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10 Tips for a Successful CV
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10 Tips for a Successful CV


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Doing an internship while studying at a university is basically a no-brainer: According to a new study by Millennial Branding and Experience Inc., 91% of employers think students should have at least …

Doing an internship while studying at a university is basically a no-brainer: According to a new study by Millennial Branding and Experience Inc., 91% of employers think students should have at least one or two internships before they graduate.However, the big question is: how do you get the most out of your internship, so that you not only get an interesting note in your CV, but gain work experience that help you finding a job later? Here are a few tips to rock rock your internship

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  • 1. 10 Tips for a Successful CV
  • 2. 1. Things to include - contact details - education - relevant professional experience (most recent/most relevant first) - key skills Optional sections include:- - personal statement - reference list - interests - achievements and hobbies No more than 2 pages
  • 3. -Your email address is the first thing your potential employer sees doesn’t read well for your reliability, while reads as spam - Use your full name or your university email account 2. won’t get you a job
  • 4. - Good for creative industries - Remember, HR spend less than 30 seconds reading a resume. If the information is too difficult to decipher they won’t even look for it 3. Creative CV’s?
  • 5. -Make use of headings and separate information into different sections - Contact information first - Make sure education and work experience is easy to find and read - Include only your relevant work experience - The same applies to education: Tertiary education comes first (don’t need to write specific grades) - Skills can be included under work experience or in their own section 4. Make it clear
  • 6. - Don’t write an essay - Use bullet points - Highlight skills based on what’s asked for in the job description - Specific skills examples can be written about in the cover letter - Full sentences are not compulsory 5. Be concise
  • 7. -Use standard fonts eg. Ariel - Keep the font consistent throughout - Don’t use fancy borders - Multi-coloured is not attractive or easy to read - Do NOT include emoticons or text speak 6. Style
  • 8. This is where you sell yourself and your skills. Make sure to mention:- -How you can contribute to the company - Key skills and how you’ve used them in the past - Don’t reiterate your CV - No longer than 1 page - Thank them for their time 7. Write a cover letter
  • 9. -Use a different CV for each job you apply for - Highlight skills from the job description - Update your CV regularly – include new education or work experience as well as certificates and awards - Easier to keep your CV constantly updated than to create a whole new CV every time you look for a new job 8. Tailor and Update
  • 10. - Check the formatting, make sure spacing, fonts and text sizes are consistent - Proof read – check for spelling and grammar mistakes - Save in PDF format with an appropriate name 9. Polish, proof and PDF
  • 11. -Keep your social media up to date with work and education experience - Make sure anything you don’t want employers to see is either locked down or deleted - Keep all social media accounts consistent - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are most commonly checked. 10. That’s not all folks!
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