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Frank Van der Putten

  1. 1. Alcatel-Lucent in standardisation Frank Van der Putten , Emmanuel Darmois, Bernard Sales 15 December 2010
  2. 2. Standardisation: a strategic tool for innovation There are 500 Alcatel-Lucent experts i n more than 100 standards organizations We hold key positions in 3GPP, 3GPP2, IEEE, IETF, ITU, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, Broadband Forum, OMA, … Work with these bodies is fully integrated into quality plans and product development cycles T hought leadership in BB Access and Services, Business grade IP services, Fixed-mobile solutions, NGN & Applications, Data and Optics blend, Mobile Radio
  3. 3. Alcatel-Lucent Major Goals in Standards Create standards that satisfy customer needs and stimulate growth of communications markets. Develop standards-compliant products and bring them to market quickly. Bring innovative technological solutions from research status into standards development. Alcatel-Lucent views standards activities as important opportunities to interact with other industry participants and, in particular, with customers to satisfy near- and long-term needs for interoperability, open systems, multi-vendor compatibility, and safe and efficient operation.
  4. 4. Alcatel-Lucent Participation in SDOs As a networking and technology-oriented company, we work with organizations whose specifications Impact products that are important to our customers Strongly influence long-term directions e.g. forward-looking products, creating or expanding markets As a global company, we are proactively involved in a wide variety of International, regional, and national standards bodies, Consortia and forums, Trade associations We work closely with government agencies that establish regulation and requirements for telecommunications products. We actively participate in various global forums to eliminate technical barriers to trade.
  5. 5. High Leverage Network TM standardisation landscape Converged service control VDSL/GPON/ Ethernet Converged edge Service routers Converged wireline access Converged backbone IP/Optical Residential/ enterprise gateways Mobility management Policy management Converged service-aware network management Ethernet/ MPLS/Optical Converged metro and aggregation Converged RAN Radio access Multi-screen services Web and Enterprise 2.0 Session control
  6. 6. The Broadband Access standardisation eco system ADSL Fiber to the Street Cabinet Fiber to the Home Fiber Access Architecture/Aggregation Testing/Interoperability Copper Access Network Management Radio access Femto LTE WLAN Powerline Phoneline Device management Device architecture Plug ‘n Play ADSL/VDSL Bonding/Vectoring PON/P2P PON/P2P WiMAX/LTE Digital Home
  7. 7. Timeline of Business and Standardization events (1/3) business start Alcatel research on ADSL functional DMT ADSL lab model 1 st integrated DMT ADSL chipset ADSL demo at Telecom Geneva start Alcatel research on VDSL creation of the ADSL Virtual Company launch of 7300 ASAM - ATM DSLAM Alcatel wins JPC contract for ADSL 1 st integrated VDSL DSP (TDD DMT) creation of VDSL Virtual Company VDSL demo at Telecom Geneva Alcatel reaches 1 M DSL lines shipped Alcatel reaches 5 M DSL lines shipped standardization ADSL Olympics - DMT selected by T1E1.4 Alcatel active in ADSL standardization Alcatel founding member of ADSL Forum T1E1.4 publishes first ADSL standard T1.413 (focus on STM & video, 1.5 Mbps) Alcatel active participation to ADSL issue 2 (editor) and VDSL standardization T1E1.4 publishes ADSL issue 2 standard (focus on ATM & networking, up to 6 Mbps) ITU-T publishes ADSL standard G.992.1 (based on T1.413 ADSL issue 2) | Presentation Title | Month Year 92 93 94 95 96 98 99 00 92 93 94 95 96 98 99 00 ADSL early days ADSL consolidation VDSL early days Research to Business Unit handover
  8. 8. Timeline of Business and Standardization events (2/3) business 1st ADSL VoD & broadcast demo at le Bourget Alcatel reaches 10 M ADSL line shipped Triple play demo at CeBIT Alcatel reaches 20 M ADSL line shipped launch of 7301 ASAM ATM/video DSLAM Alcatel reaches 30 M ADSL line shipped Belgacom selects Alcatel for VDSL rollout launch of 7302 ISAM – 1 st full service IP DSLAM Alcatel reaches 70 M ADSL line shipped 1 st large scale rollouts of IPTV over ADSL industry’s 1 st VDSL2 line card AT&T selects Alcatel for world’s largest IPTV deployment ALU reaches 150 M DSL lines shipped standardization ITU-T publishes ADSL2(plus) standard up to 8 (16) Mbit/s (ALU editor) VDSL Olympics DMT selected for VDSL by T1E1.4 DMT selected for VDSL by IEEE DMT selected for VDSL2 by ITU-T as part of compromise facilitated by Belgium ITU-T publishes xDSL bonding standards ITU-T publishes VDSL2 standard up to 100 Mbps | Presentation Title | Month Year 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 ADSL improvement VDSL consolidation xDSL optimizations
  9. 9. Timeline of Business and Standardization events (3/3) business ALU ISAM platform surpasses the 200th customer milestone ALU launches the world’s 1 st green DSL platform ALU reaches 200 M DSL lines shipped ALU performs 1 st field tests with vectored VDSL2 ALU demonstrates 1 Gbps over copper with vectored and bonded VDSL2 standardization DSL Forum becomes Broadband Forum, widening scope to techno neutral access and home ITU-T publishes xDSL retransmission standard for better IPTV user experience ITU-T publishes vectored VDSL2 standard (ALU editor) | Presentation Title | Month Year 08 09 10 08 09 10 xDSL optimizations
  10. 10. Conclusions Lessons learned from ASDL/VDSL ITU-T embraced DSL as the next generation technology for broadband access (following voice band modems) ADSL has been the trigger for network transformation and broadband access towards an end-to-end multi-service packet network, reusing installed telephony wires for last mile ADSL/Broadband Forum took technology and networking to a higher level with architecture, testing and management, convergence with fiber and with mobile Keys to success Research/Innovation handover to business units Early (research) and constant (from both research and business units) investment in Standards Innovation and standards go hand in hand Big market players need to be big in standards
  11. 11. | High Leverage Network Executive Overview V1, Oct 2009