Travel Management Presentation 2011


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Travel Management Presentation 2011

  1. 1.
  2. 2. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION<br />WHY USE FIORE & ASSOCIATES:<br />Summary of Qualifications<br />Services at a Quick Glance<br />Travel Professionals <br />Our Services<br />Commitment<br />Win-Win Situation<br />Pre-Screening<br />Benefits of Outsourcing<br />Our Commitment to Clients<br />We Value Our Clients<br />Client Placement Services<br />Company Information<br />
  3. 3. WHY USE FIORE AND ASSOCIATES?<br />We are Fast, Efficient, & Versatile<br /> At Fiore & Associates we provide comprehensive solutions for travel management companies <br />locally and nationally while offering job seekers many options for employment.<br /> Need an experienced manager, qualified travel consultant, meeting planner, IT Staff or Sales and <br /> Account Managers for tomorrow? Forget about advertising, trolling the internet, reviewing resumes, testing applicants and calling references - that's our job. Whether it's staff to cover a client meeting, or an experienced professional to fill in for a parent on leave, we can deliver the "just in time" employees you need. You get the hires you need only when you need them.<br /> Adding staff can be a hassle, but not with Fiore & Associates. Instead of wasting time and incurring the expense and liability of immediately adding permanent staff, why not see if employees will work out before you make them an offer? We deal with our temporary employees' payroll taxes, FICA, worker's compensation, errors and omissions, and liability insurance- so you don't have to. You just write one check- even for multiple employees – <br /> and have the luxury of knowing that we've got you covered. <br /> Our employees are carefully recruited, personally interviewed, thoroughly reference-checked and evaluated before being placed.<br /> At Fiore & Associates, we recruit from a national labor pool, so you get the benefit of looking beyond the reach of the typical on-line web sites to attract temporary, temp-to-perm and direct hire employees. <br /> Let us find your perfect fit.<br />
  4. 4. FIORE AND ASSOCIATES , LLC, SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION:<br />Fiore & Associates, is a dedicated, professional, experienced staffing firm that specializes in the travel industry with over a decade of proven success <br /> Fiore & Associates, staffs several temporary placement employees , and services numerous accounts with permanent placement positions nationwide.<br /> Fiore & Associates is a privately owned and independently operated woman-owned company certified with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council & the WPEO<br /> Fiore & Associates, uses an advanced online data base program for reporting and data management. The database allows for rapid scaling and development of applications, features, functionality, and integration with other platforms. The most significant implication of this technology is the wide range of customizations available for use in recruiting.<br /> Fiore & Associates, cultivates and manages relationships among contacts, candidates, colleagues and clients that is critical to landing and conducting professional and executive searches.<br /> Fiore & Associates, forms of communication include, but are not limited to: Phone, E-mail, social networking.<br />
  5. 5. FIORE & ASSOCIATES SERVICES PROVIDED AT A QUICK GLANCE<br />Fiore & Associates provides employment services for the following:<br /><ul><li>Contract Employees
  6. 6. Contract to Hire Employees
  7. 7. Direct Hire Employees</li></ul> Fiore & Associates services include:<br /><ul><li>Recruitment Procedures
  8. 8. Reviewing Candidates
  9. 9. Rigorous Review process as specified by the Client’s job description
  10. 10. Interviewing Candidates
  11. 11. Reference Checks completed & reviewed
  12. 12. Evaluations / Skill assessment</li></ul> Invoicing Procedures<br /><ul><li>Fiore & Associates has adopted various technologies to reduce administrative and operational costs for our clients. Invoice for contract and direct hire personnel provided by Fiore & Associates.
  13. 13. Emailed Invoices: All invoices shall be emailed directly to the responsible processing individual(s) at your organization.
  14. 14. Electronic Fund Transfers: Client may execute an electronic fund transfer (EFT) to satisfy invoices remitted</li></li></ul><li>TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS<br /><ul><li>Fiore & Associates specializes in placing Travel Professionals. Our years of experience combined with a full knowledge of the Travel industry ensures that all your needs will be fully understood and met.
