In n o v a t io n is a t e a m s p o r t
TEAM     C   RE A TI                ON
Buddy Teams              Te a m A +              B, C +D…
What’s your …2 types of kryptonite?  2 super powers?
2 team creation
2 team creation
2 team creation
2 team creation
2 team creation
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2 team creation


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  • It ’ s now time to form the teams you ’ re going to work in during the camp. In any good team there has to be good combination of different skillset.  
  • Nobody accomplishes success by themselves! This is very important to remember, cause if you start being too obsessed with your own ideas you will most like fail. Innovation is a team sport and it is crucial to have a great team with different skill sets and different world views. By having a diverse team you can complement each others skills and build on each others’ ideas in a great way..
  • To ensure the right diversity in the teams we will now introduce three core entrepreneurial types. The Techie, the designer and the business person. While I go through the three types you should think about which one of the types you can identify with.. You should not necessarily choose the type that refers directly to your educational background – choose the type that you feel closest to.
  • *read the slide and explain about this type
  • *read the slide and explain about this type
  • *read the slide and explain about this type
  • It is now time for you to choose one of these three types that you identify with the most. We all have all three types in us, but for now you have to choose just one. REMEMBER to not necessarily choose the type that directly refers to your education – you can easily be a business minded engineer or a design-thinking business person.. When you have chosen your type, you come down here and pick a colored posted that matches this type. *have three different colored sticky-notes in three corner of the room.. Tell the students to stay in the corner that matches their type.. When all students have chosen their type you can start creating the teams. Aim to create teams of 5-6 people per team, 60 students = 10 teams. Make sure there is diversity in all teams – all three types should be represented in every team.
  • Buddy teams – all teams will be assigned a buddy team, after each stage teams will present their findings to their buddy team,they should be given exactly 3 minutes to present before switching. The teams are paired up like team 1+2 are buddies, team 3+4 etc … we will back to this later in the user stage..
  • Okay now it’s time for you to get to know each other a little better.. When you work as a team it is crucial that you have a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are now going to do a quick energizer/teambuilding exercise called the movie trailer of your life! Find your team mates and stand in a circle (each team form a circle) so you can all se each other. Now you will each have exactly one minute to tell your life story from the day your were born to this very moment where we stand here today. When you are all done you can take a second round where to tell the team about the 2 main skills/competences (superpowers) you are bringing to the team + your two biggest weaknesses when it comes to teamwork (kryptonite) - by sharing these strengths and weaknesses you can really improve your team collaboration. *the facilitator takes time (1 minute count down, let them know when there are 30 seconds left and 5 seconds left) good idea to use a big count down timer like: Find a team captain who lead the process to begin with *you can take turns..
  • 2 team creation

    1. 1. In n o v a t io n is a t e a m s p o r t
    2. 2. TEAM C RE A TI ON
    3. 3. Buddy Teams Te a m A + B, C +D…
    4. 4. What’s your …2 types of kryptonite? 2 super powers?