Cloud Sports Software vs. Installed Sports Software

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Thinking about using a sports software? Learn the important differences between cloud sports software and installed sports software before you make a big mistake.

Thinking about using a sports software? Learn the important differences between cloud sports software and installed sports software before you make a big mistake.

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  • 1. Cloud!Sports!Software!vs.!Cl d S t S ftInstalled!Sports!SoftwareInstalled Sports Software Knowing!the!differences!can!prevent!you!from! making!costly!mistakes! Brought!to!you!free!by!
  • 2. Making!the!Right!Choice In!today’s!world,!you!are!doing!yourself!a!major! disservice!if!you!don’t!take!advantage!of!the!great! time"saving!software!tools!available!to!sports"and" ti i ft t l il bl t t d recreation!directors. The!problem!is!that!most!people!aren’t!“techie”!types! and!don’t!know!how!to!compare!the!different!choices! available!to!them.!!This!can!lead!to!some!costly! available to them. This can lead to some costly mistakes. We!can!help.!!Read!this!brief,!non"techie!E!Book!and! W h l R d hi b i f hi E B k d you!will!instantly!be!“in!the!know”.
  • 3. Overview!– Installed!Software Installed!software!is!software!that!you!need!to! install!on!your!computer!by!either!(1)!inserting! a!CD!into!your!computer!or!(2)!downloading!it! from!the!internet Once!you!install!the!software,!it!“lives”!on! y your!computer p
  • 4. Overview!– Cloud!Software Cloud!software!is!software!that!requires!no! installation;!you!can!use!it!at!any!time!by! i ll i i i b visiting!the!software’s!website Cloud!software!“lives”!on!the!web,!instead!of! , your!specific!computer;!you!can!access!it!from! y your!computer!or!any!other!computer!at!any! p y p y time
  • 5. Examples!– Cloud!Software
  • 6. Getting!Your!Software Installed!Software Installed Software Cloud!Software Cloud Software • Lengthy download process Lengthy!download!process • No download No!download • Usually!expensive • Cheap!and!often!times!free • You’re!often!forced!to! • You!can!set!it!up!yourself! coordinate!with!a!company! and!contact!the!company!if! representative!to!get!set!up you!happen!to!have!any! questions
  • 7. Using!Your!Software Installed!Software Cloud!Software • Can!only!access!it!from!the! • Can!access!it!from!any! computer!it! lives on computer it “lives”!on computer!with!an!internet! computer with an internet • Have!no!way!to!connect!to! connection other!users!in!order!to! • Can!instantly!connect!to! collaborate!or!share! others!online information • Upgrades!instantly!appear! • Upgrades require additional Upgrades!require!additional! for!you!to!use for you to use installations
  • 8. Protecting!Your!Software Installed!Software Cloud!Software • You’re!forced!to!save!your! • Information!instantly!saved! information!on!your! for!you!online computert • You!rarely!face!storage! • You!often!face!limits!of!how! limits!since!information!is! much!information!you!can! saved!on!the!web!instead!of! store one!computer • If!your!computer!breaks,! • If!your!computer!breaks,! you!lose!all!your! you lose all your you!can!access!your! you can access your information information!online!from! another!computer
  • 9. Next!Steps Clearly,!cloud!software!is!the!way!to!go! Clearly cloud software is the way to go! If!you!would!like!more!information!on!cloud! f ld lik i f i l d software,!or!if!you!would!like!to!start!trying!it! today,!check!out! d h k di Contact!us!with!any!questions:|!908"591"5448