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Startup Pirates @Lisboa 2nd Edition - Event Report
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Startup Pirates @Lisboa 2nd Edition - Event Report


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Event Report of the 2nd Edition of Startup Pirates @Lisboa. …

Event Report of the 2nd Edition of Startup Pirates @Lisboa.
September 2012.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Event Report September 1st to 8th, 2012
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Index 3
  • 4. 4 What was Startup Pirates Lisboa? Startup Pirates Lisboa is an acceleration program for entrepreneurs “in the making”. During 8 days in Lisbon anyone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit is very welcome! It’s an experience where participants have the opportunity to pitch an idea and access the tools to develop it into a business until the final presentation in front of a fantastic jury panel. During the week of 1st to the 8th of september, our pirates had the opportunity to participate in workshops and talks about relevant topics, such as team building, strategic marketing, design thinking, business model canvas, personal branding, finance and pitch; speak one-to-one with experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and so much more…
  • 5. 5 Startup Pirates was developed to draw people away from their comfort zone and make them think outside the box. Our goal was being an incentive to boost entrepreneurship and creativity. This week was all about critical thinking, learning, creativity and making things happen.
  • 6. 6 (who really worked hard to make this edition even more memorable!!) The Almighty Captains Mantra Ana Claudia Davis Gouveia João RemondesHugo Tavares Lina Figueira Miguel Ferreira Rui Gil 1) Work with great people and you will end with great results. 2) Be true to yourself, to your team and to your project; 3) Don't loose the humbleness between the success; 4) Be open to learn new things, if you don't learn anything in the process you have just wasted your time. 5) Treat well your partners and include them in the event. 6) Have fun! If you aren't just leave the project. 7) Try always, however impossible it may seem, “no” is guaranteed. 8) Be focus but not to the point you can't embrace the moment. 9) Do not postpone a decision, as difficult as it may seem. 10) It is what it is!
  • 7. 7 Miguel Lemos Mariana Cordeiro (who really worked hard to make this edition even more memorable!!) The Almighty 1st Mates Awesome Photographer Awesome Logistics Support
  • 8. Program Workshops 8 Motivational Talks 2 Entrepreneur Talks 5 Ask the Mentor 6 Energizers 3 Attendance Participants 28 Mentors 28 Speakers 18 Staff 7 Sponsors/Partners Treasure Sponsors 2 Silver Sponsors 5 Bronze Sponsors 5 Main partners 4 Partners 37 Global Sponsors 3 Ideas & Teams Initial ideas piched 28 Selected Ideas / Teams 9 8
  • 9. Co-work space and incubation:  3 months at Startup Lisboa (1 team)  12 months at Tec Labs (1 team)  12 months at Labs Lisboa (1 team)  3 months at Cowork Lisboa (1 team)  SageStartUp Packages (4 teams)  Discount Voucher Odd School (1 team)  Special Trina Award – Logo, webhosting and landing page (1 team) 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 11 António Chanoca Carolina Enes Vasco Gaspar Carlos Mendes Sara Machado Hunter Halder Duarte D’Eça Leal João Vasconcelos Fernando Mendes Dey Dos Kristin Mendez Cristina Fonseca Fernando Neves Almeida Sandra Sick Carlos Silva Rui Quinta & Joana Mateus Penélope Abreu Vicenzo di Maria
  • 12. 12 João Alfaiate Nuno Rivotti Sónia Malaquias Pedro Santos Cristiano Martins Paula Arriscado Ana Saramago & Rute Novais Marta Miraldes Daniela Couto Pedro Falcão Anthony Douglas Pedro Mateus André Ribeirinho Atul Mulji Pedro Ludovice Nogueira Miguel Coelho André Luís
  • 13. 13 The average age was 26 years old. The youngest pirate was 18 and the most experienced one 39! & different backgrounds Management, Tourism, Cosmology, Medicine, Architecture Several Engineers like IT, Civil, Agricultural, Biomedical, Electronics and Aerospace. We had an amazing group of 28 Pirates, from 7 different countries… Portugal Norway The Philippines Spain Germany Romania Angola
  • 14. Ideas & Teams Winners! BuildBits A toy development that connects to tablet computers and introduces kids (and older kids...) to the basic concepts of programming. 14
  • 15. Ideas & Teams Winners! 15 Simpy A quick, high-quality usability testing via the internet to help you improve your website's user experience! The clients get test results with the same quality as full lab tests but in a fraction of the time & cost! We use readily available remote-conferencing and screen-sharing tools to achieve our goals!
