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Jujiang Picture Book



A historical photo collection about Kiukiang / Jiujiang, Kiangsi / Jiangxi China.

A historical photo collection about Kiukiang / Jiujiang, Kiangsi / Jiangxi China.



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Jujiang Picture Book Jujiang Picture Book Document Transcript

  • Top Border: Ganting Lake, Right Border: Yangtze River Buddhist shrine in alley
  • Hart Photo: Chinese junk on Yangtze river near Jiujiang city wall
  • Hart Photo: Methodist mission compound now the #2 Middle School in Jiujiang Dr. E. Hart by wall, mid page
  • British Counsel Bldg. Hart Photo: St Paul's Church, Kiukiang
  • Catholic Church which still stands
  • (MMC) building 1906, now #2 M.S. Adm. Bldg. Top & Bttm: Natives & missionaries at the (MMC)
  • (MMC) South Gate Bttm. Girl's Brdg. School Kiukiang
  • Top: S. side Girl's Bldg School Bttm: #2 M.S. Adm. Bldg.
  • Top: Nurses Home Bttm: Hart Photo WSDMHosp. Top: Hart Photo Kiukiang (MMC) Hospital & V.C. Hart home
  • Hart Photo: Jiujiang Bund & Pier
  • Top Photo Note: Japanese flags on pier building
  • Kiukiang Main Street
  • Kiukiang Main Street Kiukiang Main street
  • Main Street Storefronts
  • Main Street Storefronts
  • Storefronts
  • Main Street Storefronts Hart Photo: Top Left Kiukiang alley
  • Yangtze River Flood
  • Yangtze river Flood Liberation of Jiujiang by Chinese soldiers
  • Japanese soldiers capture Jiujiang Hart Photos Top:Kuling 1895 Bttm: Kuling 1910
  • Hart Photos Kuling church
  • Hart Photo Bttm. left Buddha Cave Lushan
  • Top Photo: building retaining walls on Lushan
  • Bttm Photo: Eternal Spring Well Dong-ling Si, S. of Kiukiang
  • Hart Photos Kiukiang Pagoda
  • Hart Photo Top was thought to be Nigren Si Actually is Sing-ling Pagoda south of Kiukiang Anqing Gvmt. Bldg. /w Pagoda
  • Hart Photos of grave in Kiukiang
  • Hart Photos Top: Hwa Feng Chi'ao Bttm: Shi Li Puh
  • Bttm: Singling Si Sing-ling Si south of Kiukiang
  • Hart Photo Top right Lushan Hart Photos Top & Bttm. left Lushan Buddha Cave
  • Lushan cascades
  • Hart Photo Top left Boyang Lake from Lushan
  • Bttm. Photo: Turtle Rock that was blown up in early 1900's by superstitious native Chinese on Boyang Lake
  • Hart Photos: Stone Bell Hill Monastery, Hukou
  • Hart Photo: top Little Shoe Island Boyang Lake
  • Hart Photo: Top Chinese Wheel barrow (NWMC) Photo: Nanchang resident in sedan chair
  • Lushan 18 Curve Road Hart Photos: Top Overnight house between Kiukiang & Kuling Bttm. Open Sedan Chairs on 18 Curve Road
  • Hart Photos: top Yangtze River Junk Bttm. left USS Quiros Gunboat right, Stella leaving Kiukiang /w Dr. E. Hart and Caroline on honeymoon trip.
  • Hart Photo: Bttm. Pile Driving pier posts
  • Hart Photo: Top Right, Kuling Street Scene Hart Photo: Coolies carrying Kuling bound baggage
  • Hart Photos: Top, Dike building Bttm. Water buffalo preparing rice paddy
  • Hart Photo: Midl. Woman mending clothes
  • Hart Photos: Top, Duck herding 2nd, Boats 3rd, Men operating treadle water pump Hart Photo: Bttm. Net fishing
  • Hart Photos: Top, Sampans Hart Photos: Top Right, Woman washing clothes Bttm. left, Water Buffalo Bttm: Cleaning rice stalk for weaving
  • Hart Photos: Top, Dr. Mary Stone in children's ward Mdl. Dr. Edgerton Hart (middle) in surgery
  • Bttm. Photo is ESDMHosp. Nurses from (VHMS) Book Photo Dr. Ida Kahn top left, Dr. Mary Stone top right (VHMS) Book Photo
  • Catholic mission school children
  • Hart Photo: of bound foot (NWMC) Book Photos
  • Hart Photos: Dr. Edgerton Hart (Middle) in 3 Old Trees Hart Photos: Bttm. Left, Dr. Edgerton Hart family Dr. Edgerton Hart (left) at Yellow Dragon right, Hart family home Kuling Falls
  • Hart Photos: Top, Dragon Boat races Hart Photo: top left, Mandolin player Bttm. Dragon Parade
  • Hart Photo: Dr. Edgerton Hart memorial service
  • Hart Photos: Prisoners in a cangue
  • Top Photo: Dr. Ida Kahn Bttm. Photo: Dr. Mary Stone
  • Ku-ling American School photo