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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Delta-Sapphire is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the Aerospace pavillion.

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  • Собственное сырьё – основа для кластера проектов
  • Собственное сырьё – основа для кластера проектов
  • Название Проекта Целевой продукт и рынок Стадия, цель стадии Финансовый план: грант / соинвестиции, Соинвестор
  • Название Проекта Целевой продукт и рынок Стадия, цель стадии Финансовый план: грант / соинвестиции, Соинвестор
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  • С этим надо поработать
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  • Delta-Sapphire

    1. 1. Project «Machine M500»Development of design and key units for a brand new energy efficientfurnace to grow extra large (up to 500 kg) sapphire monocrystals usingthe Musatov method (Kyropulos, State Optical Institute).Delta-Sapphire Limited Liability CompanySarov
    2. 2. COMPETENCEAl2O3Leuco sapphire CeramicsWe have been working closely withmanufacturers of leuco sapphire and theequipment for growing since 2006.NANOKORUND LLCPlant for producing ultrapure 99.999% nanosizedaluminum oxide.Launched in 2009 with funding from the NizhnyNovgorod regional venture fund managed by theVTB-UA.In 2012 obtains funding from a private investor fortechnology development.Current capacity – 6 tonnes per month2
    3. 3. 3MARKETGlobal new growing furnaces market:1,200 pcs. per year$128 billion per yearMarket growth 14% per yearGrowing furnaces manufacturers:CrystalTech HK Co., Limited (China), Cyberstar(France), Thermal Technology LLC (USA),ARCEnergy (USA), Tronic Technocrystal Pte Ltd(Taiwan), ‘Apeks’ Co., Ltd (Russia), etc.Global leuco sapphires market:14,400 tonnes per year$ 4.32 billion per yearGrowing furnaces over the world: 12,000 pcs. ($ 4 billion)Market growth30% per yearGlobal upgrading furnaces market:12,000 pcs.$1.3 billionMarket growth 10% per yearCrystal growing companies(servicing available furnaces):Kyocera (Japan), Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd(Japan), Rubicon Technology (USA), SapphireTechnology Company (South Korea), Monocrystal(Russia), etc.
    4. 4. GLOBAL TRENDSLEUCO SAPPHIRE PRICE REDUCTIONMONOCRYSTAL SIZE INCREASEWill allow to:• Retain current position of leuco sapphire on microelectronics market• Win new markets by removing SOS materials Si, SiC, GaAs, GaN• Find new mechanical applications (pistons, bearings, etc.)Will allow to:1. Increase manufactured product range(windows, screens, large size wafers)2. Apply production in new energetics(super high-power lasers, including National Project УФЛ-2М)Solution offered by the project will 3x decrease a prime costSolution offered by the project will 6x increase boule size4
    5. 5. 5Heat-Insulating ShieldsResistance heaterCrucible with standRaw material feeding CrucibleHeat shield made ofceramics (NEW) instead ofmolybdenum:•Operating costs decreased by10%Conductive heater made ofceramics (NEW) instead oftungsten rodsCrucible made of high-temperature ceramics(NEW) instead of tungsten:• Yield increased from 70 up to95%• Requirements for vacuumdecreased from 10-5up to 10-2• Crucible volume of standardmachine increased by 20 %NEWAdditionalcharge deviceINNOVATIONS IN MACHINE DESIGN
    6. 6. 6CAPITALIZATION OF PROJECT RESULTSMarket of applied machines upgradingDevelopment of a fundamentally novel machine by working together withstrategic partnerFor 1 growth furnacenew units requirethousandFor growth furnacesworldwide(12,000 pcs.)Upgrading market volume:Global market volume:$ 128 billion per yearTarget market share in 2017:> 12%$ 106$ 1.3 billionSale of the Company (the Company’s share) to a strategicinvestor•Thermal Technology LLC, USA•GT Advanced Technologies, USA•Cyberstar, France•ARCEnergy, USA•Noble Metals International AG, Switzerland•Linn High Therm GmbH, Germany http://www.linn-high-thermCompanies maintaining growth furnaces•‘Apeks’ Co., Ltd (Russia),•TSAGRIOL LLC jointly with Nanotech LLC and Waltcher GMBH, Russia-Germany,•Omega-crystals LLC, Ukraine•CrystalTech HK» Co., Limited, China•Thermal Technology LLC, USA•GT Advanced Technologies, USA•Cyberstar, France•Tronic Technocrystal Pte Ltd, Taiwan, Singapore••Scientific and Production Association ‘Alfa TM’
    7. 7. 7SPIN-OFFNew startup in 2014to develop high-resistant ceramic productsand put them on new markets.Objectives for 2014:1. Creation of sample products for other applications such as:- machines to grow crystals of other types;- metallurgy;- energetics (turbine component parts);- aerospace sector.2. Technological and market cooperation on developing products.Project implementation will giveUnique competence in high-temperature (> 3000 C) ceramics:• Technology to receive original components in high-resistant ceramics:formulation, mechanical activation, receiving a charge.• Technology to receive high-resistant ceramic products of different shape:crucibles, heaters, composite crucibles, high temperature heat insulation.
