedures. Clients served: 64 County Association of the development of an in- Case Mgt: 929 units Governments. I know it is dividualized care plan in Aging program case man- Homemaking: 3,830 units through your hard work order to locate, coordinate agement staff coordinate Personal Aide: 1,370 units Companion: 4,948 units and that of your many and monitor necessary with a variety of formal volunteers, that my par- and appropriate services. and informal providers in Medicaid Aging Waiver ents are provided services the community to assist Clients served: 68 that help make their day Registered Nurses assist clients in accessing a vari- Case Mgt: 15,450 units to day life a little easier. case management staff in ety of services and Homemaking: 8,608 units Companion: 9,360 units Thank you for your time the assessment and eligi- resources to assist them in and energy in helping bility process and work remaining in the commu- Caregiver Support those who depend upon with case managers to en- n i t y and li v i n g a s Client’s served: 346 your fine works.” sure clients’ needs are independently as possible. Information: 1,911 units met. An accounting Assistance: 1,058 units Training: 92 units In-Home and Community technician/secretary as- Case Managers work di- Respite: 3,113 units Based Adult and Aging sists with the referral and rectly with 7 home health Supplemental: 46 units Services includes a staff of intake process, data entry, agencies, 19 assisted living trained professionals who facilities and nursing New Choices Waiver oversee the day-to-day homes, 26 other care pro- Clients served: 68 Facilities: 15 operations of the viders, 3 state agencies, 5 2 clients served at home programs and provide di- county coordinators, one rect service to consumers. tribal organization and NOTE: “Units” range from 15 numerous other aging and minutes to 1 hour to a separate visit, depending upon the Seven licensed Social Ser- outreach programs. program. vice Workers provide case management services 7
  10. 10. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Senior Corps and Volunteer Center Network This year, four of five Sil- Foster Grandparent volun- Washington County's Silver ver Bowl recipients in the teer Peggy Hilliard was Bowl award. five county region were the Iron County recipient, Senior Corps connects to- Retired Senior Volunteer members of the Five recognized for her out- day’s over 55's with the Program (RSVP) County Senior Corps. In standing efforts in the Volunteers: 1550 people and organizations Stations: 65 Beaver County, RSVP vol- classroom, exemplified by that need them most. They Hours of Service: 200,000+ unteer Orvis Bowers was the 100% pass rate of first become mentors, coaches or recognized with Utah's grade students in their companions to people in Foster Grandparent highest and most presti- End-of-Year reading as- need, or contribute their job Program gious volunteer award for sessment. skills and expertise to com- Volunteers: 39 his efforts to research and Students: 500 munity projects and organi- Hours of Service: 21,680 develop a booklet about his RSVP volunteer Clark zations. Their contributions county's 100+ historic Frandsen was recognized of skills, knowledge, and Senior Companion homes for distribution in in Garfield County for his experience make a real dif- Program the community. consistent efforts - despite ference to individuals, non- Volunteers: 38 rain, snow, and blizzard Clients Served: 125 profits, and other commu- Hours of Service: 21,657 conditions - to deliver hot nity organizations meals to homebound resi- throughout the region. Volunteer Centers dents of his community as Senior Health Insurance a Meals-on-Wheels driver. Three volunteer centers in Information Program the region expand the reach Youth Volunteer Corps Eighteen of 25 Volunteers of volunteers beyond senior in Public Safety (VIPS) programs to youth-based Youth Court were recognized for their activities, health insurance efforts to support the St. counseling and other com- Senior Outreach to Under- George Police Department served Populations (SOUP) munity efforts. -on the street and in the Court-Ordered Community office- as recipients of Service 8
  11. 11. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Transportation Planning Recognition recently came Award for “Outstanding 3) The Utah MPO’s, of Dixie Metropolitan Planning to Utah transportation Leadership in Planning which three operate Organization partners after building the Oversight”; within AOG structure 450 persons attended the 4th Annual Dixie Transportation nation’s first Statewide in one form or Expo. Unified Long Range 2) Utah Department of another– Received the Transportation Plan, Transportation and “2008 National Award for Southern Parkway Phase I which includes an ongoing our four MPO’s-- Re- Outstanding Collaboration opened and funding for two process a n d commitment ceived the 2008 American in Metropolitan Transpor- additional phases is committed. to collaborate into the fu- Association of State High- tation Planning” from the ture. way and Transportation Association of Metropolitan Valley View Bridge Officials’ (AASHTO), Planning Organizations. replacement underway. Partners involved in this “Presidents Award for process include the Utah Planning Excellence”; and Almost $1.5 million project funding was programmed, Department of along with more than Transportation, Wasatch $350,000 in planning studies. Front Regional Council, Mountainlands AOG, Dixie Eastern Washington Metropolitan Planning County Rural Planning Organization Organization (Five Coun- B yl a w s p r e p a r e d a n d ty AOG), Cache Valley adopted. Access MPO and the FHWA Divi- Management Agreement sion office in Salt Lake ratified. City. Coordinated Human Service Transportation Awards presented were: Planning 1) FHWA, Salt Lake Implementation Tool adopted. Division Office-- Re- Oasis House vehicle ceived the 2008 Federal procurement approved. Highway Administration’s Eastern Iron County Emerging Area Plan developed. 9
  12. 12. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Weatherization and Housing Rehabilitation ‘Jane’ didn’t know what to At a modest 1090 square audits, install insulation, do. She loved her prop- feet, the home has 3 bed- seal off air leaks, make Homes Weatherized: erty in Ivins, but her 1978 rooms and 2 baths, with modifications to (or re- Beaver Co.: 10 trailer was giving out. garage. Construction place) existing heating Garfield Co.: 14 The ceilings sagged from meets Energy Star com- systems and make minor Iron Co.: 15 Kane Co.: 5 roof leaks, old wiring had pliance. This lowers util- repairs to ensure safety. Washington Co.: 18 blackened one wall, and ity costs, conserves en- Once installed, these en- $483,144 expended mold was growing in the ergy and assists the ergy saving measures help flooring as plumbing de- homeowner to pay the r ed u c e heating and Emergency Home Repairs: teriorated. That was bills. Snow Canyon Con- cooling costs for years to Beaver Co.: 3 Garfield Co.: 3 when Danna Alvey with struction in Santa Clara come. Iron Co.: 7 the Five County Associa- easily met the standards. Kane Co.: 1 tion of Governments The result is a safe, The Critical Needs Hous- Washington Co.: 3 stepped in to help. affordable, modest home ing/Emergency Home Re- $17,000 expended Through the Rural Utah that is built to last. pair Program provides Single Family Rehabilita- assistance to eligible Home Rehabilitation: Beaver Co.: 2 tion and Reconstruction Weatherization helps low- homeowners for Garfield Co.: 1 Program, with funding income families conserve emergency-type home re- Iron Co.: 0 from the Olene Walker energy and improve their pairs that pose a potential Kane Co.: 0 Housing Loan Fund, Divi- living conditions. Profes- health and safety threat to Washington Co.: 1 sion of Housing and Com- sionally trained crews per- the occupants. $132,170 expended munity Development, form on-site home energy Down Payment Assist: Danna was able to negoti- Beaver Co.: 0 ate a low interest loan Garfield Co.: 1 from the State of Utah, Iron Co.: 0 locate a contractor, and Kane Co.: 1 Washington Co.: 0 facilitate the replacement $3,387 expended of Jane’s old home with a new and affordable one. 10
  13. 13. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Financial Information CASH ASSETS 30 Jun 2009 30 Jun 2008 Operating Accounts Cash Balance $ 675,379.81 $ 690,571.39 Savings Account Balance $ 360,461.29 $ 360,187.35 Revolving Loan Fund Accounts Balance $ 910,903.11 $ 957,249.86 Southern Utah Planning Authorities Account Balance $ 761.22 $ 854.26 Down Payment Assistance Account Balance $ 4,231.80 $ 15,399.19 TOTAL CASH BALANCE $ 1,951,737.23 $2,024,262.05 Revolving Loan Fund Assets Principal due on 18 loans $ 1,071,760.09 $ 850,949.33 Accrued interest $ -270.62 $ -270.62 TOTAL RLF ASSETS $ 1,071,489.47 $1,076,680.32 TOTAL ASSETS $3,023,226.70 $3,100,942.37 LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES Accrued withholdings $ 933.83 $ 582.44 Operating Fund Balances for 33 cost centers $3,022,292.87 $3,100,359.93 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES $3,023,226.70 $3,100,942.37 FY 2009 HIGHLIGHTS * County contributions remained stable at $15,000 per county * New location for Weatherization Program in leased Cedar City space * Sold foreclosed property near Escalante after almost 10 years * Dramatic decrease in interest revenues due to economic decline * Loss of State Fleet vehicle program due to state budget reductions * Significant American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (Stimulus) funds flowing through AOG * New Choices Waiver Program continued to eat into reserves, but is beginning to break even 11
