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This brochure is a broad description how our company can serve your office or establishment.

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Standard Coffee Service Co.

  1. 1. History Fine coffee & tea programs. About Us Then... When you have been in the coffee service rtly-matched d Expertly-matched brewing systems. business for nearly a century many things change, but some undeniable truths remain Dependa able Dependable service. consistent. For Standard Coffee Service Company, - Sinc 1919 ce Since the journey through our rich heritage and tradition began in 1919. While our markets and customer buying habits have changed over time, our objective to achieve complete customer satisfaction has not. When Standard Coffee Service Company was created, it was one of the first office coffee service companies in the country. Customer satisfaction has remained paramount in our mission and our company has adapted to an ever- changing marketplace on many different occasions. Today, those changes have led to the Standard Coffee Service Company commitment of being the total brewed-beverage solution for your office, restaurant or food-service organization. ...Now Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 3
  2. 2. Service Equipment Maintenance The word “Service” is part of our name Equipment Service Network The word “Service” is part of our name. That should tell you a little bit about our company. Our Equipment Service Network But it’s not just about providing a coffee service. consists of a dedicated technical equipment staff of highly trained and We’ve built our business on focused individuals that deliver best delivering a diverse menu of in class on-site brewing equipment break room supplies. Our services. route sales professionals are well-trained and experienced Fundamentally, these service so that your customers and technicians are experts with the employees can enjoy their installation, repair and removal of favorite coffees and teas, common coffee machines, tea brewers anywhere and anytime. and water filters. Enjoy convenient and What does this mean for our customers? Now, a centrally dispatched work-order system is regularly scheduled deliveries. in place where equipment service requests are communicated to technicians in a real-time Meanwhile, your products environment. are promised to be accurately stocked so that your place of Our customers will have an expected arrival business is never short on supply. time of technicians once a service call is in place, and can anticipate a resolution for Furthermore, coffee machines equipment concerns once the technician is and tea brewers are maintained on site. and serviced through a national network of professionally trained All of this means that brewing equipment service technicians. You’ll never concerns or repairs are resolved quicker have to worry about your brewing than ever, ensuring that our customers need stations. not worry about brewing the perfect cup of coffee or tea. All of this is supported by our courteous and knowledgeable It serves as another reminder for our customer service staff, which is customers that Standard Coffee Service always only a phone call away. Company really is an industry leader. Page 4 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 5
  3. 3. Brewed Beverage Solutions Single-Source Provider Office Coffee Service National & Regional Service In the workplace, a hot brewed beverage solution with quality break room supplies is so important to corporate culture that most companies offer employees a designated coffee or “break” room. Employees brew a cup of tea or coffee to take back to their desk or to use as a conversation starter, where we become human and real to co-workers. Managers and desk clerks, presidents and interns, all of us share a little of ourselves over a hot beverage. Board meetings, conference room gatherings, even sessions around the boss’ desk, are generally not called to order until everyone is sufficiently set with a cup of coffee or tea. Brewed beverages are not a time-of-day sort of thing in the workplace, either. Most people jump-start the morning with a hot cup of coffee, returning for a pickup after lunch and again in the late afternoon. Part of our total brewed beverage solution is the advantage we offer as a single source provider Foodservice & Hospitality of coffee and tea service for regional and national accounts. The broad array of tastes of today’s coffee and tea With roasting and distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States, we drinkers is well reflected by our complete product have the footprint to easily serve businesses with multiple locations and varying needs: menu for coffee and tea services. • Latest coffee machines, tea brewing • Management control with one-source Yet with our knowledgeable sales professionals, the equipment, accessories and product reporting, invoicing, and consolidated goal always is to deliver a total brewed beverage merchandisers for the optimum experience. billing. solution that is unique to your