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This is a digital portfolio of my work from Keene State College 2004-2008.

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Digital Portfolio

  1. 1. Stacy Trudo’s Digital Portfolio Click To Enjoy
  2. 2. S Ross Powers & Nick Pedemonti Resume Contact R T “Podium” pod um Manchester, Vermont Dimensions: 11”x17” Promotional poster for a snowboard shop and museum in Vermont. S K AT E • SNOW • H I S T O RY Snowboard Shop and Museum Previous Home Next Á Ë 5081 Main Street • Manchester Center, VT 05255 • (802)367-7669
  3. 3. S Saturday Resume Contact March 31, R 2007 T FREE and open to the public ACADEMIC “AEC” EXCELLENCE Dimensions: 11”x17” Promotional poster for the 2007 CONFERENCE Academic Excellence Conference at Keene State College Keene State College Science Center Media Arts Center L.P. Young Student Center Sponsored By: *The Honors & Enrichment Program *The Office of the President Previous Home Next *The Student Center Office of Programs & Leadership Development Á Ë *Keene State College more info :
  4. 4. S Resume Contact R T “Eric Fest” Dimensions: 11”x17” Promotional poster for a musical event at Keene State College. Previous Home Next Á Ë
  5. 5. $150 $220 $220 $240 $200 $260 $260 $280 S PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE Resume Contact TO T H O E G Fu P L INFIRM ll as IF Ds TROL T a FR TIC y Colorado Colorado Colorado Utah Utah Utah PA Vail Winter Park Aspen Mountain Deer Valley Park City Sun Dance EE K ER R Y SKI E T Shop Terrain Park Rental PRICE $300 Lake Tahoe California Montana Big Sky T $200 PRICE Moonlight Basin $300 PRICE Sugar Bowl California Montana HA LF $180 PRICE P I PE On Top Card On Top Card Halfpipe Halfpipe Directions Directions Follow Follow Bridger Bowl $320 PRICE Mammouth California Mountain Montana $180 PRICE PRICE $200 $200 PRICE PRICE Terrain Park PRICE Vermont Stratton $160 “Snowboardopoly” British Columbia Kicking Horse $350 PRICE Vermont Stowe $140 PRICE Dimensions: game board 20”x20” RK PA $75.00 PRICE IN Luxury Repair Shop Tax A RR $150 Spin off the well know Monopoly TE PAY game. British Columbia $400 PRICE Blackcomb Killington Vermont Whistler $140 PRICE Terrain Park Halfpipe SS RY IN Vacation PA LA Y 0 EC T SA FI .0 L A 00 O L Season Tax Sunday River Bretton Woods Loon Mountain Wildcat Sugarloaf RM C Maine New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire Maine U ◊ O A pay 10% $2 S RY or $200.00 Follow Directions $60 $100 $120 $100 $200 $60 $60 On Top Card PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE Property Trading Game From Parker Brothers® ® The World’s Most Popular Board Game Halfpipe Terrian Park Luxury Previous Home Next $20 S Y O U Tax C O L S AL AR A 0 . 0 0 P AS S LEC Whistler Kicking Horse Mammouth Blackcomb British Columbia Mountain T British Columbia California Y Á Ë Follow Directions $75.00 On Top Card $400 $200 $320 $350 PAY PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE
  6. 6. Staring out into the wild blue yonder S Resume Contact So many thoughts to sit and ponder Sun comes up and the sun sinks down About life and love and the lack R And I've seen them b h in this tourist town Road Trippin’ And this emptine in my heart Up for days in a rage Too old to be wild and ee T Just tryin' to search my soul Still too young to be over the hill For all the answers, and the reasons why Should try to grow up but I'm at these cro roads in my life who knows where to start. And I really don't know which way to go. Road The autobiography of I don't know what I want, so don't ask me Stacy Trudo is the cause I'm still trying to figure it out The Autobiography of story of a girl/woman don't know what's down this road, but who bares her emotions, I'm walking Stacy Trudo trying to see through the rain history, hang ups and coming down Trippin’ desires in all of their even though I'm not the only one dysfunctional absurdity who feels the way I do... I'm alone, On my own, and that's then leaves us to all I know assemble not only her I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on identity but to question I'm just a girl, trying to find a place our own. in this world Got the radio on, my old blue jeans and I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve feeling lucky today, got the sunshine. could you tell me what more do I need US $12.50 “Road Trippin” CAN $15.60 and tomorrow's just a The Autobiography of mystery, but that's ok maybe I'm just a girl on a mission Stacy Trudo but I'm ready to fly.. Pantheon Pantheon Books Books Dimensions: 13.5”x 9.5” Soft cover autobiography done in a Sun comes up and the sun sinks down Staring out into the wild blue yonder book design class. So many thoughts to sit and ponder About life and love and the lack And I've seen them b h in this tourist town And this emptine in my heart Too old to be wild and ee Up for days in a rage Still too young to be over the hill Should try to grow up but Just tryin' to search my soul who knows where to start. For all the answers, and the reasons why Road I'm at these cro roads in my life Trippin’ And I really don't know which way to go. Road Trippin’ The Autobiography of Stacy Trudo The Autobiography of Sun comes up and the sun sinks down Stacy Trudo And I've seen them b h in this tourist town Up for days in a rage In stores April 22, 2007 Just tryin' to search my soul For all the answers, and the reasons why Previous Home Next I'm at these cro roads in my life Book signings at the following Borders locations: And I really don't know which way to go. 4/22 North Attleboro MA, 4/24 Keene NH, 4/26 Rutland VT. Á 4/28 Albany NY 5/2 Portland ME, 5/10 Providence RI Ë
