8 Tips to Turn your Internship into a Permanent Position


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Internships come in various shapes and sizes, some are excellent learning opportunities and others end up with you doing the coffee run every day however, when you do end up in an internship you enjoy; how do you make sure it becomes a permanent job you enjoy? While these tips won’t necessarily guarantee you a permanent position, they will definitely help.

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8 Tips to Turn your Internship into a Permanent Position

  1. 8 Tips to Turn your Internship into a Permanent Position
  2. 1. Put your Back in to it • Complete even easy tasks to a high standard. Don’t rush - often leads to mistakes being made • Proofread and double, or even triple check
  3. 2. Big Brother is Watching • Always be respectful and friendly to colleagues • Don’t sit twiddling your thumbs – ask for more work • Willingness to work and help colleagues will not go unnoticed.
  4. 3. Be Positive and Eager to Learn • A positive attitude goes a long way to impressing the people around you. • Don’t refuse tasks • Ask for help and show your eagerness to learn new skills. • Be curious of how the company works and the tasks you are asked to do • Smile
  5. 4. Contribute • Thoroughly research the topic or client before meetings • Prepare questions or suggestions that you can bring up during the meeting • Think of ways the company can improve to bemore efficient or profitable. • Let your supervisor know of niches in the market that could be taken advantage of
  6. 5. Track your Achievements • Keep a record of work you have done and any achievements you have attained e.g. introducing new clients to the company, delivering successful presentations etc.
  7. 6. Be a Team Player • Get to know your co-workers and socialise with them both in and outside work. • Ask a colleague to act as your mentor • Offer to help when it looks like your colleagues need an extra pair of hands
  8. 7. Feedback is a Two Way Street • Arrange monthly meetings with your supervisor • Talk about what you have been working on, things you have been doing well and areas in which you can improve. • Opportunity to express your interest in working on certain projects or within certain areas of the company
  9. 8. Don't be Shy • Ask your supervisor if there are any job opportunities for you • Ask a couple of weeks before your internship end date is the best time.
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