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para matéria em www.startupi.com.br

para matéria em www.startupi.com.br

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  • 1. Explore an universeof unlimited inspirationDecora.me is the newest resource of inspiration for architects, decorators designers and decoration lovers São Paulo, Brazil August, 24/2012
  • 2. Furniture & Decoration Market Expected profit up to 25bi+ dollars in 2012 There is still no “champion” business model established Social commerce is becoming consolidated as a model in Brazil
  • 3. Decora.meUsers inspiration search engine based oncategories and color filters, making it simpleand easy to find out what you are looking forUser-focused network with unique socialtools to promote curators potentialA place for brands and professionalsto release their products and services
  • 4. Decora.me - PossibilitiesRecommendations basedon user activitiesIdentification of demands based on userpreference patternsIncrease user engagementwith mobile app
  • 5. Decora.me in numbers+15k +1.2miDecora.me users pageviews+40k +30kuploaded images fav images
  • 6. Self-growing at the online media LIKES! +15k +120k +1.5mi fanpage fans instagram followers Likes on published Decorame’s instagram profileSpontaneous tech media coverage:
  • 7. numbers reached with no paid media
  • 8. Business Modelusers sales leads Products suggestions Products preferences Decora.me sales partners sales comission
  • 9. Decora team Rodrigo Prior Maurivan Luiz Fernando Rigotti the social guy the UX ninja the operations guyFounded Social Branding LA User experience designer at GVT/ Interior designer obsessed with Vivendi, the leading alternative stylish home decor.A successful provider of Social telecommunications operator inIntelligence and Strategies for big Brazil.  Co-founder of Contteudo (mediabrands like Vivo, Microsoft, Lenovo, publisher with +30mi pageviews/Honda Has warked at iG - the largest media month) conglomerate in Latin America, and clients like HSBC, Terra and Kraft Passionate about tech, content, Foods design and media
  • 10. Thanks! Rodrigo Prior Maurivan Luiz Fernando RigottiChief Executive Officer Chief Innovation Officer Chief Operating Officer rodrigo@decora.me maurivan@decora.me fernando@decora.me