  7. 7. fiction s t Y ou always smell so sweet, but this new “Nothing is ever all said and done in a Trudo novel. One can imagine the ripples of these characters' lives scent is foreign and different. You used t echoing on and on, even after the last page has been r fa to spend all your days here by my side, but turned. Odds are, you'll wish you hadn't turned it. ” —San Antonio Express-Newsa now our time together grows shorter and a u shorter. Your eyes, the sparkling splendors, stacy never seem to meet mine when you tell me c d l how you’ve been. “Trudo is a rare writer who delivers book after trudo book, a winning combination of the literary Your kisses are quick, and your touches y o and the commercial.” l en seem minimal and necessary. Day by day I —Entertainment Weekly fallen word put the pieces together. I’ve memorized every word you say, all the hints you drop. Trudo was born and raised in Nesconset on Long “Trudo writes with a fine touch, a Darling, I know where you’ve been. I know sharp eye for detail, and a firm Island, New York. She studied writing at Princeton exactly what goes on. I know where you left grasp of the delicacy and complex- University and had short stories published by teen ity of human relationships.” your jacket, and I know who is so proudly fallen word magazines while still in college. Immediately after —The Boston Globe wearing your necklace now. She’s prettier graduation, Stacy found herself unable to make ends than me, isn’t she? And you always loved her wo meet and in order to follow her lifelong dream of more. But don’t worry, becoming an author, she took on a series of miscella- Trudo has become a master-almost a Sweetie, you’re free now, free to be hers, neous jobs extending from editing at a textbook clairvoyant-at targeting hot issues and publishing company to teaching eighth grade English like she’s wanted for so long, like you’ve both writing highly readable page-turners classes. Soon after, she attended Harvard University wanted for so long. I wish it wasn’t like this, about them…It is impossible not to be r to earn her master's degree in education. held spellbound by the way she forces us but since it is, I hope only the best for you, Trudo is best known for centering her novels to think, hard, about right and wrong.” and I will forever be waiting for you to come around human emotion and complex human —The Washington Post back... Someday, together, we’ll find out what relationships. Recently she has confirmed that she forever feels like. will be the new writer of DC Comics' Wonder Woman series later this year, following the departure of “Bestseller Picoult takes on another contemporary d current writer Allan Heinberg after issue number fallen hot-button issue in her brilliantly told new five. Her first issue (#6) will hit stands in the latter half thriller…the author’s insights into her characters’ of March 2007. word . . . deep-seated emotions brings this ripped-from-the- Fiction US $12. 55 headlines read chillingly alive.” CAN $15. 65 ISBN 0–901690–54–6 —Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Revi 90000 PANTHEON BOOKS, NEW YORK Printed in the U.S.A. ©1992 Random House, Inc. stacy trudo Pantheon Books Price 9 780901 690548 $12.50 S Resume Contact R T “Fallen Word” Dimensions: 20”x 9” Hard cover novel done in a book design class. Previous Home Next Á Ë
  8. 8. Einstein’s Timeless Praise for Einstein’s Dreams T Einstein’s Dream here is a place where time stands still. “A wonderfully odd, clever, mystical book of meditations on time, poetically spare and Dream Rain drops hang motionless in air. Pendu- delightfully fresh.” -Patrick T. Reardon, Chicago Tribune lums of clocks float mid-swing…As a traveler approaches this place from any “Enchanting.” -John Calvin Batchelor, Washington Post Book World direction, he moves more and more slowly… “Endlessly fascinating. A beguiling inquiry into the not-at-all theoretical, utterly It is 1905 in Berne, Switzerland. A young time-tangled, tragic and sublime nature of human life.” -David Mehegan, Boston patent clerk has been dreaming marvel- Sunday Globe ous dreams about the nature of time. He is “Delightful...