  15. 15. From Agents toMeeting Planners to Sales and Account ManagersFiore & Associates maintains a vast database of talent, culled over twenty years experience in the travel industry, and continually updated to ensure that all candidates are qualified in the latest skills and technologies needed to excel
  16. 16. We provide both Direct Hires and Temporary Services:
  17. 17. National Floaters
  18. 18. Corporate Agents
  19. 19. Group Air Agents
  20. 20. Meeting Planners
  21. 21. Leisure Agents
  22. 22. Sales and Account Management
  23. 23. IT Professionals
  24. 24. Trainers</li></li></ul><li>OUR SERVICES<br />When we evaluate potential candidates for a career in the travel field, we look at the big picture, making sure we understand your overall needs, not just the narrow requirements of a specific position.<br />
  25. 25. COMMITMENT<br />Because the travel industry is a fast paced, ever-changing one, we maintain a contact dialogue with our clients and candidates long after we have filled a position.<br />
  26. 26. WIN-WIN SITUATION<br />Not only do we create a win-win situation for both the candidate and client, we make sure that the relationship remains healthy and that future performance maintains a consistent level of EXCELLENCE.<br />
  27. 27. PRE-SCREENING<br /><ul><li>The candidates that Fiore & Associates hire, must pass a pre-screeningphone interview, followed by a personal in depth interview.
  28. 28. The potential candidate is required to prove their skill level on APOLLO, SABRE and WORLDSPAN.
  29. 29. If successful, Fiore and Associates would require reference checks from prior working managers.
  30. 30. All temporary Travel Consultants would be required to sign a legal contract which would summarize all policies and procedures of Fiore & Associates.
  31. 31. At this point, the temporary Travel Consultant would become an employee of Fiore & Associates, ready to be deployed.</li></li></ul><li>BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING<br /><ul><li>Savings: control costly recruitment and employee related expenses
  32. 32. Flexibility: respond to the ever changing travel industry and economy
  33. 33. Access: provide experienced, reliable, dedicated personnel
  34. 34. Speed: meet immediate or unexpected personnel requirements
  35. 35. Selectivity: utilize a national labor pool
  36. 36. Opportunity: evaluate prospective direct hires</li></li></ul><li>OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR CLIENTS<br /><ul><li>Each candidate is personally screened, evaluated and interviewed
  37. 37. Fiore & Associates conducts background checks upon request
  38. 38. Interfaces with Client to determine personnel needs and job requirements
  39. 39. Recommends optimum match for open positions
  40. 40. Employee Orientation on temporary placements
  41. 41. Coordination of your multiple site locations
  42. 42. Payroll taxes, FICA, Worker’s Compensation and Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability Insurance
  43. 43. Customized reports tailored to your specifications
  44. 44. Onsite recruitment and Job Fairs available upon request</li></li></ul><li>WE VALUE OUR CLIENTS<br />At Fiore & Associates, satisfaction is not a one-time achievement, but a continuous process. <br />We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations by earning your trust through our performance<br />
  46. 46. CLIENT PLACEMENT SERVICES<br />In the event that the Client makes the determination that it is in the best interest of the Client to employ on a direct hire basis Temporary Personnel or a National Floater placed by Fiore & Associates with the Client, Client will give forty-eight (48) hours notice of the same to Fiore & Associates. In such event, Client shall pay to Fiore & Associates within five (5) business days of the above referenced notification, Twenty percent (20%) of the gross annual salary to be paid for the personnel at direct hire. Please note if candidate has been working temporarily in the office, no guarantee shall be in effect, as the client is already aware of the candidate(s) skills.<br />Fiore & Associates will provide recruiting services to Client for a flat fee of Twenty (20%) percent of gross annual wages for the following positions: Corporate Travel Agents, Leisure Travel Agents, Group Travel Agents, Lead Agents, Meeting Planners, Clerical and Administrative Support, Quality Control Agent, Jr. Accountants, and all other non-exempt personnel.<br />Fiore & Associates will provide recruiting services to Client for a flat fee of Twenty five (25%) percent of gross annual wages for Intermediate level placements including, but not limited to: Managerial, Supervisory, Trainers, Information Technology, Sales, Account Management, Accounting, and all other exempt personnel.<br />Fiore & Associates will provide recruiting services to Client for a flat fee of Thirty (30%) percent of gross annual wages for Senior level placements including, but not limited to: C-level Executives (Corporate Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, et al), Partners, Legal, Operational, Directors, Senior Accountants, CPAs, and all other exempt personnel. <br />
  47. 47. 203.734.9511<br /><br />Contact:<br />Stacey Fiore, President<br /><br />