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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Talksum is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the IT pavillion.

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  • Introduce the router to the world, don’t stutter and “uh uhuhuh”
  • Talksum

    1. 1. 1 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Real Time for Big Data™ Talksum Data Stream Router A New Approach to Data Management
    2. 2. 2 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Big Data initiatives need more than new storage platforms and BI solutions, they need new approaches to data architectures and management strategies • Lag: It’s hard to keep pace with data demands while meeting changing requirements • Complexity: Platforms require specialized skills and custom code • Costs: Overhead is rapidly rising in terms of people, time, and infrastructure The Problem Today
    3. 3. 3 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. A new approach to data management and analytics with a focus on speed, simplicity, and value • Speed: Handle the Big Data initiatives of today (1 million+ events/sec on a single device), and tomorrow, in real time to help optimize any Big Data infrastructure • Simplicity: Simplify the data management process, making it easy to monitor and analyze data in real time while reducing the cost of acquisition, ETL, and integration • Value: High efficiency that relies on less resources and translates into less spend and greater value The Solution
    4. 4. 4 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Speed | Simplicity | Value Introducing the Talksum Data Stream Router Intake • Transform • Filter • Data Reduce • Monitor/Alert • Aggregate • Enrich • Analyze • Route Store Beta Customer Program is open for qualified enterprises “A Method for Real Time Data Streaming, Filtering and Routing” patent submitted to the US Patent Office
    5. 5. 5 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Big Data = Big Business $10.2 $16.8 $32.1 $48.0 $53.4 Big Data Market Forecast, 2013-2017 ($US billions) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 $60.0 $50.0 $40.0 $30.0 $20.0 $10.0 $0.0 Market Value Trend Line Source:Wikibon “Big Data is the new definitive source of competitive advantage across all industries. For those organizations that understand and embrace the new reality of Big Data, the possibilities for new innovation, improved agility, and increased profitability are nearly endless.” – Jeff Kelly Wikibon’s Big Data analyst
    6. 6. 6 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Success Stories Customer: Large European ISP/Email Communications Provider Use Case: Ingests Netflow data, parses and aggregates in real time, monitors and alerts, optimizes network topology Network Monitoring & Optimization Customer: Major Financial Stock Exchange Use Case: Ingests unstructured financial market data, parses and filters for quality, aggregates, integrates with existing data warehouse Financial Services Customer: Mid-Sized Hospital Chain Use Case: Ingests HL7 data, dynamically maintains master data, visualizes risk metrics, augments and routes medical alerts and results to providers Healthcare Customer: Major Biogenetics Research Lab Use Case: Ingests raw proteomic data, transforms to reduced genetic data, enables remote data acquisition Scientific Discovery Customer: Major Automotive Company Use Case: Ingests and normalizes sensor data with strict adherence to regulatory compliance, government standards, and policy control Automotive Customer: On-Vehicle Sensors Use Case: Measures remote data over RF in real time with multiple hardware sensors, embedded STM32, accelerometer, and GPS Telemetrics
    7. 7. 7 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Sergey Biryukov, Founder & President: Serial entrepreneur and angel investor with extensive experience in analytics technology and execution; has led research activities in Artificial Intelligence and has been the founder and lead executive of several computer equipment and software distribution companies; holds an M.S. in Mathematics from Moscow University Alex Varshavsky, Founder & CEO: Technical leader and engineer; has led user interface development and architecture for a variety of enterprise focused start-ups, including SAP, Retail Solutions, and Elastra; holds an M.S. in Geophysics from the Russian Geological Prospecting University Dale Russell, Chief Technical Officer: Over 20 years of front line applied engineering, operations, infrastructure, and delivery services management for major names such as America Online, Salesforce, SurfControl, and others Raj Kandasamy, V.P., Engineering: Over 15 years of engineering, technology landscapes, and real-time platforms from some of the world's largest and best brands, including America Online, Intuit, Netscape, and others; holds a B.E. in Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Engineering The Team Behind the Solution
    8. 8. 8 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. • Target Market: Ranging from communications, banking and finance, advertising, retail, automotive, science and medicine, resource extraction, regulatory compliance, policy control, and others • Target Customers: Companies that demand the speed of processing data from different sources (binary, textual, video) over 200К+ events per second • Market Size: Enterprise IT for large and medium companies Typically 1,000+ employees Projecting 30,000 to 40,000 organizations globally of this size, comprising a $50 billion market by 2016 Market
    9. 9. 9 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Steady growth in number of clients, size of agreements, and revenue Business Model 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Estimated size of the deal $400K $600K $700K $800K $1M No. of clients per year 5 18 45 70 85 Revenue (mm USD) $2 $10.8 $31.5 $56 $85 R&D Direct Sales Partnership Channels Technology Partners Integration Partners Prototype Testing Zone POCs • Telecom • Banking & Finance • Marketing & Retail • Others Industry-Specific Custom Modules
    10. 10. 10 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. Competitive Advantage Benefit Competition Talksum Advantage Real-time, stream-based processing • IBM InfoSphere Streams • Cost efficiency • Twitter Storm • Kafka (Apache) • S4 (Simple Scalable Streaming System • Turn-key solution (vs. open source tools that require developers) • Speed (over 10 billion events/day on a single device) Complex event processing • StreamBase • TIBCO • Progressive Software • Cost efficiency • Functionality • Simplicity Data integration • Informatica • Information Builders • Cost efficiency • Functionality
    11. 11. 11 Confidential Information of Talksum, Inc. • Investors: Goal to raise $5 million USD to hire new technical and sales personnel to create the Russian center for development and commercialization and ensure technology transfer; ready to secure investments through shareholding and possibly borrowing, both domestically and internationally • Industry Experts: Research institutions and commercial companies interested in developing infrastructure and task-specific solutions based on the Talksum platform or adding their own infrastructure with real-time capabilities • Partners: Systems integrators, sector-specific solution providers, and IT consultants interested in Talksum streaming technology • Direct Clients: International and domestic “pilot” clients from communications, banking and finance, automotive, government services, compliance, and other sectors What We Are Looking For