[Lightman] is an artist who paints with the notion of time...a provoca- Albert Einstein and he has almost tive exploration of time’s illusive nature.” -Richard Eder, Los Angeles Times finished his special theory of relativity. Alan What were his dreams like those last Lightman was born in Memphis, “Thought-provoking...a delight to read.” -Lee Lescaze, Wall Street Journal pivotal few months? Here, in this extraor- Tennessee, in 1948 and was educated at dinary and highly acclaimed work by Princeton and at the California Institute of “A brilliant novel of time in its marvelous flight...gorgeous in its writing, spellbind- physicist Alan Lightman, thirty fables Technology. He has written for Granta, ing and profound in its effects.” -Susan F. Schaeffer, Chicago Sun-Times conjure up as many theoretical realms of Harper’s, The New Yorker, and New York time, dreamt in as many nights. Review of Books. His previous books “It is at once intellectually provocative and touching and comic and so very beauti- In one world time is circular, its people include Time Travel and Papa Joe’s Pipe, fully written.” -Salman Rushdie fated to repeat triumph and trial over and A Modern-Day Yankee in a Connecticut over and over another, men and Court, Origins, Ancients Light, Great “Mr. Lightman successfully has combined his talents to create an imaginative work women try to capture time- which that explores the motivations of a great scientist.” -Dallas Morning News Ideas in Physics, and Time for the Stars. appears as a nightingale- in a bell jar... in Einstein’s Dreams is his first work of yet another, there is no time, only frozen “Whimsical and meditative, playful and provocative...pulls the reader into a dream fiction. He teaches physics and writing at world like a powerful magnet. As in Calvino’s work, the fantastical elements of the moments. Alan Lightman the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. stories are grounded in precise, crystalline prose.” -Michiko Kakutani, New York All are visions that gently probe the Times essence of time, the adventure of creativ- ity, the glory of possibility, and the beauty Photo Credits “Impressionistic...the writing, beautifully simple, conveys better than most texts the of... Alan Lightman strangeness of Einstein’s ideas.” -Time Front Cover Adobe Stock Photos “A beautiful work of fiction that explores the nature of creativity...takes you as close as Einstein’s Einstein’s you ‘re likely to get to Einstein's inner world...Lightman is a wonderful writer.” -Jim Dawson, Minneapolis Star-Tribune Dream Dream PANTHEON BOOKS, NEW YORK price $25.00 Printed in the U.S.A. ©1992 Random House, Inc. Alan Lightman Price $25.00 Pantheon Books S Resume Contact R T “Einstein’s Dream” Dimensions: 22.5”x 9.5” Recreation of an already published novel. Previous Home Next Á Ë
  9. 9. S Resume Contact R T The Life Channel LIFE UNSCRIPTED November 2006 Volume 4 Issue 3 Trading Spaces Welcomes Back Paige Davis As was teased on TVgasm earlier, with AC Slater and I can down a this week's episode of Nip/Tuck had six-pack to dull the pain of the something you don't see very much obvious subtext Nip/Tuck was outside of the specialty section of trying to throw at us. However, I'm your local porn shop: Midget sex. hopeful that one day, and one day Okay, okay, not full-on hardcore soon, Christian will be back to his Is midget-to-midget sex, but rather He or Isn't He Glory, especially since “TLC Newsletter” the seduction of our favorite with this show's penchant for unstable heroine, Julia, by Manny abandoning storylines only to have Marlow, who I think is more of a them pop up later (What up Brooke quot;little personquot; than a midget. Shields!). So far now we have to Dimensions: 8.5”x 11” Regardless, while even the sugges- settle for the midget sex, and hack, tion of little people sex, is surely a heaping dose of Lez. On second enough to get this series back on thought maybe I'll bring out my track, and I'm quite upset to inform six-pack to dull the pain Four page newsletter for the T.V. all of you, or those of you who care, anyway...So far now we have to that the Christian gay undertones of settle for the midget sex, and hack, Channel TLC. earlier in the season have all but a heaping dose of Lez. On second vanished. Oh how I miss the days of thought maybe I'll bring out my (inside spread next) yore, where Christian would shower six-pack to dull the pain anyway. TLC Announces New Show IN THIS ISSUE To Premiere March 16 • Trading Spaces Welcomes Back Paige Davis I CAN MAKE • TLC Announces New To Premiere March 16 YOU THIN • Miami Ink vs. L.A. Ink • Trial Date Set for Little People Big World Star with Paul McKenna Matt Roloff • Orange County Choppers • Little People Big World • Meet John and Kate Plus 8 Previous Home Next Á Ë