    9. 9. 9PROJECT CURRENT STATUSProject assets• Over 2 years activity on the Project• About 16 million rubles invested in the Project• IP rating of the current stage of the Project is 79.6 million rublesWorks executed on the Project• Conceptual schemes for key units developed• 2 patent received• Samples of high-temperature ceramics using SHS method receivedFinancial planTotal investment (100%) $ 1.976 million• Grant of the Skolkovo Fund (51%) $ 0.999 million• The WEB-Innovations Fund (44%) $ 0.876 million• ‘GK Binar Ko’ Ltd. (5%) $ 0.100 million
    10. 10. PROJECT TEAMPROJECT TEAMWeWe built the plant producingbuilt the plant producing ALAL22OO33!!We’ll start up theWe’ll start up the ««Machine M500Machine M500»» furnace!furnace!
    11. 11. PROJECT TEAMPROJECT TEAMHigher technical,Kazan AviationInstituteInventor, innovator, ableto combine the budget andTRIZ. Did most of thetechnical innovation of theproject. The basicqualities: tenacity, highperformance, creativity.Project LeaderVladimir F. TYUTINDirector of the Delta-Sapphire LLCVladimir Y. ULIANITSKYHead of the Laboratory of detonationflows of the Lavrentyev Institute ofHydrodynamics SB RAS, DrScDeveloper of the best national models ofequipment for detonation spraying (the‘Ob’ plant, computerized detonationcomplex CCDS2000) and technologicalsolutions with the application ofprotective coatings on metals, ceramicsand metal-ceramic composites foraircraft parts, petroleum equipment andcatalytic reactors.Novosibirsk State University,Physics, Applied Mathematics,associate professor, DrScResearch consultantLeonid I. VOLCHKEVICHProfessor, ElectronicTechnologies, Bauman MSTU,DrScBauman MSTU, machinetools and instruments,DrScResearch consultantDoctor of Technical Sciences, Head of theElectronic Engineering department since1980. Member of the International Academyof Technological Cybernetics andAutomation. Author of books on automationof production processes, Honored Worker ofHigher Education of the Russian Federation.Victor I. TIKHONOVPhDKazan AviationInstitute, MechanicalEngineer, PhDResearch managerLeads the design and researchfor 38 years. Has about 30patents, two of them on thesubject of the project. He hasmore than 120 hand-writtenworks.
    12. 12. PROJECT TEAMPROJECT TEAMEducationEducationIn business sinceIn business sinceAchievementsAchievements20022002Higher economic,SarPhTI (Sarov),National Economy Academyunder the RF GovernmentOne of the best specialistsin Sarov able to make andmaintain financial andanalytical models. Has richexperience in relations withVTB, Rusnano, VEB, otherinvestment and analyticalcompanies.Marina K. FILINADeputy Director on EconomicsCITYS LtdTatyana A. STAVNICHAYADeputy Director on Public Relationsand InvestmentsCITYS LtdMEPhI (Moscow)The Presidents program"Innovation Management"Mature manager, has a positiveexperience as the organizer and leaderof private enterprise.Possesses knowledge of theorganization of the particular market ofproduct distribution and retaildistribution network. Has largeexperience of cooperation with theauthorities at the level of a city, region,country.Maria V. IVANNICKOVAManager of the ITC InvestmentsDepartmentCITYS LtdExperience of self-supportingactivities, organizing and conductingexhibitions, competitions andworkshops. Extensive experience ofcomplex development andexamination of business plans.Bookkeeping companies.MEPhI (Moscow),Information Systems inEconomics20002000Specialist inSpecialist in Financial modeling,Financial modeling,financial analysisfinancial analysisMarketingMarketing,,PRPR,, project managmentproject managmentCommercializationCommercialization1995199519951995
    13. 13. CRYSTAL GROWTH GRAPHCrystals growth rate:• 85 kg – 15 days, average growth per day – 5.7 kg• 500 kg – 30 days, average growth per day –16.7 kgCrystal of 500 kg grows 3x faster.