Bulgarian school presentation


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Bulgarian school presentation

  1. 1. BulgariaBulgaria is situated inthe south-east ofEurope, on the north-eastern part of theBalkan Peninsula. It isan European, Balkan,Black Sea and Danubecountry. Because of itsgeographical locationBulgaria is at thecrossroads of Europe,Asia and Africa.Bulgaria is bounded on the north by Romania, on the east – bythe Black Sea, on the south – by Turkey and Greece, on the west –by Macedonia and Serbia.
  2. 2. BulgariaThe favourable weather and geographiclocation, as well as the ancient Bulgarian cultureare excellent preconditions for the developmentof tourism.
  3. 3. OUR CITYBurgas is the mostimportant economic,transport, administrativeand cultural centre in theSouth-East of Bulgaria.The city is anadministrative centre ofthe same namemunicipality and district,as well as headquarters ofregional and nationalinstitutions.
  4. 4. OUR CITY
  5. 5. OUR CITYDuring the next years some veryimportant projects are going to beimplemented in Burgas – public cyclingtransportation, taking the heavy trafficout of the centre, restoring the islandSt. Anastasia and the bridge,rehabilitation of the old historicalcentre.
  6. 6. OUR HIGH SCHOOL VGST “Prof. d-r Asen Zlatarov” was founded in 1959. We prepare specialists for the tourist industry in the region such as:COOK, RESTAURANTEUR, HOSTELER,HOTEL RECEPTIONIST, TECHNICIAN-TECHNOLOGIST IN FOOD INDUSTRY,BAKER-CONFECTIONER.Our students gain II-nd and III-rd levels ofprofessional qualification.
  7. 7. OUR HIGH SCHOOLThe students andteachers respect theirpatron and offer wreathsat his monument everyyear. They organize school celebrations entitled “Class on stage”.
  8. 8. CONTESTSWe organize contests for“The best young cook”, “Thebest young waiter”, “Thebest young baker”, “The bestyoung confectioner”. In 2012their skills were evaluated byindependent jury.Our students take part inregional and nationalprofessional contests.
  9. 9. CONTESTS
  10. 10. CONTESTS
  11. 11. EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCEIn draft of The InternationalFrancophone Organization twoteachers exchangedexperience at The College ofTourism in Paris during their 2-week stay. Five of our students are going to train their skills in France on summer holiday.
  12. 12. EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCEIn draft of Burgas Municipality and DistrictDegendorf /Germany/ graduated students go ona trainee education in Germany in summer.The High School of Tourismin Burgas met a delegation ofDistrict Authorities,employers and TheEmployment Service fromDegendorf and organized ameeting with students andtheir parents.
  13. 13. CHARITYOur students are happyto take part in theorganization andimplementation ofcharity activities suchas Christmas andEaster Bazaar.
  14. 14. TOURIST EXCHANGE In May 2012 for the 11thtime VHST-Burgas tookpart in the Regional TouristExchange- Burgas,organized by BulgarianTourist Association with a stall and students’ visits.
  15. 15. LABOUR EXCHANGEFor 12th time in April2012 we organized andimplemented StudentLabour Exchange – ameeting of students andtheir parents withemployers ofrestaurants, hotels,snack-bars, pizza-barsand other tourist objectsin the region.
  16. 16. PROJECTSWe have taken part in more than 10 projects andat present we are working on: •BUSINESS AND SCHOOL – FOR MODERNPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION 2 • WE STUDY AND WORK ON BEHALF OFCHILDREN WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONALNEEDS • SUCCESSWe have started multilateral projects in Leonardoand Comenius, as well as common projects withpartners from abroad.
  17. 17. PROJECTSBUSINESS AND SCHOOL – FOR MODERNPROFESSIONAL EDUCATIONThe project was won and started in 2011.In 2012 we won a second project for modernization ofour training facilities and we started its implementation.As a result we will renew a training kitchen and abakery.
  18. 18. PROJECTSWE STUDY AND WORK ON BEHALF OFCHILDREN WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONALNEEDS13 students with SEN / special educationalneeds/ and hard of hearing are studying in ourschool. 8 of them are in a separate class and 5are integrated in the other classes. In order toanswer their special needs 30 teachers from ourschool are in a process of 2-year education. Aspecial room has been equipped for them. Allschool programs and books are going to beadapted for them and a special applied programis going to be made.
  19. 19. PROJECTSSUCCESSAccording this project there were organizedadditional out-of-lessons activities, in a clubformat, with a professional and other thematicdirection, for realizing and diversification of thefree time, acquisition of “key” competences, asimproving of the presentation skills, collectingand processing an information, communicationin foreign languages, pro-active behavior.
  20. 20. PROJECTSSUCCESSNow there are 31clubs in ourschool that areworking on thisproject.
  21. 21. CONTACTS+35956/544141toh_bs@abv.bgbul. “Stefan Stambolov” 538001 BurgasBulgaria