business. • Quality products from nationally-known • Standguard water filtration for premium Ranging from gourmet coffee service to a variety of hot brewed and fresh iced teas, companies for different taste preferences, drinking water and brewer connection. Standard Coffee Service has your answer. Once you choose Standard Coffee Service, including popular single-cup coffee options. expect professional installation and maintenance of coffee machines and tea brewers, on time and accurate deliveries, and point-of-use materials that will help drive sales. • Regular coffee machine maintenance and other brewer repair plans. We have expertise in national, regional and local retail and foodservice environments. Together we’ll grow your business with a total brewed beverage solution. To learn more about our total brewed beverage solutions for national and regional businesses, please call (800) 878-8384 or visit Page 6 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 7
  4. 4. Coffees Standard Coffee Blends Single Cup Employees and customers alike will love our exclusive Standard Coffee blends. Each blend is Our single-cup coffee programs come with state-of-the-art coffee machines and varying made from carefully selected beans that deliver a flavor that is truly world class. portfolios of gourmet coffees, indulgent drinks and real leaf teas. Choose your perfect combinations from our Gourmet, Decaffeinated, Colombian, Drinks for these coffee machines are brewed directly from single packs into cups, ensuring the Hospitality, or one of our many Special Blends. best cup of coffee or tea. These Standard Coffee blends offer a budget conscience alternative to those customers who The coffee delivery methods with these machines are revolutionary and are ideal for those don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. environments who crave variety and quality. Specialty Coffees Single-Cup Brewers GREEN MOUNTAIN FLAVIA JAVARAMA According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America these blends are sometimes called “gourmet” or “premium” coffee. If you’re looking for a coffee machine that is easy to use and clean, offers a wide variety of drink The Association continues to define specialty coffees as ones made from exceptional beans options and keeps employees humming, then a single-serve coffee unit is your answer. grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates and tend to feature distinctive flavors, which are shaped by the unique characteristics of the soil that produces them. Single-serve brewers offer a full selection of coffees, teas and other flavored drinks. Drinks are packaged individually for ultimate freshness and are ready in less that a minute! Put simply, these are the brands that coffee lovers across America choose because of personal preference in regards to superior taste and quality. Imagine a variety of drinks options, available 24 hours a day, with no mess. Now that’s a coffee service that will keep employees happy. The good news is that as far as coffee service is concerned, we deliver what your customers and employees prefer. Page 8 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 9
  5. 5. Brewing Equipment Brewers Foodservice Equipment Basically, we have two very different types of customers – Whether you need the “coffee house experience” in your retail business or a highly profitable those who are providing an amenity program with break tea program, we have the right coffee and tea service solution. room supplies for employees and ones who offer coffees and teas in a foodservice environment. Thermal airpot brewers and servers are available, along with traditional glass pot So, a “one size fits all” approach will not work when brewers and servers that align with any coffee considering coffee machines and other brewing equipment and tea service program. Or, use one of our for a new customer looking for coffee and tea service. large batch brewers for high-volume serving needs. There are several factors we take into account before a recommendation is made for traditional or single-serve If you’re looking for iced tea brewers, then brewers. Our sales professionals will consider space we’ll recommend one from our selection of availability, the types of blends preferred, and numbers of three- or five- gallon urn dispensers, which are people who will be drinking brewed beverages on a location, available with options to brew coffee, as well. among other things. All commercial-grade brewing equipment is provided at no charge while we design effective Once we confirm the best coffee delivery or tea service option, we’ll recommend a high- coffee, hot beverage, and iced tea programs that drive your retail profits. quality brewer with no deposit or investment expected from your business. We’ll maintain the equipment for you and ensure that every cup of brew is up to our exacting standards. Office Coffee Equipment WAT E R Q UA L I T Y A S S U R A N C E S O L U T I O N Given the option, most people choose When it comes to brewed beverages for the office beverages brewed with filtered water