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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Toytemic is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the IT pavillion.

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  1. 1. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 1 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsBrief description of the projectBrief description of the project(1) Toytemic — is an electronic HW platform,(2) for creating new classes of toys, able to act inconcert, make group actions in the same wayas units in computer games,(3) the platform suitable for small and mediumtoy companies, robotic hobbyists and evenschool students,(4) which neither have time, nor skills, norresources to make complex technologicaldevelopments and designs.(5) As opposite to expensive advanced roboticsolutions Toytemic platform(6) supports coordinated maneuvers andcomplex interactions of moving devices assimple and cheap as mass market toys.
  2. 2. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 2 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsProblemProblemToytemicToytemicplatformplatform• Toy Stories come alive• real toys act in teams• easy controlled• excessive virtualization• loss of reality• inadequate behaviorsGames should be brought back from behind the screen intothe real world of tangible things
  3. 3. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 3 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsSolutionSolution+ ==Toytemic positioningsensor and moverLego-likecasing bricksNovel Toy Robotic Platform
  4. 4. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 4 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsInvariable part (platform) Variable part (toy product)• 2-motor chassis 5х4х3см• positioning sensor (2м radius)• microcomputer• motion control algorithms• sensor network• Optical RC-pointer and MV-modules• casing/skin – toy/character appearance• additional sensors and actuators• external memory• behavioral algorithms• team of toys (robots)• Mobile apps for remote controlling• Proprietary positioning sensor invented especially forself-propelled toys• Proprietary optical RC for controlling dozens ofmoving devices• Proprietary IC (integrated circuit)will drop costs of the platformelectronics from $5 to $1TechnologyTechnologyPrototyped sensor & moverMPW crystal
  5. 5. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 5 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsMonetizationMonetizationWho? For what? Why?Toy companies (includingmedium and small ones)Single platform forproducing various series oftoysToy Stories come alive,cuts development time,convenient, inexpensivePre-school educationalorganizations, schools, out-of-school educationalistsEducational robotic kits andtoys based on the platformHigh gaming andeducational potential – 2in1Robotic hobbyists(students)Platform for hobbyists’roboticsEasy-to-use platform,unique sensor for mutualpositioning of robotsDevelopers of collaborativemulti-robotic solutions andalgorithmsPlatform for multi-roboticteamsFull-scale platform pricedan order lower than thoseavailable on the marketWHO WILL PAY? FOR WHAT? WHY?
  6. 6. Global Toys&Games Sales >$150B ( 3%).Toys, 2011 > $84BGames (incl. consoles), 2012 ~$67Bwww.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 6 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsMarketMarketMOST FASGROWING SEGMENTSInfants, pre-schoolers 10 - 15% a year to $9BHiTech toys 10 – 20% a year to $24BToy Robotic Kits 60-times growth in 7 years2007 2014541K sets ($27,5M) 35,8M sets ($1,69B)Typical prices:ASEBA Thymio II ~$100Parallax BoeBot ~$160Lego MindStorms NXT2.0 ~$400Lego MindStorms Sales (2011) >300 тыс. ($135M)Interactive toys in total >300M pcs.Including RC toys ~100М pcs.Planned runs for Toytemic toy setsand kitsIn 1 year 3 years 5 years10K 100K 1MFirst sales – in Moscow trough asmall friendly children retail netSUPPLIES TO SCHOOLSIn Russia – 50.000 schoolsLego case – 30% Russian schoolsApproximate calculation:$50 (Rev.) x 10(sets) x 15.000(cust.)=$7,5MGoal for the 5th year – a hit!(precedent Furby, Zhu-Zhu etc.)
  7. 7. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 7 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsCompetitorsCompetitorsAnalogue StageMin unitcostMin unitsizesPositioningmeansCommunicationmeansTarget marketsegmentToytemic Prototype ~$20 5×4×3см Toytemic near-field sensorThe sameToytemic sensor- toys-schools- univercitiesEPFLThymioJust enterthe market~$100 11×11×5см 7 IR sensors(proximity)External moduleWiFi or Bluetooth-SchoolsK-teamKheperaYears onthe market>$3.000 5,5×5,5×3см 9 IR and 5 USsensorsBluetooth - univercities- laboratoriesANALOGUES FOR TOYTEMIC PLATFORMNo direct competitors seen yetSubstitute competitors are:• all robotic toys• all RC toys• all App toys (using smartphones)Companies examples: WowWee, Wow!Struff,LeapFrog, Innovation First etc.IN INTERACTIVE TOYSIN EDUCATIONAL ROBOTIC KITSNo competing products for assemblingtoys game units till now.(while professional robotic solutions are twoorders more expensive)Lots of competing robotic kits includingLego MindStorms, Parallax BoeBots, SonyRobocup и др.
  8. 8. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC Slide 8 (of 10)NextGen Toys for NextGen KidsPricing & Projected SalesPricing & Projected SalesTOY ROBOTIC KIT Prod Cost Whole Sale RRPRC Pointer $6 $12 $25Toytem Sensor V2 $2 $10 $20Mover (+ sensor) V1 $12 $24 $48Toy Robotic Kit $40 $75 $150EDU Robotic Kit $60 $100 $200Add-Modules Pack $10 $20 $40Lego MindStorms set ($400) - one robot, no gameToytemic Robo-Kit ($200) - tree robots, TEAM GAME!2nd year – SoC: production costs decreased from $60 to $30Projected sales volumes:1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year$50K (500 sets) $950K (9500 sets) ~$10M (~120.000 sets) $30M (300.000 sets)
  9. 9. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLCNextGen Toys for NextGen KidsTeamTeamSlide 9 (of 10)Co-founders/managersCo-founders/managersYevgeny Smetanin, CEOProducer/developer in digitaledutainment, video games,interactive toys and gadgets.Licensor to global publisher.Alexey Chechendaev, CTOengineer, inventor, director ofprojects in microelectronicsand RF engineering; sensornetworks, interactive productsAndrey Gabelko, CFO/COOPh.D. in Physics, 20-year asbusiness driver in software,UWB, Mesh networks,telecom and laser; launched 3start-ups (incl. abroad)EmployeesEmployeesEngineering team in the city ofVladimir (3 persons):Microelectronics, electromechanicsBoard of Advisors / MentorsBoard of Advisors / MentorsAs Skolkovo participants we’ve got lettersof intent from several persons havingstrongest track-record in UWB, robotics,toys, including:- Alan Petroff, Dr., former Senior VP atTime Domain Corp. (USA)- Henrik Christensen, Dr., KUKA Chairof Robotics at GaTech (USA)- Tom Dusenberry, former VP atHasbro Corp., (USA)We keep in touch with these gentlemen.
  10. 10. www.toytemic.comTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLCNextGen Toys for NextGen KidsProject SummaryProject SummarySlide 10 (of 10)ProductProductMarketMarketClientClientPre-money ValuationPre-money ValuationTimingTimingDeal OfferedDeal OfferedEXITEXITPlatform for Robotic kits & RC toys able to act in concert100M units RC toys, 35M Robotic Kits. Total >$2BGlobal toy retailers, toy and robotic companies$2M based on Replacement Value or Berkus methodStart sales – 9 mnth, Break-even - 2 yrs, Exit – 5 yrs$350K investment for 20% shares5 years, ~200M (1,5×LTM Rev.), Strateg. (MAT, HAS etc.)Consumer ValueConsumer Value “Toy Stories” come alive. Videogames extended into realityTech ValueTech Value Toys networked, make coordinated maneuversBusiness ModelBusiness Model Toys & Robotic kits supplies. Average profit ~$50 per set