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Startup Toolbox by StartupBashBD

Startup Toolbox by StartupBashBD



“Startup Toolbox” is about sharing the tools that entrepreneurs can use to build and grow their business. This session is focused on digital tools that provide leverage over traditional methods ...

“Startup Toolbox” is about sharing the tools that entrepreneurs can use to build and grow their business. This session is focused on digital tools that provide leverage over traditional methods and help entrepreneurs make the most of their limited resources. It is a practitioner-level event focused on specific tools rather than broader theory

This event was held at NewsCred's office in Dhaka, Bangladesh on November 19, 2013



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    Startup Toolbox by StartupBashBD Startup Toolbox by StartupBashBD Presentation Transcript

    • presents   STARTUP  TOOLBOX   NewsCred  HQ  |  November  19,  2013  |Banani,  Dhaka  
    • LET’S  DO  THE  WAVE!  
    • Agenda   Welcome  &  Overview  of  Startup  Tools   Nash  Islam,  CEO,  G&R  Ad  Network     Akhoni.com  –  A  Journey  Towards  E-­‐Commerce  RevoluNon   Shameem  Ahsan,  CEO,  Akhoni.com     Product  Management  &  Project  Management   Milon  Nazimudduala,  Chief  Product  Officer,  G&R  Ad  Network     Social  Media  &  Easy  MarkeNng   Riyad  Husain,  CEO,  Magnito  Digital     How  to  Be  Found:  The  Art  &  Science  of  SEO   Al-­‐Amin  Kabir,  CEO,  DevsTeam     Succeed  with  BizSpark  &  Visual  Studio   Tanzim  Saqib,  Developer  &  PlaVorm  Evangelist,  MicrosoW       Community  Panel  Discussion  
    • Welcome     &  Overview  of  Startup  Tools   Nash  Islam   CEO,  G&R  Ad  Network  
    • What’s  Happening  This  Week   Mon,  Nov  17   StartupBashBD  Kick-­‐off     Fri,  Nov  21   Must  Have  Skills  –  Part  1     Tues,  Nov  18   Startup  Toolbox     Sat,  Nov  22   Must  Have  Skills  –  Part  2     Wed,  Nov  19   Investors  &  OpportuniNes     Sat,  Nov  23   The  Entrepreneurial   Community  Effect   NewsCred  office,  Banani,  Dhaka   NewsCred  office,  Banani,  Dhaka   NewsCred  office,  Banani,  Dhaka   Thurs,  Nov  20   Technology  &  Social  Good     EMK  Center,  Dhanmondi,  Dhaka   EMK  Center,  Dhanmondi,  Dhaka   EMK  Center,  Dhanmondi,  Dhaka     Bri[sh  High  Commissioner’s  Residence,  Baridhara,  Dhaka  
    • Startup  Toolbox  is  about  sharing  the  tools   that  entrepreneurs  can  use  to  build  and   grow  their  business.       This  session  is  focused  on  digital  tools  that   provide  leverage  over  tradi[onal  methods   and  help  entrepreneurs  make  the  most  of   their  limited  resources.  
    • ASK  a  quesNon     WIN  a  prize!  
    • Share  on  Social  Media!!     Post  pics  &  tag  others     #startupbashBD   #GEW2013  
    • Startup  Tools:   Get  Sh*t  Done!  
    • Get Deeper with the Obvious
    • Do It Yourself
    • Manage Projects
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Collaborate Online
    • Note Taking
    • Case Study: GBG  Dhaka’s  Tools:  
    • GDrive
    • GDocs
    • Forms & Spreadsheets
    • Forms & Spreadsheets
    • Mailchimp
    • Mailchimp
    • Mailchimp
    • Mailchimp
    • Slideshare
    • GBG Blog
    • GBG Blog
    • Dropbox
    • Akhoni.com  :   A  Journey  Towards     E-­‐Commerce  RevoluNon   Shameem  Ahsan   CEO,  Akhoni.com  
    • A Journey Towards eCommerce Revolution 32
    • National Data supports significant eCommerce growth Disposable Personal Income: 21.5% growth in last 5 years Bangladesh GDP: Annual change +6.32 (2012) 140 Thousand Dollar Billion Dollar 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 400 380 360 340 320 300 280 260 240 220 200 Year Mobile Phone Users: 217% growth in last 5 years 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Consumer Spending: 70% growth in last 5 years million Billion Dollar 100 80 60 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Population Mobile Phone Users 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 NB: Data source World Bank 33
    • Internet users in Bangladesh: 210% growth Facebook Users: 175% growth in last 8 months Internet users: 210% growth in last 3 years 12,000,000 6,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 8,000,000 4,000,000 3,000,000 6,000,000 2,000,000 4,000,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2010 §  Facebook users in Bangladesh: 5.60 million §  3G service is becoming a boom for ecommerce. §  Internet subscription charge is going down §  Sep, 2013 Total Internet subscribers : 35 million (June, 2013, According to BTRC) §  2012 Mobile subscribers : 106.934 million (July, 2013, According to BTRC) §  2011 low cost smart phones are widely available. 34
    • Electronic Money Transactions 3.1million debit/credit card holders in Bangladesh 1.9 million debit cards 1.2 million credit cards USD 764.33 million POS transactions in 2012 13 million bank accounts in 2012 35
    • Market Size Bangladesh GDP Forecast* Bangladesh GDP: According to McKinsey: By 2015: Internet contribution to GDP in aspiring countries will be 3.3% 150 145 Billion Dollar 2012: $ 115.609 billion 2015: $ 137.692 billion 140 135 130 GDP Growth 125 120 115 110 2012 Hence in Bangladesh by 2020: Internet contribution to GDP will be $ 4.544 Billion (assuming additional 5 years needed than aspiring countries) 2013 2014 2015 2016 * @ 6% growth According to MasterCard Bangladesh Our eCommerce growth rate is 40% than previous year and our eCommerce market opportunity is $20 billion. 36