environment, our wide variety of brewers will rather than with tap. definitely provide a solution for your office coffee service needs. Through a state-of-the-art water filter system, Standguard delivers premium We’re up to speed with the latest trends and offer drinking water that easily integrates sleek and fun single-serve brewers. Yet, if office into your brewing system and provides coffee machines with traditional glass pots or the only way to start at the source for thermal airpots are what fit best for your break your total brewed beverage solution. room supplies, then that’s not a problem, either. Standguard water filters also support water and energy conservation while minimizing the Standard Coffee Service will find the right office coffee machine, offer the Standguard water downstream waste associated with bottled water. filter for optimal beverages, and ultimately become your one-stop shop for premium brewed beverages. So, Keep it Green! Stop bottled water delivery. Switch to a Standguard water filter today. Page 10 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 11
  6. 6. Teas Teas Bigelow® Tea Tea is quickly becoming one of the most consumed beverages in Creating quality specialty teas since 1945, the Bigelow the world. In the workplace, employees in search of afternoon Tea Company is 100% family-owned. refreshments often reach for a cup of freshly brewed tea. In recent years, Bigelow Tea has been in the forefront of On the other hand, restaurants and other foodservice the movement to promote the healthy advantages of tea establishments add instant credibility when customers are drinking. served popular and well-known brands. At Bigelow Tea, flavor and freshness is important. That We can delivery everything you need relative to a tea program, is why they overwrap and seal each and every tea bag in a ranging from individually-wrapped tea bags for the office stay fresh foil packet so that all the goodness stays in until environment to sophisticated tea brewing equipment for the you get ready to have a cup of tea. foodservice industry. You see? It’s not only about coffee service. It’s really coffee and tea service that guarantees a “total brewed beverage solution.” Luzianne® Tea Golden Leaf ® Tea Luzianne Tea is a high quality, premium tea, specially blended to make an Delightful tea flavor in every cup, Golden Leaf Tea harvests iced tea that is always clear with plenty of iced tea flavor. only the finest tea leaves to ensure that each cup is truly refreshing and satisfying. For the office environment you may want to consider individually wrapped tea bags. It’s a nice perk for employees who prefer a fresh glass or Our Golden Leaf Tea specialty collection is available cup of brewed tea as an afternoon treat. exclusively in the Individual Brew Technology single-cup brewer, meaning you can enjoy the golden taste of hot tea by In the resale environment Luzianne is the cup in just seconds. instantly recognized and delivers the taste that iced tea lovers prefer. Offering your guests a nice hot cup of Golden Leaf Tea is sure to make Available in traditional open-brew envelopes or their visit a memorable experience. convenient real-brewed concentrate, Luzianne is sure to please any iced tea lover. Page 12 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales | Page 13
  7. 7. Break Room Essentials Creamer & Sweetener For Product or Service Information We’ll deliver all of the popular brands your Please call our Customer Service Call Center: employees and customers prefer at home. If Nestle Coffeemate is what you need for a coffee condiment, then choose from our many flavored options in single-serve tubs. Our menu includes popular sweeteners such as Equal, Sweet ‘N Low and Splenda, while we 1-800-962-7006 also offer our own private label sugars and sweeteners. Cups, Lids & Straws Sometimes it’s the little things that really complete your beverage station. That’s why we deliver just about Monday - Friday anything you can think of when it comes to cups, lids, straws, napkins, and other related items. 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time Chances are we’ll make available a specially-designed cup that matches the brand of your choice. Or, if you Saturday need something a little more generic, then plain and standard options are numerous, as well. 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central Time Drinks, Juices & Other Beverages TM Sometimes your employees may want something to warm them up in the winter, and coffee or tea just won’t do the trick. Contact us online at: No worries. We suggest that they enjoy a warm cup of Nestle Hot Cocoa, the only hot cocoa made by the chocolate experts at Nestle. There are also solutions for summer time, as well. Crystal Light On The Go packs work perfectly with Standguard Water Quality Assurance Solution filters. That means your employees can enjoy a healthy alternative with Crystal Light - the low calorie soft drink mix. Page 14 | Standard Coffee Service Company Field Sales
  8. 8. Copyright © 2008 The Standard Companies, Inc. 8 All rights reserved. #09490