From 1900 to 1909
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From 1900 to 1909






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From 1900 to 1909 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. FROM 1900 TO 1909 Melii Andrade 11-B
  • 2. HISTORY• The twentieth century began in the midst of great technological advances, including elautomóvil prominently. Ford AméricaHenry forward in a true revolution in the industry production system was tested with the production of its Model T.
  • 3. • Historical Events 1900 Boxer Rebellion. Assassination of King of Italy Umberto I. "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud. "The Century of Children" Ellen Key. Ferdinand von Zeppelin: Rigid Airship. Max Planck: Quantum Theory. Walter Reed: Discover the origin of yellow fever. First edition of the Davis Cup, won by the USA. blood groups were discovered.
  • 4. 1901 assassination of U.S. president, William McKinley. Guglielmo Marconi: The Birth of transatlantic communication. Karl Landsteiner: Classification of blood groups. First Awards Nobel (Sweden).
  • 5. • 1902 Alfonso XIII reaches adulthood and becomes king of Spain. It was completed, was inaugurated and blessed the Flatiron Building in New York, considered the first skyscraper in the United States. Founding of the Brotherhood of Sorrows (Rota), from the former Serviette VOT.
  • 6. • 1903 The brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright: First flight of a sustained and propelled aircraft engine. Panama seceded from Colombia. 1904 1904-1905 - Russo-Japanese War. Russia and the United Kingdom agree to the Entente Cordial.
  • 7. • 1905 Albert Einstein: Special Theory of Relativity. Start the revolutionary process in Russia. defeat of Russia in the Russo- Japanese. 1906 Earthquake Chicago.
  • 8. • 1907 Oklahoma state how the United States. Coalition leading to the Triple Entente.• Agreement between France, Britain and the Russian Empire.• 1908 In Lisbon (Portugal) die in an attack on King Carlos I and Crown Prince Luis Felipe. Young Turk Revolution. In Siberia (Russia) drops a huge meteorite, known as the "Tunguska Event".
  • 9. • 1909 Panama seceded from Colombia and is recognized worldwide as an independent state. On the island of Tenerife (Spain), municipality of Santiago del Teide , the volcano erupts Chinyero . Scientific and technical Zeeman Effect Photoelectric Effect Millikan Experiment Industrial production Model T
  • 10. SCIENCE:• April 26 - Guglielmo Marconi patents the tuned circuit.• December 7 - Max Planck states his quantum hypothesis and law of black body radiation, marking the birth of quantum physics.• December 23 - Reginald Fessenden, experimenting with a high-frequency spark transmitter, successfully transmits speech over a distance of about 1.6 kilometers (one mile), from Cobb Island, Maryland, which appears to have been the first audio radio transmission.
  • 11. IMPORTANT PEOPLE:• Booker T. WashingtonSupporter of industrial education for blacks. Was invited to the White House to eat with President Roosevelt.• William McKinleyThe 25 President of the United States, who was assginated in his second term. The dominate issue during his presidency was the currency• Theodore RooseveltPresident after McKinley was shot, becoming the youngest president at age 43. He lead the nation to a progressive era and was a “steward to the people.”
  • 12. POPULAR MUSIC:• January 14 – Giacomo Puccinis Tosca premieres in Rome.• February 2 – Gustave Charpentiers opera Louise premieres in Paris; Mary Garden makes her public debut in the title role in April.• October 3 – Edward Elgars The Dream of Gerontius is premiered in Birmingham• The Philadelphia Orchestra is founded.• The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra is founded.
  • 13. MAJOR WORKS OF LITERATURE:• The year 1900 in literature involved some significant new books and publications, as well as the deaths of several highly prominent writers, including among them the late Irish poet Oscar Wilde and the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.• The highly influential American author L. Frank Baum wrote the first and most famous of his Oz books, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, in 1900.