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Deck demoday sfo2 (1)

  2. 2. THE PROBLEM Let’s say that you are a North American Investor: You have plenty of information and tools! |
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM …but Latin American investors don’t! |
  4. 4. THE PROBLEMSo people are afraid to invest… How to make the best decisions with my lifetime savings? How to choose stock A or B? Am I alone here? |
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTION Everything investors need in one place. Which means… |
  6. 6. OUR SOLUTION Tools and content focused on individual investors within a social environment to help them invest better. At a price they can pay. |
  7. 7. MARKET SIZE investors in Brazil (funds and stocks) CHI, COL, PER, MEX, ARG investors and growing LAST DECADE on stock investors in Brazil |
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODELREVENUE SOURCES FREEMIUM TOOLS ADVERTISING LICENSING Low charge for professional- Charge brokers, banks, Licensing parts of our data, like tools. investment education tools and technology to companies for segmented brokers, creating another Offer exactly what marketing. distribution channel for our individual investors need, products. not more nor less. Charge for sponsored content. White Labeling our tools and content for third parties distributors.USER AQUISITION- Optimized SEM, Strategic Partnerships, inbound marketing and free tools to reduce CAC. |
  9. 9. TRACTION AND CONVERSIONWORKING…- Launched in Brazil in 2010. One of the top 5 independent financial websites, even without intraday quotes, with more than 52k registered users.- 7 of the 10 biggest brokers in Brazil have advertised with us.- Regularly featured on the biggest Brazilian press channels.…AND PROFITABLE- More than 1,000 paid users on our freemium Portfolio Manager with Tax Calculator. MAY/2012- Recently launched (Sep/12) real-time quotes and data tools. MAY/2011 |
  10. 10. UNFAIR ADVANTAGESTECHNOLOGY - Real-time technology: Core of the financial data business. - Techniques that allows us to offer streaming data almost for free. - Highly scalable architecture.EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIPS - Bovespa: one of the 2 websites in the world allowed to distribute real- time quotes of the Brazilian exchange for free. - Dow Jones: We are the first website in LATAM to distribute their content for free.GREAT SALES AND MARKETING - Focus on user acquisition using SEO, SEM, PR, and optimized traditional marketing. - Marketing automation and lead nurturing using technology. |
  11. 11. THE TEAMFREDERICO SKWARA BS in Economics at Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and self-thought developer. Started the company in 2010 and managed it alone until 2011, after Founder & CEO working at the trading desk at HSBC. Nowadays, his main roles are creating a scalable product and team, and dealing with strategic partnerships and investors to reach our long term mission. TOM BERGSTEIN Currently managing international expansion, Tom holds a BS in Economics at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). His main roles are daily operations, market COO research and partnerships. GUSTAVO VELOSO BS in Information Systems and an Specialist in Software Engineering. In charge of all the technical design decisions and implementations to create scalable CTO products.DIEGO WAWRZENIAK BS in Economics by FGV. Worked in Private Equity for the affiliate of The Blackstone Group in Brazil. In charge of cost-effectively customer acquisition CMO and relationship. VICTOR PEREIRA Responsible for all finance issues, financial strategic view and forecasts. Studied economics at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and worked at the CFO Fixed Income desk at BTG Pactual and in Corporate Finance consultancy. |
  12. 12. MONEY & MILESTONESSO FAR…- Bootstrapped + USD 40k from Start-Up ChileHOW MUCH WE NEED- US$500k in our holding corporation in USA.WHERE WE WILL SPEND IT- Grow our Development Team.- Grow our Sales & Customer Support Team.- Geographical expansion towards LATAM.- Content production: Create segmented and useful information for investors.MILESTONES- Scale the “prototype” technology that we have in Brazil to expand to other Latin-American countries.- Launch real-time tools in Brazil (Sep/12) and achieve 76,000 registered users in one year (Sep/13).- Launch real-time tools and proprietary content in Chile, Colombia and Peru (Dec/12) and achieve 5,700 registered users in one year (Dec/13).- Expand to Mexico and Argentina (Jan/13). |
  13. 13. THANKS!