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  • Vision Mission
  • You create an opportunity We are, in the world, the territory (quebec) where there is the most money invested to support entrepreneurship and our results are catastrophic There are many ways of starting a business. Right ttime, right place, right solution…but being the right person is the glue that holds it together. That is why so many project fail There might be a market fit BUT is there an entrepreneurs-fit…very few dare go there when someone come to present a project
  • B.Ed brought me 10 years in guidance counseling MBA 10 years in entrepreneurship Managing directorEntrepreneurship Center Lecturer One of the Founding member of the Quebec association of Incubation Full-time coach of entrepreneurs The EEB Unique in the world) I come from my experience, my frame of reference
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • Tell the story
  • My thoughts on science fiction novels
  • This hands over millions of dollars… Is 10-20-30 rule
  • Ask who in the crowd knows him ?
  • Ask who in the crowd knows him ?
  • Before kept coming back…
  • Cram on a term paper then left to rot. A daily process
  • Arch one… Do we rush into things
  • One page, short kept coming back
  • The idea of Road test
  • The importance of planning is NOT equal t the Business plan
  • Are we rushing it again
  • Wasting time chasing BP contest Running around economic development organizations for money
  • Just more reeasons
  • Flexibility is Key
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • Hard evidence
  • Concentrate on the few first client
  • Why do they Sticki so much to a bad solutions
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • Big concept!
  • That one I was waiting for
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • The man behind the launch of the nespresso coffee machines Pain-Need-desire: Expressing it is the toughest part The importance of Innovation not invention The hability to decide The stakeholders The customer decision criterias The Customer Unique experience
  • The man behind the launch of the nespresso coffee machines Pain-Need-desire: Expressing it is the toughest part The importance of Innovation not invention The hability to decide The stakeholders The customer decision criterias The Customer Unique experience
  • Our model
  • Les besoins sont plus psychologiques, besoin du 2 e degrè
  • Catching and understanding trends Social Political economic Cultural technological rules Environnement SWOThreats analysis Porter model How the game is played What it takes to WIN
  • Positionning Kano Better product Better efficiency Better relationship FAST-GOOD-CHEAP
  • Fail parce qu ’ il n ’ y a pas de client Formuler le modèle: Iteration mesure, mettre sur le marché Ce n ’ est pas à propos de ce que vous aimez, c ’ est à propos de ce qu ’ ils aiment, veulent et ont de besoin! Apprentissage validé Ce sont des évangélistes Vrai Études de marchés Premiere version Customer acquisition model ? Solliciter le feedback Les 5 pourquoi: Régler la cause et non le symptôme Comment se comportent-ils ?Que font-ils avec le produit Accrocs visionnaire: Quelle autre utilité ? PAS JUSTE TESTER LE PRODUIT: Les éléments marketing, comment répondent-ils ? I-Kola Questionnaire Medais sociaux Product to market « fit » : Mesurer 10 personnes Customer discoveries->Validation| >(iterations néceaaires) customer creation-> company building real client/ hypotheses : Problem et concept du produit En vouloir est quelques chose, l ’ utiliser une autre l ’ exemple de la FLip Incertitudes à propos de ce qyue le consommateurs désire
  • Argent – Temps – Santé – Famille – Notoriété – Estime de soi Harvard Study Six Treshold
  • Le temps L ’argent Social Stress Réputation/notoriété Psychologique: Estime de soi
  • Focus business Le pitch se développe Le modèle d ’ affaires: Apprentissage sur soi, son entreprise aussi…impact sur la vision! Qu ’ est-ce que le plan mesure par rapport à ce qu ’ il y aura à faire !!!! Une fois par rapport à plusieurs ?!?!?!!? SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! Focus Business Utiliser le canvas Fixer des objectifs: Accessible (tous peuvent suivre), calculables/mesurables, appuyés sur des actions concrèetes Real BAD news is better on a smaller scale Formulation des hypothèses Produits, problème canaux de distribution, demandes marché et compétition On mesure: Acquisition, activation, références, rétention, et surtout revenu Aller chercher l ’ argent quand le risque qui reste est Technique Pas une risque de marché. SUICIDE ZONE: Nouvelle techno, nouveau produit, nouveau marché La rapidité des opérations, des itérations Minimum viable product/measure how people use it, faire de petites expérience, mesurer, si le ROI descent LÀ il faut pivoter Les coûts, un peu, la rapidité est plius précieuse Sales roadmap: influence map: Compr.hension du cycle de vente Modèle de revenu Type de marché matrice produit /marché What changes in et quellle stratégie market: size, cout d ’ entrée, cout de sortie barrière positionnement /sales/, model, cycle, marges, chasm s techno customer/: besoin adoption finance: time to profit, time to market, burn rate etc.
