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April 2013 StartUp Health Insights Funding Report


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See StartUp Health Insights ( for the most comprehensive digital health funding database. Apply to StartUp Health Academy here: …

See StartUp Health Insights ( for the most comprehensive digital health funding database. Apply to StartUp Health Academy here:

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  • 1. Prepared by:Brian T. Edwards, Health Insights & Research FellowRon Golan, Healthcare Transformer FellowTanner Yager, StartUp Health AnalystInsights™Funding ReportApril 2013startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health
  • 2. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportApril 2013Insights Monthly StatsApr 2013, 67 Deals:Apr 2012, 14 Deals:2013 YTD, 202 Deals:50 Known InvestorsMonthly Funding, Rolling 12-monthsTop 5 DealsStartUp Investor Round Amt DescriptionBlue Health Intelligence Series B $36MWorldOne Series D $35MWatermark Medical Series C $32MRainDance Technologies Series E $20MWelltok Series B $19MDisclosures:Information, data, and figures are representative of publicly available data.$64.04M• The Sensor sector is thriving. Watermark Medicalreceived $32.2M in funding to commercialize and scaletheir at-home sleep study technology.• Four accelerators announced new classes distinctlyfocused on Digital Health. Most notably StartUp Health& GEs Consumer Health Program has officially kicked-off, as well newcomers Health Wildcatters, based inDallas.• HealthSpot led the way for Telehealth funding with a$10.4M Series C round in a fast growing sector.• Top 3 Sectors: Sensors, Analytics, &Personal HealthSocial health platformTech toolmaker for genetic researchQuaker Partners, Mohr DavidowVentures, Alloy Ventures, ArcadiaWood Partners, Sectoral AssetManagementNew Enterprise Associates,Emergence Capital Partners,InterWest PartnersUndisclosed InvestorsBig data and analytics for all thingshealthcareHealthcare market research platformHome sleep monitoring platform,wearable, & softwareDeerfield CapitalUndisclosed Investors$918.71M$322.72M$0M$120M$240M$360MMay Jul Sep Nov Jan Marstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Executive Summary , Page 2
  • 3. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportApril 2013Trends & InsightsAccelerators, Incubators and Academies Spur Early Stage GrowthSensors and Mobile HealthSignificant growth investments were made in developers of sensors.Watermark Medical raised $32.2M to commercialize and scale their at-home sleep study technology.mc10 closed an $18.15M Series C to support the predicted growth following the recent launch of their firstconsumer sensor product in a partnership with Reebok. The device will help amateur athletes and coachesquickly identify players who have been subjected to high risk of concussion during a sporting event.Sense4Baby, which recently spun out of the research efforts at West Health Institute, has hired a new CEO andraised $4M in Series A funding from the West Health Investment Fund.There was a lot of new activity in the rapidly growing early stage digital health market during April.Startup Health Academy announced its new class of Healthcare Transformers in partnership with GEHealthymagination. Thirteen companies were selected to participate in StartUp Healths 3-yearentrepreneurship program. A sign that the digital health sector is growing globally as well as in the US, morethan 400 companies from 22 countries applied for the program and represent a broad spectrum of innovationranging from aging, health sensors, patient engagement, mobile health, care coordination, big data, analyticsand diagnostics among many other sectors.DreamIt Health launches the first digital health accelerator in Philadelphia with an inaugural class of tencompanies.HealthBox Boston unveiled their second class of companies which was predominately companies focused onthe 50Plus patient demographic. HealthBox also announced a fourth location for the program in Jacksonville, FLand opened applications for its second Chicago class following a full year away from their home city.A group of physicians in Dallas has launched a new digital health accelerator called Health Wildcatters. Thegroup has raised $1M from approximately 30 investors and will provide companies with $35K in exchange for 8percent equity. It will welcome the first 15 startups to their 12-week program in August.startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Trends & Insights , Page 3
