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A brief description about Jenny Hughes also referred to as Gertrud Howe in some Internet sights.

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  • There is a photo of Mary and Jennie at the beginning of the book, Chinese Heart-Throbs, which shows that they are clearly around the same age.
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  • Gertrude Howe and Jennie V. Hughes were two separate people who were each important in the life of Mary Stone. Miss Howe (1847-1928) was the Methodist Episcopal WFMS missionary who had the school at Kiukiang that Mary attended. Miss Howe mentored the girl and accompanied her to the University of Michigan along with her adopted daughter, Ida Kahn.

    Jennie V. Hughes (1874-1951?) was also an M.E. missionary, principal of the Knowles Bible Training School in Kiukiang from 1905-1920. She and Mary Stone became lifelong coworkers and companions, establishing the Bethel Hospital and Mission in Shanghai.
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Jenny Hughes/Gertrude Howe Chinese version

  1. 1. Jenny Hughes / Gertrude Howe 珍妮·昊格珠(胡遵理)/ 格特鲁德·昊(昊格珠) There seems to be some confusion on Jenny Hughes name with other modern references giving her name as Gertrude Howe. Since all my old materials refer to her as Jenny Hughes, this is the name I used in my writing. Please note you will see both names on web-pages and need to remember they are one and the same person. 一些现代文学作品中关于珍妮·昊格珠的名字出现混乱,有的称呼她为格特鲁德·昊。因我过 去的文章都称她为珍妮·昊格珠,故在本文中使用此名。网络上会出现以上两种称呼,实为一 人,敬请注意。
  2. 2. It was Jenny Hughes and Mrs. Hoag that were to be the greatest influence in both Shi Mei Yu and Ida Kahn's life. With the future Stone's desiring their daughter to become a doctor and Ida's fore-told fate from birth a strike against her, these two mission women showed with no time to ponder, what being a compassionate person is all about. Not realizing their actions would bring about such radical changes within the thousands of years of Chinese tradition guiding the destiny of many females who were robbed of living a life of their own choosing, what some still must endure today in parts of the world. 珍妮·昊格株和霍格女士是对石美玉和康爱德影响最大的人。石美玉的父母希望女儿将来从 医,而算命先生说康爱德天生命背。面对这两个可怜的中国女孩,两位女修士不假思索地做出 了一个富有同情心的人该做的一切。她们从未认识到自己的行为会给数千年的中国传统带来如 此大的变革,成为众多中国女性命运的指路灯,她们曾被剥夺自己选择生活的权利,而这一现 象至今尚在世界的某些地方依然存在。 bddconline biography of Jenny Hughes / Gertrude Howe I don't presently have much historical material I've obtained about her life, I know her life's choices greatly inspired the decisions and path chosen by the great female Chinese doctors Stone and Kahn. I know from reading the limited Maddock letters archived convey a fear for their daughters life in deciding to go half way around the world by her lonesome, wondering when the next time they will see her, if ever. My admiration for these young adults to commit their life for a cause humbles me a lot. I don't think I would have the sense of adventure to pursue life to such an extreme at that time. 目前,我收集到的有关于珍妮·昊格株生活的历史材料不多。我知道,她的选择大大地鼓舞了 斯通和康这两位伟大中国医生的决定和道路选择。通过阅读麦道克仅有的信函资料,我知道当 她决定孤身行游半个地球时,她对女儿的那份担忧;她不知道是否还有机会和女儿见面,如果 有的话会是在什么时候呢?我钦佩这些年轻人对事业的毕生追求,与她们相比我很渺小。若在 当时,我想我不会如此狂热地冒险追求生活。 Jenny Hughes / Gertrude Howe brief biography I biography of Jenny Hughes / Gertrude Howe
  3. 3. Jenny Hughes & Dr. Mary Stone at Bethel Mission, California
  4. 4. 珍妮·昊格珠和玛丽斯通医生在加州伯特利会