Wyngowski S Executive Bio 6.20.12


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Wyngowski S Executive Bio 6.20.12

  1. 1. STANLEY S. WYNGOWSKI, CPA 1817 Paxton Drive Naperville, IL 60563 312-518-5806 stansf@msn.com CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER / VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE Strategic Planning / Financial Analysis & Reporting / Taxes / GAAP Risk & Asset Management / Treasury / Budgets / Cost Reduction Process Improvement / International Operations / Turnarounds Auditing / GAAS / Cost Accounting / ERP / Internal Controls Mr. Wyngowski is a highly skilled financial executive who has produced a proven track record ofaccomplishments in improving operating performance and productivity, establishing successful businesspractices and procedures, and enhancing bottom-line results. His experience has been gained across serviceand manufacturing environments, both domestically and internationally. Recognized as both a strategic and tactical thinker, Mr. Wyngowski has continually developed andinstituted sound processes, procedures and strategies that achieved greater organizational performance,improved internal controls, and enhanced profitability. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated theability to focus or refocus organizations, taking them to heightened levels of success. He has continuallybeen able to adapt, produce and deliver, and is totally committed to doing whatever is needed to get the jobdone. Mr. Wyngowski is adept at building and maintaining relationships and alliances with otherfunctional leaders to bridge the gap between operational decisions and financial targets. He offers a uniqueblend of analytical discipline and creative approaches that bring about long term growth and financialstability. Having consistently displayed very strong finance and accounting skills as well as exceptionalbusiness acumen, Mr. Wyngowski was highly successful in building, developing and leading effectiveorganizations to achieve or exceed corporate goals time and time again. He has been able to resolve complexissues as they arise by using a pragmatic, practical, problem solving, teambuilding approach and his vastmanagement skills. One of his strengths lies in the ability to troubleshoot problematic situations, definesolutions, and lead teams to effect necessary change. Mr. Wyngowski is a high energy, goal-oriented, executive with effective communications skills andmotivational abilities that generate trust, loyalty, professionalism and commitment to excellence. He is aknown as a trusted leader and advisor, who is committed to providing a challenging and professionalenvironment in which team members can learn, develop and excel under his leadership. He has the ability tograsp the big picture, focus on critical details, and inspire others to top performance. CAREER HISTORY & ACCOMPLISHMENTS Lantmännen Unibake USA, Inc. $80M wholesaler of frozen baked goods subsidiaryDirector of Finance – 2008 to 2012. Mr. Wyngowski directed all financial and operational reporting,financial planning and forecasting, information systems, collections, accounting, and internal auditing. Hewas also responsible for materials and fleet management, facilities, purchasing, and risk management,managing a team of six and $80M budget.
  2. 2. Stanley S. Wyngowski, CPA Page 2 Lantmännen Unibake purchased a bread manufacturer and had to quickly integrate the business torealize synergies. Mr. Wyngowski teamed with the President to expedite the acquisition. He analyzed allgeneral ledger accounts and discovered no accrual accounting and that every cash payment was expensed.He then established accrual accounting, and eliminated $100K in redundant costs through consolidation oftasks. Dynamic AX ERP implementation was in disarray at Lantmännen Unibake with multiple problemareas. Mr. Wyngowski led a rescue team of consultant developers and CPAs to salvage and successfullycomplete implementation, completing the project and saving $300K in costs. Mr. Wyngowski determined that Lantmännen Unibake was eligible for a tax asset costs segregationto lower its tax rate and produce substantial tax savings. He directed a team of CPAs and engineers todetermine that certain building costs qualified as machinery and equipment costs in compliance with IRSregulations. This effectively lowered the tax rate from 40% to 4%, saving $2.5M. Inventory levels at Lantmännen Unibake were high with too much obsolescence. Mr. Wyngowskiperformed an analysis and decided to consolidate four warehouses into one facility. This produced annualsavings of $1M. The parent of Lantmännen Unibake decided to reduce month-end financial close by one day toexpedite reporting. Mr. Wyngowski led a cross-functional team of 15 in finance, operations and sales todefine new month-end close methodology, effectively reducing the close from five days to three days. The ciabatta bread production line was operating at 60% capacity and baguette line was at 120%capacity at Lantmännen Unibake. Mr. Wyngowski determined that retrofitting the bread line with baguetteequipment would increase capacity and enable the company to win a big-box retailer account. He wonapproval for the $850K capital investment, which led to $3M in new business by collaborating withmarketing and operations. Non-existent credit policies at Lantmännen Unibake had created $200K in write-offs with 30% ofslow pays exceeding payment terms. Mr. Wyngowski analyzed the situation and directed a team of financeand sales staff to develop new credit and collection policies with more customer focus. Their efforts reducedbad debt $200K and slow pay accounts by 20%. Laidlaw Educational Services, Inc. $1.6B provider of student transportation servicesIT Finance Manager – 2006 to 2007. Mr. Wyngowski was promoted to execute and direct a $70M ITproject portfolio, including reliability-based management, fuel management, branch operating platforms, webcharters, hire-to-retire programs, telecom expense, and data security. He managed the project timelines andaccounting to ensure each project was within budget guidelines, and led eight staff. Internal training of maintenance personnel at Laidlaw was inefficient and costly. Mr. Wyngowskiled a team of finance and operational personnel and identified the best course of action was to outsourcetraining. The outsourcing plan was implemented, enhancing overall training effectiveness and saving $200Kannually. Mr. Wyngowski was charged with managing that comprehensive $70M IT project portfolio withmultiple crucial business facets at Laidlaw. He decreased the project cost to budget through activeinvolvement in contract strategies, capital decisions, and oversight of ongoing expenses, reducing the overallcost by $3.5M.Hyperion Project Manager – 2005 to 2006. Mr. Wyngowski was recruited as part of a turnaround strategyto automate an antiquated, inefficient, cumbersome, and costly Excel financial system.