  • 16. Ideas & Teams Winners! 16 TOM Startup Development of entrepreneurship programs for the Angolan market.
  • 17. KEACAM Personal flying camera that is smart enough to follow its owner while he is outdoor engaging in extreme sports or simply strolling around a picturesque location while on vacation. The system integrates the best technologies of a quad copter, video camera, and the mobile phone to provide easy and safe operation as well as allow one to quickly share videos or photos on social networks. 17
  • 18. 18 Back 2 (A)Live Bring back great concerts roadshow.
  • 19. Act on You. The team wants to make the world a better place. We want to address especially to children who are at the moment of formation of their consciousness. The vision of this project is to reach as many individuals as possible, addressing young children and elderly people, with different programs at the same time. 19
  • 20. 20 Lost and Found Platform that promotes activities for students in their gap year
  • 21. 21 StoreMeUp REAL-TIME NEWS ONLY FROM STORES YOU LIKE. Innovative web and mobile business-oriented technology, a faster and smarter platform for digital marketing, addressed to all shops and businesses, it closes a gap in the global market even daring to be disruptive in essence, publishing news and messages from any type/size commercial space to only those users that actually want to receive that information, maximizing the success of their communication strategies. We offer the easiest and affordable way to local businesses and costumers get closer.
  • 22. 22 Fio Free public internet for all.
  • 23. Padrão dos Descobrimentos 23
  • 24. 24 Startup Lisboa
  • 25. 25 Cowork Lisboa
  • 26. 26 UACS – União de Associações do Comércio e Serviços
  • 27. 27 Cinema São Jorge
  • 28. 28 Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes
  • 29. 29 Odd School Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa hotelaria-e-turismo-de-lisboa
  • 30. 30 A survey was sent to all 28 pirates, we asked them to rate the event, speakers and mentors. Scale used: 1 to 5 (1 -very dissatisfied to 5 - very satisfied) 4,76 4,64 4,72 4,8 4,63 4,8 4,52 4,88 Venue Programme Workshops Talks Mentors Food Length of the Event Pirate Crew Overall satisfaction with the event: 4,9
  • 31. What went well during the event? Opinions I think everything was awesome. Congratulations, everybody loved the event! Amazing organization, great opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. I honestly think everything was fantastic, the crew did an amazing job making sure everything ran smoothly and everyone was well accommodated. The workshops and talks taught me a lot and were truly "life changing". I wish the mentor talks were longer but we can't stretch time! I think that was a 5 star event! It was a life change experience at highest level! Overall the event went well, workshops were very educative, some mentors provided great feedback some didn't. The talks had amazing people and were really inspiring. Everything was perfect. The organization was cohesive and are to be congratulated. The food (SOOOOO GOOD!), the speakers, the crew! (the amazing crew!), come on guys, it was really amazing and unforgettable! Team was amazing, food was amazing and the workshops in general were very good. 31
  • 32. What could be improved in the next event? Suggestions References More work-session time to work on the ideas 5 Mentoring sessions time management 5 The process to select the ideas to be worked on 3 Could be longer… Like 3 months  1 Have showers for the energizers sessions 1 Make a web community platform 1 More time, maybe 2 weeks instead of one 1 32
  • 33. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reference: Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research. 33 96,0% NPS for Startup Pirates@Lisboa
  • 34. Blog / Website: Facebook / Photos: Twitter: 34
