Free Event Scheduling Software - StadiumRoar - A Closer Look


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Learn more about StadiumRoar's General Scheduling feature. Schedule any sort of event and have it posted to your own online calendar, which people can view at any time.

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Free Event Scheduling Software - StadiumRoar - A Closer Look

  1. 1. StadiumRoar General Scheduling Click arrow to begin
  2. 2. Get started with event scheduling today!1) Sign up for StadiumRoar2) Get your site3) Add events to your calendar4) Share your calendar
  3. 3. First, sign up for StadiumRoar…it’s free Enter your info, choose a password, and click GO TO MY PAGE!
  4. 4. Then, get your StadiumRoar web page Enter your organization name and type, and your title, to get a web page. No technical experience needed at all.
  5. 5. Your new StadiumRoar web page! You’ll use this page to manage your schedule. You have access to other features as well…feel free to use them too, or just Scheduling.
  6. 6. Opening your site’s General Scheduling area Click the “Scheduling” link once on your site, then open your General Scheduling area
  7. 7. Your calendar Add any sort of event to your calendar, which people will be able to view online
  8. 8. Adding events to the calendar You’ll notice an Add icon at the bottom of the calendar; click it to add events
  9. 9. Add single and recurring events Weekly repeating Individual event event like a like a game or practice or concert meeting
  10. 10. Entering dates and times Enter dates and times by clicking; no need to type
  11. 11. You add events  events posted online Once you add an event, it gets posted to your site’s calendar
  12. 12. Sending people to your site to view your calendar Your site will have its own public URL, which you can share with people in any way you’d like. Once people visit your URL, all they need to do is select the “View Event Schedule” link on your Home page, and they can view your calendar.
  13. 13. Two calendar viewsThere are two different views your calendar can be seenin; the Traditional view and the List view
  14. 14. Traditional view Events are listed on a traditional calendar grid; if an event name is moused over, details will be shown
  15. 15. Event details
  16. 16. List view Events are shown in a day-by-day list
  17. 17. Invite others to the party• Get help managing your schedule• Invite others in your organization to be fellow page admins• They can help you add and edit any info
  18. 18. Enjoy being more successful!• Become free of the administrative burdens of scheduling without tapping into your budget• Focus on running great programs• Become a huge success in the eyes of your organization
  19. 19. GET STARTED!Want help getting started? Call us at 908 591 5448or email us at