  • 4. Trends & InsightsTelemedicineSeveral large telemedicine deals were closed this month. HealthSpot, which hopes to replace the primary caredoctor with pharmacy-based kiosks that connect to remote physicians. PresenceLearning provides tele-therapyfor speech pathologists. Remote Medicine specializes in providing telemedicine to rural, isolated patients.startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Trends & Insights , Page 4
  • 5. Trends & InsightsStartUp Health & GE Selection of 13 Consumer Health CompaniesArpeggiAver InformaticsCare at HandCaremergeCeroraDoctor.comGetHealthGoGoHealthIntelligentMitMDClinical protocol software that uses intelligent diagnosis algorithms to gather symptoms and health history datathat provides a complete view of a patient’s history.A revolutionary Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement Solution for healthcare facilities.A cloud-based medical image sharing company that enables the on-demand exchange of medical imagingA technology platform which transforms those observations into predictive alerts to supervising nurses for earlydisease detection and improved outcomes.The Caremerge mobile/web apps allow care providers, families, caregivers and patients to access andexchange key information to facilitate efficiency and timely care decisions.A portable, objective, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tool that assess brain function and assists in patientdecision making for neurologic and neuropsychiatric conditions.At the core of’s platform is a proprietary database of more than 2.5 million healthcare providers thatis updated hundreds of times every day. Driving these updates are the thousands of hospitals and medicalpractices that actively use the platform to showcase their unique services and connect with newpatients.A mobile and online platform which increases employee engagement in workplace wellness programs. Usersdescribe the platform as the "Foursquare for Health."A cutting-edge and versatile technology for high-speed analysis of next-generation genomic sequencing data.A modern, social, big data platform with patent-pending technology that helps health organizations leveragetheir enterprise data without needing teams of analysts, technologists and data scientists.startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Trends & Insights , Page 5
  • 6. Trends & InsightsStartUp Health & GE Selection of 13 Consumer Health CompaniesOxitone MedicalTalkSessionWalkJoyDelivers precise measurement, convenience and ease of use—resulting in a paradigm shift in gait lab analysisand ongoing patient care and monitoring for most of the adult patient population.The world’s first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe, enabling comfortable, remote and continuousmonitoring of blood oxygen level, pulse rate, beat-to-beat variation and activity out of the hospital environmentanywhere, anytime throughout day and night.An online platform which allows patients to find relevant mental health professionals and equips thoseprofessionals with tools to enhance the quality of care delivered and improve treatment outcomes.startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Trends & Insights , Page 6
  • 7. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportApril 2013Funding by StartUpStartups (67) Funding Round Current MonthTotal Funding byStartUpApril 2013 Total $322.72MBlue Health Intelligence Series B $35.54M $63.54MWorldOne Series D $35.00M $35.00MWatermark Medical Series C $32.19M $69.19MRainDance Technologies Series E $20.00M $63.50MWelltok Series B $18.70M $25.83MMC10 Series D $18.15M $40.60MiRhythm Technologies, Inc. Series D $15.11M $53.79MLifeImage Series C $15.00M $43.80MTreato Series A $14.50M $14.50MRedBrick Health Series E $14.00M $39.00MLineagen Series C $11.59M $37.39MHealthSpot Series C $10.40M $14.68MHurel Corporation Series A $9.20M $9.20MOneHealth Series B $9.00M $9.00MPresenceLearning Series B $8.00M $12.21MRemote Medicine Series A $7.26M $8.17MPeriGen Series A $6.40M $6.40MCardioVIP Series C $5.80M $7.80Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 7
