Jujiang Picture Book


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A historical photo collection about Kiukiang / Jiujiang, Kiangsi / Jiangxi China.

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Jujiang Picture Book

  1. 1. Top Border: Ganting Lake, Right Border: Yangtze River Buddhist shrine in alley
  2. 2. Hart Photo: Chinese junk on Yangtze river near Jiujiang city wall
  3. 3. Hart Photo: Methodist mission compound now the #2 Middle School in Jiujiang Dr. E. Hart by wall, mid page
  4. 4. British Counsel Bldg. Hart Photo: St Paul's Church, Kiukiang
  5. 5. Catholic Church which still stands
  6. 6. (MMC) building 1906, now #2 M.S. Adm. Bldg. Top & Bttm: Natives & missionaries at the (MMC)
  7. 7. (MMC) South Gate Bttm. Girl's Brdg. School Kiukiang
  8. 8. Top: S. side Girl's Bldg School Bttm: #2 M.S. Adm. Bldg.
  9. 9. Top: Nurses Home Bttm: Hart Photo WSDMHosp. Top: Hart Photo Kiukiang (MMC) Hospital & V.C. Hart home
  10. 10. Hart Photo: Jiujiang Bund & Pier
  11. 11. Top Photo Note: Japanese flags on pier building
  12. 12. Kiukiang Main Street
  13. 13. Kiukiang Main Street Kiukiang Main street
  14. 14. Main Street Storefronts
  15. 15. Main Street Storefronts
  16. 16. Storefronts
  17. 17. Main Street Storefronts Hart Photo: Top Left Kiukiang alley
  18. 18. Yangtze River Flood
  19. 19. Yangtze river Flood Liberation of Jiujiang by Chinese soldiers
  20. 20. Japanese soldiers capture Jiujiang Hart Photos Top:Kuling 1895 Bttm: Kuling 1910
  21. 21. Hart Photos Kuling church
  22. 22. Hart Photo Bttm. left Buddha Cave Lushan
  23. 23. Top Photo: building retaining walls on Lushan
  24. 24. Bttm Photo: Eternal Spring Well Dong-ling Si, S. of Kiukiang
  25. 25. Hart Photos Kiukiang Pagoda
  26. 26. Hart Photo Top was thought to be Nigren Si Actually is Sing-ling Pagoda south of Kiukiang Anqing Gvmt. Bldg. /w Pagoda
  27. 27. Hart Photos of grave in Kiukiang
  28. 28. Hart Photos Top: Hwa Feng Chi'ao Bttm: Shi Li Puh
  29. 29. Bttm: Singling Si Sing-ling Si south of Kiukiang
  30. 30. Hart Photo Top right Lushan Hart Photos Top & Bttm. left Lushan Buddha Cave
  31. 31. Lushan cascades
  32. 32. Hart Photo Top left Boyang Lake from Lushan
  33. 33. Bttm. Photo: Turtle Rock that was blown up in early 1900's by superstitious native Chinese on Boyang Lake
  34. 34. Hart Photos: Stone Bell Hill Monastery, Hukou
  35. 35. Hart Photo: top Little Shoe Island Boyang Lake
  36. 36. Hart Photo: Top Chinese Wheel barrow (NWMC) Photo: Nanchang resident in sedan chair
  37. 37. Lushan 18 Curve Road Hart Photos: Top Overnight house between Kiukiang & Kuling Bttm. Open Sedan Chairs on 18 Curve Road
  38. 38. Hart Photos: top Yangtze River Junk Bttm. left USS Quiros Gunboat right, Stella leaving Kiukiang /w Dr. E. Hart and Caroline on honeymoon trip.
  39. 39. Hart Photo: Bttm. Pile Driving pier posts
  40. 40. Hart Photo: Top Right, Kuling Street Scene Hart Photo: Coolies carrying Kuling bound baggage
  41. 41. Hart Photos: Top, Dike building Bttm. Water buffalo preparing rice paddy
  42. 42. Hart Photo: Midl. Woman mending clothes
  43. 43. Hart Photos: Top, Duck herding 2nd, Boats 3rd, Men operating treadle water pump Hart Photo: Bttm. Net fishing
  44. 44. Hart Photos: Top, Sampans Hart Photos: Top Right, Woman washing clothes Bttm. left, Water Buffalo Bttm: Cleaning rice stalk for weaving
  45. 45. Hart Photos: Top, Dr. Mary Stone in children's ward Mdl. Dr. Edgerton Hart (middle) in surgery
  46. 46. Bttm. Photo is ESDMHosp. Nurses from (VHMS) Book Photo Dr. Ida Kahn top left, Dr. Mary Stone top right (VHMS) Book Photo
  47. 47. Catholic mission school children
  48. 48. Hart Photo: of bound foot (NWMC) Book Photos
  49. 49. Hart Photos: Dr. Edgerton Hart (Middle) in 3 Old Trees Hart Photos: Bttm. Left, Dr. Edgerton Hart family Dr. Edgerton Hart (left) at Yellow Dragon right, Hart family home Kuling Falls
  50. 50. Hart Photos: Top, Dragon Boat races Hart Photo: top left, Mandolin player Bttm. Dragon Parade
  51. 51. Hart Photo: Dr. Edgerton Hart memorial service
  52. 52. Hart Photos: Prisoners in a cangue
  53. 53. Top Photo: Dr. Ida Kahn Bttm. Photo: Dr. Mary Stone
  54. 54. Ku-ling American School photo