  • 35. 35  Talkdesk no Startup Pirates in Tagus Park, 11 September 2012  Nova edição Startup Pirates premeia jovens empreendedores in InfoFranchising, 7 September 2012  Aprender a ser um “pirata” do empreendedorismo em uma semana in Sapo Notícias, 6 September 2012  Sage Patrocina Startup Pirates @ Lisboa in Super Industria, 4 September 2012  Sage Patrocina Startup Pirates in Ciê, 3 September 2012  Sage Patrocína Startup Pirates in Câmara de Comércio Luso-Britânica, September 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa in Programa Estratégico para o Empreendedorismo e Inovação, August 2012  TriNa patrocina Startup Pirates in InfoFranchising, 28 August 2012  TriNa patrocina Startup Pirates in Shopping Spirit, 28 August 2012  TriNa patrocina Startup Pirates in, 28 August 2012  TriNa apoia projecto de startups in Meios & Publicidade, 27 August 2012  Odd School Patrocina Startup Pirates @ Lisboa In Humanet, 27 August 2012
  • 36. 36  Uma semana para desenvolver uma ideia de negócio In Boas Notícias, 22 August 2012  Start-up pirates em Lisboa In Zon Empresas, 20 August 2012  Para quê ser marinheiro quando se pode ser pirata? In Nesta Magazine, 15 August 2012  Projeto Startup Pirates comemora um ano a mostrar como começar uma empresa In Expresso, 15 August 2012  Aprender a criar uma empresa numa semana in Sol, 15 August 2012  Empreendedorismo: Projecto Startup Pirates comemora um ano a mostrar como começar uma empresa In Visão, 15 August 2012  Startup Pirates@Lisboa:a aventura de criar o próprio negócio In P3 Público, 13 August 2012  Odd School patrocina 2ª edição do Startup Pirates@Lisboa In Universia, 8 August 2012  GALILEU associa-se ao evento Startup Pirates In HR Portugal, 8 August 2012  GALILEU associa-se ao evento Startup Pirates @ Lisboa In Ciência PT, 7 August 2012  Startup Pirates Lisboa In Instituto Superior Técnico, August 2012
  • 37. 37  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa In Social Innovation Europe, August 2012  Startup Pirates Lisboa In Agenda Cultural CML, July 2012  Divulgação:Startup Pirates Lisboa In NEIIST, 27 July 2012  Startup Pirates Lisboa in Foundum, 11 July 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa – Be Brave, Be Crazy, Be a Pirate! In Portugalnews, 11 July 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa (2ª edição) in LAGE2, 10 July 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa – Be Brave, Be Crazy, Be a Pirate! In Clube Criativos Portugal, 5 July 2012  Empreendedorismo para pessoas espectaculares in Fundação da Juventude, June 2012  Start up Pirates in Um Pastel de Belém, 27 June 2012  Piratas voltam a invadir Lisboa In Canal Superior, 26 June 2012
  • 38. 38  Startup Pirates In The Next Big Idea, June 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa, Be Brave, Be Crazy, Be a Pirate In Blog Universia, 26 June 2012  SWITCH a promover o ecossistema In Active Media, 21 June 2012  I was shocked-shocked- to find out there are tech startups in Portugal In The Next Web, 17 June 2012  Startup Pirates @ Lisboa In Rua de Baixo, June 2012  Movimento internacional de origem portuguesa - Startup Pirates In Portugal Global, June 2012  Piratas voltam a invadir Lisboa In Canal Superior, May 2012
  • 39. Sponsors 39
  • 40. Treasure Sponsors RESUL was founded in 1982 and it is now a creative and imaginative company that researches, develops, produces and proposes equipment solutions for energy transport and distribution (gas and electricity), telecommunication networks, public lighting, water networks, central heating systems and also solutions for renewable energies (thermal and photovoltaic). 40
  • 41. Treasure Sponsors 41
  • 42. Silver Coin Sponsors 42
  • 43. Bronze Coin Sponsors 43
  • 44. Main Partners 44
  • 45. Partners I 45
  • 46. Partners II Media Partners 46
  • 47. Global Sponsors 47
  • 48. Thank you all!! contact us if you have any questions