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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

ASTRO Industry is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the Aerospace pavillion.

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ASTRO Industry

  1. 1. New-GenerationControl Moment Gyro(New-Gen CMG)
  2. 2. The Problem to SolveIn the last years the increased instruments resolution, particularly for Earth Observationmissions, is leading to an increased agility as well as precision required to satellites.There is also a tendency in developing small satellites with new technologies for reducing themass of the equipment and in particular the mass of the attitude and control actuators.These objectives can be met only by attitude actuators with superior momentum capability.High-performance bearings and lubrication are crucial issues of any space gyros and the like.Example of active (commanded) lubricator for satellite bearing application. From [Ref. 1].Ref. 1 - Sathyan Krishnan, Sang-Heon Lee, Hung-Yao Hsu and Gopinath Konchady: “Lubrication of Attitude Control Systems”, pp. 75-98, Ch. 4 ofAdvances in Spacecraft Technologies, Edited by Jason Hall, ISBN 978-953-307-551-8, Publisher: InTech, Published: February 14, 2011.27-28/05/2013 2New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  3. 3. The Problem to SolveIf a Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG)fails unexpectedly, the event canseverely affect the satellite operations.CMG failures on the International SpaceStation (ISS) have occurred since 2002.Data mining techniques are currentlyused for detecting early symptoms ofCMG degradation.Such techniques are rather complex andare able to tag a possible malfunctiononly with a relatively short notice.From Gerhard Holtkamp “Data Mining in Space”, SciLogs, posted 13. March 201027-28/05/2013 3New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  4. 4. The Proposed SolutionPrinciple of Liquid-Pocket SlidersSentinel cellsShaftFlywheelSensorCaseOrdinary cellsOrdinary slider cells are placed around the rotorrather than around the shaft.Special sentinel cells detect early malfunction symptomsAll the problems illustrated above can be addressed and solved thanks to a radically newtechnology for bearings: the Liquid-Pocket Sliders (LPS)27-28/05/2013 4New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  5. 5. Main Advantages of LPS Technology(not only for CMG applications)• No need of liquid lubricants/lubricators;• Increased load capacity coefficient with respect to common air hydrodynamic bearings;• Unprecedented high working speed;• Dynamic stiffness control in operation;• Low-noise;• Shock tolerance;• Failure tolerance;• Sentinel cells allow proactive detection of failures;• Self-centering action;• Self-balancing action (optional).27-28/05/2013 5New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  6. 6. Potential MarketsApart from the described space applications there are a number of possible industrialuses of LPS bearings:• Aircraft Air Cycle Machines• Household appliances (hand dryers, fans, washing machines)• Small turbines for energy transformation•Attitude Control of air vehicles• Stabilization of boats and of wheeled vehicles• Compressors• Typically, any applications where very high speeds and moderate loads are involved27-28/05/2013 6New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  7. 7. The Team’s CompetencesThe proposed technology has been invented by the Project Responsible, a team memberof ASTRO Industry, who has filed two patent applications related to this invention.The present Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the proposed technology (4 in thestandard scale of 9 levels) has been reached thanks to projects funded by the ItalianGovernment and by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and successfully completed bymembers of the team.Astro Industry will team up with TeS, another Italian SME of the Space EngineeringGroup, now belonging to ASTRIUM. The colleagues of TeS have a sound experience ofCMG control electronics and algorithms, thanks to previous activities performed onbehalf of ASI.27-28/05/2013 7New-Generation Control Moment Gyro
  8. 8. What is NeededASTRO Industry S.r.l.Zona Industriale di Acerra, I-80011 – Acerra (NA) - ItalyTel +39-081-8446268e-mail: info@astroindustry.comwebsite: www.astroindustry.comMotivated and skilled physicists and engineers from Russia and abroad areencouraged to join the Italian colleagues and form an international team basedin Russia (fluent English is a must).The Intellectual Property protection of the proposed technology needs to beextended to more countries: support is needed to refine our IP policyaccounting, in particular, for the Russian market characteristics.Contacts with suppliers/developers of innovative anti-wear linings are lookedfor, with the purpose of further mitigating wear in low-speed operation.Investors are welcome to help us shorten the time-to market of our technologyand exploit its benefits to the maximum possible extent.27-28/05/2013 8New-Generation Control Moment Gyro