  • 8. Funding by StartUpStartups (67) Funding Round Current MonthTotal Funding byStartUpApril 2013 Total $322.72MAsthmapolis Series A $5.00M $5.25MSense4Baby Series A $4.00M $4.00MEveryMove Series B $3.50M $6.10MVital Connect Series B $3.20M $13.96MivWatch Series B $2.84M $5.56MBioDirection Series A $2.23M $2.23MHealth Impact Associates Series A $2.00M $2.00MLifeNexis Series B $1.55M $3.75MHealthyOut Seed $1.50M $1.52MdBMEDx Series A $1.14M $1.64MCrowdMed Seed $1.10M $1.20MDiagnotes Series A $1.00M $1.45MKelDoc Seed $0.92M $0.92MZinc Software Seed $0.85M $0.85MPARx Solutions Seed $0.75M $0.75MMy Health Direct Series D $0.52M $11.87MHealthSouk Seed $0.51M $0.51MNon Invasive Monitoring Systems Seed $0.50M $0.50MTedCas Series A $0.50M $0.55MLab7 Seed $0.50M $0.50MNudge Seed $0.43M $0.43Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 8
  • 9. Funding by StartUpStartups (67) Funding Round Current MonthTotal Funding byStartUpApril 2013 Total $322.72MCooleaf Seed $0.37M $0.37MPatient Conversation Media Series A $0.35M $1.31MIdentification Solutions, Inc. Seed $0.21M $0.21MInformatics In Context Seed $0.20M $0.20MGestSure Technologies Seed $0.17M $0.19MHospitalytics Incubator $0.05M $0.05MCellanyx Diagnostics Incubator $0.05M $0.05MAirCare Incubator $0.05M $0.05MMemberRx Incubator $0.05M $0.05MStat Incubator $0.05M $0.05MEpion Health, Inc. Incubator $0.05M $0.05MMedlio Incubator $0.05M $0.05MLean Wagon Incubator $0.05M $0.05MCaring in Place Incubator $0.05M $0.05MOsmosis Incubator $0.05M $0.05MCasagem Incubator $0.05M $0.05MGrand Round Table Incubator $0.05M $0.05M3Derm Systems Incubator $0.05M $0.05MMyProxy Incubator $0.05M $0.05MBiomeme Incubator $0.05M $0.05MSensing Strip Incubator $0.05M $0.05Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 9
  • 10. Funding by StartUpStartups (67) Funding Round Current MonthTotal Funding byStartUpApril 2013 Total $322.72MOnShift Technologies Incubator $0.05M $0.05MTheraVid Incubator $0.05M $0.05MFitly Inc. Incubator $0.05M $0.05MSpeSo Health Incubator $0.05M $0.05MNexercise Incubator $0.02M $0.02MSqord Incubator $0.02M $0.02Mcaptureproof Incubator $0.02M $0.02Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 10
  • 11. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportAggregated Funding by Month Current MonthSame Month,Prior Year Growth %AprilApril 2013 Total $322.72M # $64.04M 404%MarchMarch 2013 Total $120.13M # $109.72M 9%FebruaryFebruary 2012 Total $155.95M # $161.51M -3%JanuaryJanuary 2012 Total $245.28M # $102.51M 139%DecemberDecember 2012 Total $146.84M # $52.87M 178%NovemberNovember 2012 Total $140.75M # $159.31M -12%OctoberOctober 2012 Total $53.89M # $143.36M -62%SeptemberSeptember 2012 Total $225.89M # $187.73M 20%AugustAugust 2012 Total $214.96M # $131.68M 63%JulyJuly 2012 Total $44.81M # $54.90M -18%JuneJune 2012 Total $220.87M # $116.71M 89%MayMay 2012 Total $350.20M # $92.72M 278%startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 11
  • 12. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportApril 2013Rolling 12-month totals vs. PriorMay Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr2011-2012 92.7$ 116.7 54.9 131.7 187.7 143.4 159.3 52.9 102.5 161.5 109.7 64.02012-2013 350.2$ 220.9 44.8 215.0 225.9 53.9 140.8 146.8 245.3 156.0 120.1 322.7Var ($) 257.5$ 104.2 (10.1) 83.3 38.2 (89.5) (18.6) 94.0 142.8 (5.6) 10.4 258.7Var (%) 2.8X 0.9X -0.2X 0.6X 0.2X -0.6X -0.1X 1.8X 1.4X 0.0X 0.1X 4.0X$-100m200m300m400m2011-2012 2012-2013startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 12
  • 13. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding ReportApril 2013Sector Breakdown by Funding Total Funding Amount by RoundApril 2013 Deals% of $TotalTotal 67 $322.7M 100%Incubator 23 $1.1M 0%Seed 13 $8.0M 2%Series A 12 $53.6M 17%Series B 8 $82.3M 26%Series C 5 $75.0M 23%Series D 4 $68.8M 21%Series E 2 $34.0M 11%Series F - - -Sensors $79M 24%Analytics $56M 17%Personal Health $39M 12%Data Visualization $35M 11%Telehealth $26M 8%All Other $88M 27%Total $323MSensors$79MAnalytics$56MPersonalHealth$39MDataVisualization$35MTelehealth$26MAllOther$88Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 13