    • Akhoni.com is the pioneer and ecommerce industry leader in Bangladesh Akhoni.com Vision To become number one consumer internet brand of Bangladesh How Akhoni.com Works Akhoni.com Mission We increase sales of our merchants and create wonderful buying experience for the consumers. We create happiness for our merchants and consumers. Target Customers Our most targeted customers are young working professionals and university going youths. Existing Verticals Our target verticals are Fashion, Electronics, Beauty, Health, Book, Home and Kitchen, Gift Item, Fragrance. 37
    • Web Visitors Trend 38
    • Customer KPIs Member database growth Members sign in counts Paid members growth Paid orders 39
    • Transaction Volume increased 100% Transaction volume increased c. 100% between Jan and Jul 2013 40
    • Facebook Growth: +10K likes each month Last 3 months: June-August, 2013 41
    • Some Successful Offers Football match tickets We have sold thousands of tickets over night. 8K pageviews of the deal. BDT 1.5 million transaction in a day. T-shirt Sales Mango Festival Online People were so excited to have garden fresh mangoes delivered to their doors. 42 thousand KG mango sold in few days. Gym Membership Over 1000 t-shirts sold in a short campaign BDT 2 million transaction in a week. 42
    • Akhoni.com Achievements ü  Akhoni.com is the most visited eCommerce website in Bangladesh ü  According to Alexa, Akhoni.com is in top 50 most visited Bangladeshi website from Bangladesh ü  According to SocialBakers.com report, Akhoni.com is one of the top 10 most popular brand page on facebook in Bangladesh ü  We have 287,000 fans on our facebook page ü  We are getting 370K page-views in our website every month. ü  According to Red Herring, Akhoni.com is in the top 200 emerging startups in Asia 43
    • Thank  you   44
    • Product  Management     &  Project  Management   Milon  Nazimudduala   Chief  Product  Officer   G&R  Ad  Network  
    • www.green-red.com product management project management &
    • Muhammad Nazimuddaula Chief Product Officer, G&R milon@gandr.com.bd 1982: Born in Rangpur 2001: Started BFA at DU 2003: Started career as an Animator 2004: Designer at Advertising 2005: Web Graphic Designer 2008: Started MFA at DU 2010: Co-founded G&R
    • sales mark users et busin ess profit product management investm ent v fun s. motiv d priorit valu project e management goa l plan organiz e timeli ne object uniqu e y ate contr optimi ze ol
    • product management v s. project management
    • there is no good in reinventing the wheel most of the resources you’re looking for are available, you just have to find it 0 1
    • Murphy is right, may be you’re not it happens most of the time in launching a new feature – some issues arise which were never expected 02
    • its never too late to do the right thing the definition of web is changing everyday. no matter how much cost was involved, Microsoft had to shutdown ie6 03
    • www.green-red.com any question ?
    • www.green-red.com thanks J
    • Social  Media     &  Easy  MarkeNng   Riyad  Husain   CEO,  Magnito  Digital  
    • Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • The world has changed Contents 4 billion hours of YouTube Videos watched every month 100 billion searches everyday 30 trillion unique URLs in the web 1.5 million Android activations per day Source : presentation by Bridgette Beam at Google Search Summit 2013 @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents EST. 2013! @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents How?!   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents    SOCIAL  MEDIA     &  EASY  MARKETING     Riyad  Husain   CEO,  Magnito  Digital   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Leveraging   Contents social  media  to  market  your  startup       §  §  §  §  §  Digital  Presence   Drive  Contents   Manage  your  PR   Community  Engagement   Useful  Tools   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Digital  Presence   Contents Channels     Facebook   Twiber   G+   LinkedIn   YouTube   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Digital  Presence   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Digital  Presence   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Drive  Contents  -­‐  Be  a  thought  leader   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Drive  Contents  -­‐  Be  Social!   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Drive  Contents  –  Do  Campaigns!   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Drive  Contents  –  Do  Campaigns!   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Manage   Contentsyour  PR     Track Archive Share @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Community   Contents Engagement  -­‐  Partnerships     Partner Venue partner in over 3 events Digital partner Digital partner in TEDx Dhaka 2013 event Digital partner in pitch2win competition Sponsor @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING   Digital partner in Dell Social Innovation Challenge