  14. 14. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Association Staff Administration Harmony Langford Kenny Beals Debbra Sullivan HEAT Program Kenneth Sizemore Trainer Weatherization Technician Case Manager Susan Long Executive Director Program Supervisor Jolynne Nay Waylon Bergstrom Senior Corps & Beth Cottam Early Childhood Specialist Furnace Technician Volunteer Centers LeAnn Barnhurst Deputy Director Linda Sappington Intake Worker Carrie Sigler James Endter Volunteer Network Dir. Bob Rasmussen Technical Asst. Specialist Weatherization Technician Gayla Brann Chief Financial Officer Julie Duckett Intake Worker Community & Todd Ille Program Coordinator Jo Seegmiller Economic Development Field Supervisor Chantell Bronsema Human Resources Dir. Gary Zabriskie Tracy Garrett Receptionist Planning Manager Kirby Lambert Volunteer Coordinator Aging & Human Energy Auditor Andrea Escobar Services Justin Fischer Katherine Gonzalez Data Entry Specialist Garfield Co. Circuit Rider Jason Morrill Program Assistant Sherri Dial Planner Energy Auditor Jeanne Heath Human Services Planner Terra Sue Honey Receptionist Jane Lewis Darren Janes In-Home Volunteer Coordinator Human Services Associate Community Planner Aging Services Connie Oshley Planner Carrie Schonlaw Christine McDonald Intake Worker Diane Lamoreaux Program Director Program Coordinator Brenda McKee Program Specialist Elizabeth Diass Secretary/Receptionist Janeil Esplin-Jackson Joretta Stewart Intake Worker Todd Stowell Case Manager Program Assistant Iron Co. Circuit Rider Planner Brandi Schraft Child Care Resource Intake Worker Barbara Hagen Transportation & Referral Housing Rehabilitation Case Manager Planning Lis Barker Carol Thomas Program Director Doug Carlson Curt Hutchings Program Director Tracy HeavyRunner Intake Worker Planning Manager Case Manager Chelsea Carattini Rosanne Tietjen Data Specialist Danna Alvey Lowell Elmer Program Specialist Kristi Lasson Intake Worker MPO Director Case Manager Kristen Clark Brian Archibald Katie Wood Referral Specialist Doni Pack Weatherization Technician Carolyn Moss Intake Worker Program Specialist Program Specialist Kim Kitteridge Training Coordinator Paul Ashdown Kenneth Richards Furnace Technician Jim Mowery GIS Intern Case Manager 12
  15. 15. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Steering Committee Beaver County Kane County Chad Johnson Douglas Heaton County Commissioner County Commissioner Leonard Foster Kim Lawson Beaver City Mayor Kanab City Mayor Carolyn White W endy Allan Beaver Co. School District Kane Co. School District Garfield County Washington County Maloy Dodds Dennis “Denny” Drake - Chairm an County Commissioner County Commissioner Lowell Mecham Dan McGuire - Vice Chairm an Tropic Town Mayor Rockville Town Mayor Gladys LeFevre LuAnne Forrest Garfield Co. School District W ashington Co. School District Iron County Higher Education Institutions Lois Bulloch Frank Lojko County Commissioner Dixie State College of Utah Connie Robinson W es Curtis Paragonah Town Mayor Southern Utah University Alan Adams Iron Co. School District 13
  16. 16. Five County Association of Governments Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009 Community Partners Officials and staff of the Five County Association of Governments are committed to bringing services as close to the recipients as possible. In order to make this model succeed, much of the programming financed through the AOG is sub-contracted to other organizations. Many of the outcomes listed in this report would not occur without the support and success of these community partners. Their efforts are sincerely appreciated. Many of our partners are listed below. Our apologies go out to any that may have been missed. Food Pantries Southwest Center Home Instead Other Groups Beaver Co. Food Network Division of Child & Family Services HomeStyle Direct Cedar City-Iron Co. Economic Garfield Co. Care & Share DOVE Center Hurricane Rehabilitation Development Board Iron Co. Care & Share Dixie Care & Share Iron Co. Home Health Color Country Community Kane Co. Care & Share Family Support Center-Wash. Co. Kolob Regional Care & Rehab Housing, Inc. Dixie Care & Share Lifeline AAA Providers Mom’s Meals Color Country RC&D, Inc. CSBG Providers ActivStyle, Inc. Mytrex, Inc. Iron County Adult Education A Gentle Touch Home Care, Inc. Dixie Business Alliance Petersen Medical Millcreek High School Acumen Pioneer Medical Services Highway 143 Committee New Frontiers for Families Alpine Home Medical Equipment Priscilla Johnson Southwest High School Barbara Wright ResCare Home Care Iron Co. Coordinating Council Utah Center for Rural Health Beaver Valley Home Health Rescue Alert of Dixie Paiute Tribe of Utah Beaver Valley Hospital Rocky Mtn Home Care SSBG Providers Beehive Homes So. Utah Home Care Scenic Byway 12 Committee Beaver Co. Council on Aging Care To Stay Homes St. George Care & Rehab Garfield Co. Council on Aging Careage Management TURN Community Services SUU Small Business Iron Co. Council on Aging Cliff View Senior Living Development Center Valarie Bancroft Kane Co. Council on Aging Dignity Health & Home Care William Whitlow Washington Co. Council of Washington Co. Council on Aging Emerald Pointe Assisted Living Zion’s Way Home Health Governments TURN Community Services Essential Care Flo’s Home Care H ousing Authorities Washington Co. Economic Em ergency Food & Development Council Garfield Memorial Hospital Beaver City Housing Authority Shelter Gentiva Health Services Cedar City Housing Authority ZC3 Committee Canyon Creek Women’s Shelter Heart to Heart Home Care St. George Housing Authority Family Support Center-Cedar Helping Hands Iron Co. Care & Share Heritage Homes 14