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Learn more about StadiumRoar's free website templates for activity organizations. Get your organization online in just a few seconds; no technical experience needed. Post all sorts of useful information like files, photos and announcements.

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Free Organization Website Templates - StadiumRoar - Learn More

  1. 1. StadiumRoar Websites Click arrow to begin
  2. 2. Get your organization online today!1) Sign up for StadiumRoar2) Get your site3) Add content to your site4) Share your site
  3. 3. First, sign up for StadiumRoar…it’s free Enter your info, choose a password, and click GO TO MY PAGE!
  4. 4. Then, get your StadiumRoar site Enter your organization name and type, and your title, to get a site. No technical experience needed at all.
  5. 5. Your new StadiumRoar site!
  6. 6. Customize the look and feel Personalized logo Personalized colors
  7. 7. Add content Your site comes pre-loaded with 10 content sections; useas many or as few as you need
  8. 8. Your Home page
  9. 9. Management Add the names and contact information of other organization managers
  10. 10. Invite others to the party• Invite managers to be fellow site admins• They can help you add and edit any site info
  11. 11. Snapshot Add a brief description of your organization and some instructions for visitors
  12. 12. Membership Your site is linked to StadiumRoar’s two other main tools, Online Registration and Scheduling
  13. 13. AnnouncementsPost announcements onyour Home page; attach a file to any announcement
  14. 14. Email alertsVisitors can subscribe to“email alerts”; when an announcement isposted, they’ll receive it in an email
  15. 15. General is perfect for posting informationon any sort of a topic
  16. 16. News is perfect for posting highlights such asrecent awards or milestones
  17. 17. Programs is perfect for displaying theprograms in your organization (clubs, events,teams, classes, etc)
  18. 18. Bios is perfect for showcasing key people inyour organization
  19. 19. Addresses is perfect for sharing drivingdirections to key locations involved withyour organization
  20. 20. Discussions is perfect for facilitating onlineconversations between organization managersand participants
  21. 21. Forms is perfect for sharing files (Word, Excel, PDF,etc) that organization participants need todownload
  22. 22. Photos/Videos is perfect for sharing photos andvideos
  23. 23. More section The More section is a place we keep features that are useful for some users, but not necessarily all. Check it out to see if there’s anything you’d be interested in!
  24. 24. Sending people to your site Your site will have own public StadiumRoar URL, which people can access from any web- enabled device
  25. 25. Enjoy being more successful!• Become free of the administrative burdens of communication without tapping into your budget• Focus on running great programs• Become a huge success in the eyes of your organization
  26. 26. GET STARTED!Want help getting started? Call us at 908 591 5448or email us at