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Greek school presentation
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Greek school presentation


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  • 1. Multilateral project – partnershipsWith reference number COM – 12 – PM – 81 – BC – ROParticipants: Romania, Turkey, Latvia, Slovenia, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece
  • 2. EIDIKO GYMNASIO – LYKEIO ILIOYCity: ILION, ATHENS School – ELMADAD ANADOLU SAPLIK MESLEK LYSESY City: ELMADAD, ANKARA From 14/10 to 20/10/2012 We thank you for your kind invitation!
  • 3. Greece The Greek Team greets the colleagues from:Romania Latvia Portugal Turkey Slovenia Italy Lithuania Poland Bulgaria
  • 4. Please allow us to introduce ourselves Teachers:Krina Anagnostopoulou Christos Kapotis Anna Kayiaftaki Students: Alexandra Eleftheraki Marinos Pelciuc
  • 5. AthensMeet Our City
  • 6. Capital of Greece One of the world’s oldest cities Birthplace of democracy Host city of the first modern – day Olympic Games in 1896108 years later it welcomed homethe 2004 Summer Olympic Games Today a cultural metropolis
  • 7. The Parthenon:An ancient templededicated to the goddessAthena
  • 8. The Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis
  • 9. The Archaic Gallery
  • 10. The Parthenon GaleryView of the south side of the metopes depicting the Centauromachy
  • 11. The Caryatids from the south porch of the Erechtheion
  • 12. View of the west pediment of the Parthenon
  • 13. Syntagma Square The Greek Parliament
  • 14. SPECIAL EDUCATION Our school HIGH SHOOL (JUNIOR- SENIOR) IN ILION, ATHENS-GREECEAccording to the Greek educational system, children at the age ofsix must first go to primary school, which has six classes, and afterthat they must go to secondary school, which has two parts; thefirst part, called Gymnasium, has 3 grades and the second part,called Lyceum, has 3 classes, too. The attendance of primary schooland Gymnasium is compulsory for all children.In Gymnasium, subjects of general education are taught. Highschool graduates can attend a vocational school, look for a job, orattend the Lyceum, which leads to university or other colleges ofhigher education.Our special education high school, situated in Ilion-Athens, is oneof the few special schools of secondary education for handicappedchildren in Greece.
  • 15. The syllabus has been approved by the Ministry of Education and it is thesame as the syllabus that is taught in all Greek schools. The aims of thespecial school are basically the same as those of the other schools ofGreece. The special school doesn’t dispose of its own building, but it isroofed in one of the buildings of the National Rehabilitation Centre inIlion-Athens.
  • 16. :
  • 17. If there is a will, there is a way…
  • 18. Thank you for your attention!