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Best_ways to_do_content_marketing

  1. 1. Best Ways To Do Content Marketing
  2. 2. 4 ways to do content marketing the right way • Content marketing has received a lot of attention in the past couple of years. It has become a common marketing instrument that a majority of companies have invested in. • According to the Marketingprofs benchmark report 2014; 90% of companies looking to expand in digital marketing will be investing in content. • One of the more technical reasons for the popularity of content online is the fact that the largest search engine in the world- Google, requires a good amount of content for you to rank well in search. • Customers have become savvy today. They want to know more before they make a decision of purchase. Such information gathering for the purpose of purchase is stronger in the B2B sector. • The lead generation funnel needs a large amount of content in order to move the prospect along it.
  3. 3. • Content marketing is an ongoing process. Creating and curation of valuable content to persuade or influence the purchasing decision of a customer is the essence of content marketing. • The more content you create, the more chances you have of netting the right customer. To execute content marketing perfectly, there are some basic and essential steps you need to follow. • These steps are necessary in ensuring that you stay on track, create the right content and project it to the right audience.  Set up a content strategy  Your audience is king  The power of social media  Content is not limited to text
  4. 4. Set up a content strategy • Any marketing activity is worthless without a strategy guiding it. • As with any business model, content marketing requires you to have a solid yet flexible plan of action. This strategy cannot be contained within a few weeks or months. • Ideally it should be an annual plan that considers all avenues of content. The strategy should cater to the different sections of your prospect base. • Content marketing today, relies heavily on information dissemination rather than sales oriented straight talk. • If you create a persona of your brand as someone who cares to educate the prospect, you will gain their trust, and in business, trust is essential for survival.
  5. 5. Your audience is king • They say content is king, but for a content marketer, audience is king. • Some of the biggest business houses in the world who use content marketing in their marketing strategy utilise the immense power of creating content according to buyer personas. • This aids in creating exceptionally fine-tuned content and when delivered to the right prospect, the chances of conversion are doubled. • Market research is an essential component of content marketing services and helps in creating these business personas.
  6. 6. The power of social media • One of the biggest success stories of the digital age, after the e-commerce revolution, was the surge of social networking sites. • More than half the population of the world are on these sites. They help in creating opportunities that no other channel has been able to replicate or challenge, with the exception of email. • Content plays a significant role here. Creating the right dialogue with prospect is essential in connecting with them. • Content marketing services specifically tuned towards social media are in high demand today.
  7. 7. Content is not limited to text • One thing that the internet has shown us is this, a picture is worth a thousand words. Some of the biggest sites in the world today are video streaming sites. • The most viewed content today is video. Investing in video and pictorial content allows you to diversify from traditional channels. This opens up new opportunities. • Creating inspiring messages through video have helped brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, P&G and American Airways assert their dominance over the internet. • To sum it up, it is very rare to find a traditional content piece going viral, and very common to see a video going viral. • Content marketing services offered by Stan Softech are perfect for all of these situations. We ensure that all of points are incorporated into the content marketing services we provide and ensure that proper metrics are in place to assess success. • Stan Softech understands the value of creating good content and will help in creating a successful content marketing strategy for you.
  8. 8. thank you for your time  chennai.