    • Community   Contents Engagement  -­‐  Partnerships     @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Community   Contents Engagement  -­‐  Sponsorships     @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Community   Contents Engagement  -­‐  Events     @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Useful  Tools  –  Facebook  Page  Manager   Contents   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Useful  Tools  –  Link  Facebook  &  Twiber  Account   Contents   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Useful  Tools  –  Hashtags   Contents   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Useful  Tools  –  Shortlinks   Contents   @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Useful  Tools  –  Google  Alerts   Contents @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Contents RESULT? @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • Thanks! Contents riyadhusain@gmail.com n adhusai riy .com/in/ linkedin /magni todigita l @riyadhusain @riyadhusain                                                                                      SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  EASY  MARKETING  
    • 15  min  break!   Eat  some  chips  J  
    • How  to  Be  Found:   The  Art  &  Science  of  SEO   Al-­‐Amin  Kabir   CEO,  DevsTeam  
    • The Search Fact •  Every minute, Google receive 20,00,000 search queries! •  61% of Global Internet Users research products online! •  60% of all organic traffic goes to top 3 result and 75% of users never visit second page!
    • How to Be Found: The Art & Science of SEO
    • Let me introduce myself! Al-Amin Kabir Internet Marketing Strategist Managing Director at DevsTeam Limited fb.com/iamalamin @iamalamin alamin@devsteam.com
    • How Google rank a site? The Google Ranking Procedures are similar to the procedures of traditional Bengali Marriage! • Bride First! • Reputation
    • Making Your Site Smart! •  Clean Permalink •  Post Detailed Content •  Use of Social Sharing Buttons •  Focus Keywords on Content •  Use Outbound Links •  Multimedia Files •  Easy Navigation
    • Using Wordpress? You’re 80% of the Way There “(Wordpress)  is  a  fantas[c  piece  of  soWware,  it   makes  your  site  easily  crawlable  by  search  engines,   solves  some  80-­‐90%  of  mechanics  of  SEO  and  is  the   first  big  step  anyone  can  take  towards  crea[ng  a   popular  online  business.”   Other  SEO  friendly   CMS  -­‐>  
    • Great Content + SEO + Social Really Works. Great Content + SEO Friendly + Social Sharing + Link Building = Higher Rankings More Followers More Readers = Virtuous Cycle of Inbound Marketing! More Influence
    • Op[mize  Social  Profiles   Traffic | Backlinks
    • You  Must  Have  A  Blog!   •  Companies  blog   more  than  20  post   per  month  receive   5x  more  traffic   than  companies   blog  less  than  4   per  month!  
    • Build Links!
    • Q/A Session Any Question? Ask me! Get in touch with me! Email: alamin@devsteam.com Web: www.devsteam.com
    • Thank You J
    • Succeed  with  BizSpark  &   Visual  Studio   Tanzim  Saqib   Developer  &  PlaVorm  Evangelist   MicrosoW  
    • A New Era of Modern Apps New value Personal & contextual Always connected Always accessible Data intensive Always evolving
    • Modern Apps need a Modern Lifecycle
    • Continuous value delivery
    • •  Actionable feedback •  Exploratory testing •  Requirements management •  Acceptance criteria definition •  Developer testing •  Build automation •  Actionable diagnostics •  Test planning and management •  Test execution and defect reporting •  Lab management •  Production monitoring •  Integrated incident management Quality metrics and reporting Role tailored tools Work item tracking SCM Build automation Test lab management Test execution services Build engines Lab infrastructure Test recorders and runners Extensibility interfaces Deployment automation Reporting and BI
    • A day with TFS
    • BizSpark – a Global Program for Startups Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that provides free software, support and visibility to help startups succeed. Over 50K startups have joined BizSpark in 100+ countries. The three year program is free of charge and gives startups: Eligibility To qualify, startups must be: ›  ›  ›  Software • Three year access to current, full-featured 900 titles of software development tools •  $150 of monthly Windows Azure benefits to quickly build, deploy and manage web applications 100+ Countries Support Visibility • Professional technical and • Profile, Offers and Events product support • A connection to the • Unique and valuable offers BizSpark ecosystem, from the BizSpark Network giving startups access to Partners to help run your investors, advisors and business mentors • Two free MSDN Support Incidents. Developing Software Privately held and generating less than U.S. $1M in revenue per year Less than 5 years old Access to featured Microsoft Technologies: • Opportunities to achieve marketing visibility 50K Startups http://bizspark.com 3
    • Anyway, final words…
    • Community  Panel  Discussion   Panelists:   Saddam  Azad,  CEO,  DugDugi   Mashrur  Hannan,  Founder,  Bonolota  Designs   Cal  Jahan,  Curator,  Dhaka  MOOC  Exchange   Farzana  Chowdhury,  Co-­‐Founder,  GradConnect    
    • Name  one  tool  you  use  on  a   daily  basis  
    • Do  you  use  any  tools  to  stay   organized?  
    • What  are  your  favorite  cloud   tools?  
    • What  tools  do  you  use  to   communicate  with  your   team?  
    • Thank  you!   NewsCred  HQ  |  November  19,  2013  |Banani,  Dhaka