  3. 3. Stanley S. Wyngowski, CPA Page 3 Mr. Wyngowski accepted responsibility for automating the poor, inadequate and expensive Laidlawfinancial system. He assembled a cross-functional team of 10 finance, IT and operations staff to implementHyperion Planning. The new system improved reporting accuracy 35% and generated immediate actuals,budgets and forecasts. Chicago Metallic Corporation $300M metal fabricator and materials manufacturerCorporate Controller – 2004 to 2005. Mr. Wyngowski was promoted by the CFO to reengineer HyperionEnterprise to improve senior management decision making and enhance profitability. He created Board ofDirectors’ performance and strategy presentations. He directed accounting, internal auditing, financialanalysis and reporting, foreign banking, investing, and tax functions, as well as managing international creditfacilities and foreign exchange activities. Chicago Metallic’s foreign audits were non-transparent, costly and lacking in US GAAP complianceand adequate segregation of duties. Mr. Wyngowski managed selection of a new outside auditor to improvethe company value proposition. He reduced overall audit costs by 10%, enhanced control of foreign auditsby 30%, and increased audit efficiency by 60%, generating returned results much more quickly. Much work had been done at Chicago Metallic in new product development. Mr. Wyngowskidetermined that R&D on the new products qualified for an IRS tax credit. He directed a group of SMEs,finance, operations and sales personnel to institute a plan of action. This led to obtaining the company’s firstever $650K R&D tax credit. Chicago Metallic needed to increase the liquidity of its North American operations. Mr. Wyngowskidiscovered that the European operations had substantial cash balances with the parent being unable to receivedividends without significant tax liability. He assembled and managed five tax consultants to shift loans andcapital by creating a European holding company. This achieved a $40M tax free dividend and was able toimmediately repatriate $3M in tax free cash.Corporate Accounting Manager – 1998 to 2004. Mr. Wyngowski was recruited to turnaround a poorly-performing department with untimely and unreliable financials, no disciplined inter-company reconciliations,no proper data load extracts and transfers, and no best practices. He directed GAAS and GAAP compliance,prepared tax returns, managed reporting, oversaw outside auditors, and supervised general accountingfunctions. The Corporate Accounting Department at Chicago Metallic had been poorly managed, resulting inmany areas needing improvement. Mr. Wyngowski managed the business unit controllers to develop aninter-company reconciliation process and corrected ETLs. This reduced the month-end corporate close from2.5 weeks to 2 hours and improved financial statement accuracy 30%, while strengthening internalaccounting controls. A realty subsidiary of Chicago Metallic, valued at $50M, was determined to no longer be a good fitfor the organization. Mr. Wyngowski played a key role in working with the executive staff to find a suitablebuyer. After divestiture, the company realized a $2M profit. Pyramid Mouldings, Inc. $60M manufacturerAssistant Controller – 1998. Mr. Wyngowski was promoted to oversee the finance department move fromChicago to Jacksonville. He led an eight person staff in preparing budgets and forecasts, monthly financialreports, and capital budgets; managing equipment and vehicle leases; analyzing product costs; andidentifying cost improvement opportunities. He also managed general/cost accounting functions andoversaw IT finance activities.
  4. 4. Stanley S. Wyngowski, CPA Page 4Cost Accounting Manager – 1997 to 1998. Mr. Wyngowski directed three staff in preparing and filing taxreturns, job costing, managing multi-state payrolls, and creating budget/forecast and income statements.General Accounting / Credit Manager – 1984 to 1997. Mr. Wyngowski was initially hired to automate theaccounts payable system, improve credit function, and increase cash flow. He drove implementation of theMicro Control and Best Systems fixed asset systems. He managed corporate banking, a $20M credit line,and a $1M salary payroll. Pyramid Mouldings needed new A/P software to replace its antiquated mechanical system. Mr.Wyngowski evaluated options and introduced a new A/P system, which reduced workload by 40%, increasedaccuracy by 30%, and cut month-end close by one full day. Cash flow at Pyramid Mouldings needed to be increased. Mr. Wyngowski looked at all possibilitiesand initiated programs to enhance profitability. He slashed DSO from 60 days to 35 and stretched A/Ppayments from 30 days to 45. His actions dramatically increased cash flow by $2.5M. EDUCATION AND PERSONAL BACKGROUND Mr. Wyngowski received his BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicagoand is a licensed Certified Public Accountant by the state of Illinois. His professional affiliations include theIllinois CPA Society, AICPA, and the Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Wyngowski and his wife currently reside in Naperville, IL. He has been active in thecommunity in the Naperville Jaycees and Naperville Moose Lodge, and in supporting Saint Vincent DePaul.In his spare time, he enjoys all sports, travel, gourmet cooking, reading, gardening, and self improvement.