Retail Trends: QR Codes Retail trends come and go, but the recent collision of a still-struggling economy and proliferatio...
Retail Trends: QR Codes4!                                                        92%                                      ...
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How Do Moms Use QR Codes? [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Transcript of "How Do Moms Use QR Codes? [INFOGRAPHIC]"

  1. 1. Retail Trends: QR Codes Retail trends come and go, but the recent collision of a still-struggling economy and proliferation of mobile apps lays the groundwork for Moms to explore new high-tech ways to save money for their families. In the first installment of our series on Mom Retail Trends, we look at Moms’ attitudes toward Quick Response (QR) Codes. From our recent survey of 1,000 Moms, we’ve highlighted the Top 5 insights emerging about Moms and their embracing of QR codes.! 1! Moms Seek QR Code Access Via Smartphones! Of the moms who own Smartphones (over 64%), 56% say they have downloaded a QR reader to their phone and 87% saying they have activated a QR code via their phone.! 56% 39% 36% 14%2! Moms Want QR Codes to Serve Up Deals & Savings Discounts! Promo Codes For 92% of Moms, discounts and coupons provide the chief reason to activate a QR code, and 75% of Moms activate one 92% looking for special offers. In an economy still waiting for recovery, Moms continue to seek out new avenues to streamline household costs.! Discounts 3! Moms Activate Offline QR Codes! The majority of Moms activate codes via magazines (73%), in- store retail promotions (65%), on products (61%), direct mail pieces (30%), and business cards (22%). Thus, despite Moms’ rapid embrace of social media and online sources, they access information related to QR codes from decidedly offline outlets. ! © Mom Central Consulting, Inc. 2012
  2. 2. Retail Trends: QR Codes4! 92% Of Moms want the QR Moms Need Clearer Reasons code details- tell me to Activate QR codes! where, when and what offer!! Nearly 60% of Moms have activated a code without knowing exactly what it would offer, and 36% did so out of curiosity. However, 92% of Moms say they remain more likely to use a code if they 60% } know where it will take them or what it will offer. Despite their recent entrance into the Mom space, most Moms seem 36% Activated willing to give QR codes a chance. ! Blindly Curiosity Driven {5! Intrigue But Lack of Regular Use! Interesting 50%Over 50% of Moms find QR codes Momsinteresting – they love to discover whatthey offer – and more than 40% say QR believe Useful 40%codes remain a useful way to get product QR codesinformation. Yet 18% of Moms believe QR are:! Marketing Ploys 28%codes are a waste of time and don’t offeranything useful, and 28% view them as amarketing ploy. Waste of Time 18% !!"#$%&(")*+*","-.*/01"23"45678","9:!;566;<445" 2/=#0*+%(#/0>?(@0A;B/=","2/=#0*+%(;B/=","C%BD//EF"2/="#0*+%("#/0>?(@0A","G.HI+F"2##/0>?(@0A © Mom Central Consulting, Inc. 2012