  10. 10. L.A. Ink vs. Miami Ink Orange County Choppers Trial Date Set for Little People Established as a business in 1999, Afghanistan.Today, Orange County One of my favorite reality shows, donʼt like to party enough and that Star Matt Roloff the shop grew out of Orange County Choppers has garnered worldwide Miami Ink (which Iʼve blogged about basically she doesnʼt like being told Ironworks, a steel fabrication enter- praise and recognition for their a couple of times) is airing its what to do. Iʼve got a hunch that this prise founded nearly 30 years ago custom motorcycles. In 2002, OCC season-ender tonight at 10 pm/ET particular battle stems from her by custom-chopper builder and was recognised by American Iron as A trial date has been set for had been linked to a driving on TLC. Normally Iʼd be bummed recent scuffle with Orange County rider, Paul Teutul Snr. OCC jumped one of the world's top 12 builders; television star Matt Roloff, who under the influence charge. In that Iʼd have to wait a while for new Choppers honcho Paul Teutul Sr. If on the custom-bike scene at Day- likewise, OCC was among 19 other is accused of driving under the 2003, he had a DUII charge episodes, but Kat Von D, is getting you missed it, the American Chop- tona Biketoberfest, 1999, with quot;True top builders profiled in the book, influence. dismissed after completing an her own spin-off, LA Ink, starting on per personality and his lady love Blue,quot; a classic chopper built in the Haute Motor: The Art of the Roloff stars in “Little People, Big alcohol diversion program. The June 12 at 10 pm/ET. Which is were going to have Kat and Garver basement of Paul Snr.'s house. Chopper.OCC bikes have been World,” a reality Learning Channel good… and bad. Good because I fly up to New York and give them Other signature bikes soon followed, featured on numerous magazine television show that focuses on love Kat. In fact, sheʼs the month of tattoos, but basically when Paulʼs including the Spider Bike, purchased covers, including American Iron, on The Learning the lives of Roloff, May on my Miami Ink calendar, girlfriend wanted an arm band of by musician Wyclef Jean of the Freeway (France), Norsk Biker Jour- Channel that his wife and his which I actually went out and bought hearts, Kat told them it was beneath Fugees, and the Jet Bike, built to nal (Norway) and Street Chopper. focuses on the son, all of whom (I swear, it's not a piece of swag). If I her and that she didnʼt see why she honour U.S. military forces in Plus, the Spider Bike was one. lives of Roloff, his are dwarfs. ever do break down and get a tattoo, was going since it was a waste of wife and his son, He appeared in Iʼd love to have one of her amazing her talent. Little People Big World all of whom are court Friday and a portraits. I think she leads a fasci- dwarfs. trial date was set nating lifestyle, and watching a show Miami Ink store owners Ami and He appeared in for Dec. 5. all about her promises to be very Chris Nuñez had to make nice with In the most in-depth television the ranks of the business world, court Friday and a In June, a Wash- exciting. Iʼm totally setting up a TiVo the gruff guy, and they both visited documentation of the lives of Little closing deals with some of Silicon trial date was set ington County season pass. Orange County to do the tattoos People, the series follows the Roloffs Valley's most well-known compa- for Dec. 5. deputy pulled personally as a show of good faith. an extraordinary family composed of nies. After being laid off, Matt In June, a Washington County Roloff over as he was driving on The bad part is that sheʼs leaving Ami was less than pleased with Katʼs both little and average-sized people. decided to pursue his dream of deputy pulled Roloff over as he West Union Road. Deputies said the Miami shop, and based on what attitude, and Iʼve got a feeling that Over six months and for 10 hours owning his own business. Originally was driving on West Union Road. Roloff failed a field sobriety test Iʼve read, it isnʼt exactly on the best they are going to butt heads over per day, the series captured the a stay-at-home mom but now Deputies said Roloff failed a field and was arrested. He was taken of terms. The headstrong Kat appar- that issue big time on tonightʼs family's everyday successes and holding down two jobs, Amy has sobriety test and was arrested. to the Washington County Jail ently went head-to-head with boss episode. Since Ami is the one who struggles. The result is an intimate raised four children: 15-year-old He was taken to the Washington and cited on charges of DUII, man Ami James and she ended up typically does all the narration for view of life as a Little Person. twins, Jeremy and Zach (Jeremy is County Jail and cited on charges refusing a breath test and failing storming out. I havenʼt seen it yet, Miami Ink, Iʼm sure weʼll get a Parents Matt and Amy Roloff are average height and Zach is a little of DUII, refusing a breath test to drive within a lane. but boy, doesnʼt that sound juicy? heaping helping of his perspective, both little people - 4 feet tall - but person), 12-year-old Molly and and failing to drive within a lane. It was the second time Roloff has Over the past season sheʼs made it but thankfully it'll be only a couple they are determined to succeed in a 8-year-old Jacob. Together they It was the second time Roloff been linked to a DUI charge. pretty clear that the Miami scene of weeks before weʼll get to hear world t hat isn't always accepting of own and operate Roloff Farms, a isnʼt for her, that her coworkers just Katʼs side of the story as well. differences. Matt has risen through sprawling 34-acre farm in Oregon. Previous Home Next Á Ë