  • Talk about the ADD syndrome
  • Giliian

    1. 1. And so it goes
    2. 2. Write a business plan
    3. 3. So, what’s in it for you ?Opportunity is in the eye of the beholder !
    4. 4. So, why shouldyou listento me ?
    5. 5. The Business Plans• 30 300 000 results on Google for “business plan”• Over 1,700 books on Amazon But…
    6. 6. The Business Plans• It barely changed in 40 years• People read it less and less• It doesn’t guarantee success, performance or profits• It won’t get you the money you need, even less the money you want
    7. 7. The Business Plans• Most entrepreneurs aren’t motivated by it.• Very few believe in it• Money providers barely rely on it, because the content rarely fits their expectations• The business counselors try to work around it’s weaknesses
    8. 8. Entrepreneurs have thebright shiny new gizmo syndrome!
    9. 9. First came the shakers….
    10. 10. Do you know this man ? “A good business plan is an elaboration of a good pitch”.
    11. 11. Do you know this man ? “Most people spend eighty percent of their effort on crafting a one million cell Excel spreadsheet that no one believes”
    12. 12. Do you know this man ? “Don’t get obsessed with details in your financial forecast because it should be one page long”
    13. 13. Do you know this man ? “You are flexible and fast moving: changing as you learn more and more about the market”
    14. 14. Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures,(an early-stage venture capital firm)and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.Honorary doctorate from Babson College
    15. 15. Do you know this book ? If they can find the fatal flaw before they write their business plan… They can modify their idea, shaping the opportunity to better fit the hotly competitive world in which it seeks to bear fruit.
    16. 16. The new business road test Better yet, if, after asking their daily question and probing, testing and experimenting for answers, the signs remain positive, they embrace their opportunity with renewed passion and conviction…
    17. 17. The new business road test ‘‘most business plans should have been abandoned before they were written’’
    18. 18. The new business road test ‘‘Such a study – a short memo to oneself - provides a clear, customer-focused vision about why the proposed venture makes sense…’’
    19. 19. Who is John W. Mullins ? ‘‘serious entrepreneurs run road tests of the opportunities they consider’’Associate Professor of Management Practice inEntrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Faculty
    20. 20. Do you know this book ? “It is more essential to plan a business than it is to write a business plan”
    21. 21. Burn your business plan “Business Plans are prepared too early in the Start-up process”
    22. 22. Burn your business plan “The preoccupation with the business plan is not only counterproductive but also may lead to firms losing interested investors and potential sales”
    23. 23. Burn your business plan • 3 years scenarios don’t make sense • No proven ability to react! • Won’t be ready when investors are • Won’t be prepared to present • You won’t stand out in the crowd • Far from reality
    24. 24. David E. Gumpert “ And while planning and analysis are related to financial performance, this planning may not need to be in the form of a written business plan…flexibility is critical ”Author andJournalist
    25. 25. Then came the clincher….
    26. 26. Do you know this man ? A study of 116 businesses started by alumni who graduated between 1985 and 2003. Comparing success measures such as annual revenue, employee numbers and net income, the study found no statistical difference in success between those businesses started with formal written plans and those without them...
    27. 27. Do you know this man ? “ What we really don’t want to do is literally spend a year or more essentially writing a business plan without knowing we have actual customers ”
    28. 28. Do you know this man ? “ Entrepreneurs must be nimble, and will be more apt to stick with a flawed concept they spent months drafting”
    29. 29. William Bygrave “Entrepreneurs must be nimble, and will be more apt to stick with a flawed concept they spent months drafting”Professor Emeritus
    30. 30. Then came another one….
    31. 31. Do you know this man ? Hypothesis # 4 : Producing business plans will increase the probability of a nascent organization’s survival FALSE !
    32. 32. Benson Honig Hypothesis #5 : Producing business plans is positively correlated with the probability of a nascent organization’s reaching profitability FALSE !Director of the Centre for the study of NascentEntrepreneurship and the eXploitation of Technology (NeXt)Wilfrid Laurier School of Business & Economics
    33. 33. Then came the inspiration….
    34. 34. Raphaël CohenProfesseur à HEC Genève et à la ThunderbirdUniversity (Phoenix)Auteur du livre Concevoir et lancer un projetÉditions de l’Organisation
    35. 35. Raphaël Cohen
    36. 36. Do you know this man ? “ Writing a business plan is too often the biography of an unborn company ”Full time LecturerHEC-Montreal
    37. 37. The Need
    38. 38. Maslow 21e siècle Tous droits réservés - Besoin
    39. 39. A convincing solution
    40. 40. The advantage• Comparative• Competitive• Unfair• V=B-C• V=R-E
    41. 41. Junkies ?
    42. 42. Probability Uncertainty, Unknown!
    43. 43. Six tresholds
    44. 44. Get something going
    45. 45. Then came a work in progress….
    46. 46. The leader…in tech