ReStart 2013 - StartupCamp Bratislava #35


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ReStart 2013 - StartupCamp Bratislava #35

  1. 1. What is ReStart Slovakia • Author of Project ReStart is organization TechSoup Global. an American non-profit • In Slovakia, project ReStart is organized by Centre for Philantrophy • The project is for those people, who can solve offline problems in society by online ways. • The aim of the project is to connect active people with IT community, businesses and NGOs and promote as many online solutions that initiate social change. • Applications for web and mobile will serve to citizens and it will help to solve problems faced by citizens through constructive and non-aggressive manner
  2. 2. Why ReStart Slovakia? The aim of project is to help civil society activists and social innovators to use technology to form a more open society, improving the quality of life of residents and creating a stronger country and its economy. Technical solutions Social change 3 best projects will receive a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros per start. The output of the project will be at least 3 functional solutions.
  3. 3. ReŠtart Slovensko 2012 • 37 ideas submitted on the competition platform • More than 50 articles, press releases and blogs in the media, including on article. • 36 programmers, marketers, graphic designers and other volunteers helped in the development and creation of applications • 7 beta versions of the projects created during the weekend meeting called Hackathon • All 7 projects are implemented.
  4. 4. The best 3 project – ReStart Slovakia 2012 • UniValue This is a transparent online survey about the quality of Slovak universities. The aim of the project is that within 5 years every university will have an electronic evaluation system which will increase the quality of higher education. • Open Courts The aim is to change the access to information about the Slovak judiciary. Project aims to offer better, faster and easier searching methods for public to get the information about courts, judges and hearings. Statistics of this information will show how effective Slovak courts operate. Also, the aim is to increase public awareness of the judiciary. • I park like a moron - mobile application The aim is to improve the functionality of the project “I park like a moron” through the mobile application. Currently there is a problem with adding pictures to the web via email. With the mobile localization system pictures taken could be uploaded directly to the web. What should help authorities to act more flexible against the public space violators?
  5. 5. ReStart Slovakia 2013 – What’s new? • Project ReStart 2013 is realized thanks to support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through Program Active citizenship and inclusion, which realizes Foundation Ekopolis in cooperation with the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia and SOCIA – Foundation for social change. • The project is under the auspices of the Digital leader of Slovakia, Peter Pellegrini. • The competition runs on the new online platform
  6. 6. How will it work? Teasing on social networks, Kick off meetings and media campaign Collecting Ideas on the online platform, Voting – 1st round Winners Announcement, presentation of beta versions of projects on Gala event The Jury choose 10 projects from 20 at least. These finalists will go to a Hackathon Voting (2nd round) for the best projects on the platform and through mobile application
  7. 7. Timetable Launch competition Voting – 1st round Kick off meetings: 23.9. 2013 Bratislava – Ţilina – Košice – Collecting Ideas on the online platform until Choosing finalists Voting – 2nd round 23.9. 2013 25.9.2013 27.9. 2013 22.10.2013 30.10.2013 from 4.11.2013 Hackathon 15.-17.11. 2013 Ţilina Winners Announcement Gala event december 2013
  8. 8. Registration is simple
  9. 9. Help project teams At the end of the project form you can find area, where you can tick, who would you need as help with your project.
  10. 10. Voting 1st Public voting starts with the competition 23.9.2013 Based on the number of votes received and the recommendation of administrators, half of the registered projects (at least 20), will be presented to The Jury, which will choose 10 best projects. 10 finalists will attend The Hackathon and at the same time, from the 4th of november, they register projects on the giving portal Ludia Ludom, where they will fundraise for their projects. 2 Public voting started 4.11.2013 Voting will be running like: - Clasic vote (1 vote) - Donation (2 votes) – at least 1 Euro from individual donor Voting continues in the Gala - via a mobile app
  11. 11. Criteria 1. Relevance of the project to the declared themes 2. The proposed solution is feasible from a technical point 3. The project has the potential to initiate social change and mobilize citizens 4. The project has the potential to get associates, investors, sponsors, donors 5. Innovative solution (idea don’t have to be entirely new or untested, if it brings innovative solutions) 6. Pervasiveness, the project won’t serve to a small group of people 7. Number of votes obtained in 1st voting and communication of project on the platform and social networks.
  12. 12. ReStart Topics 2013 1. public space (eg, projects, environment ...) localization, maps, community 2. transparency (eg, open data, open governance, linking registers, access to information, conflict of interest, ratings and reviews ...) 3. Anti-corruption (eg in the judiciary, health care, government) 4. Effective management (eg public money wasting, communication with citizens, flexibility of offices, open governance ...) 5. the rule of law (eg, access to justice, rule of law, respect for standards, rules and laws ...) 6. NEW TOPIC this year! equality and tolerance (eg help to socially excluded groups, development of minorities in Slovakia, contributing to equal opportunities, combating sexual violence against women and trafficking in human beings, damping speeches inciting hatred - "Hate
  13. 13. How can I join? VOLUNTEERING Promote competition among your staff and partners and allow them to participate in the project as volunteers. Create IT and communications teams. COACHING Support winning teams in the toughest early stage and help them start their start-ups by professional consultancy and training skills.
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