Volcano presentation on power point %) 3


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Volcano presentation on power point %) 3

  1. 1. How Volcanoes Occur? VOLCANOES
  2. 2. Step 1 The Heat inside of the Volcano makes the water inside of the plate builds pressure to it.
  3. 3. The material then melts and turns into hot melting magma.
  4. 4. Step 4 – Gas pressure propels lava material to the surface.
  5. 5. Step 5 – As the volcano erupts, material builds up along the edges, creating the Volcano’s to erupt.
  6. 6. THE ERUPTION!!!
  7. 7. Sparkles in the sky. Ever think that was standing up will get burnt down to the ground. The volcano has made the grass turn to nothing. The volcano will be getting ready to erupt so it will be tumbling down with a little bit the lava from inside. I went to Auckland museum- and there was a Volcano that erupted that was out in the water that was showed on a screen and the floor started moving and the windows started crashing and splashing of the Lava and heaps of people screaming. Before the Volcano sparks out its hot gushing Lava it might come up with a big puffy, Blowing up sound that will make the people below hear and will start moving around and screaming loud. Being in a Volcano eruption it would be scary because you will be running around wondering what you should do un till the Volcano comes and you are just trying to run away from it. When the Lava is coming down you would feel a shake that would make you jump because the Volcano has just erupted. The tectonic plates will be smashing together. Looks like Sounds like Feels like It feels like you are being pushed around and getting pushed down to the ground. It feels like you are getting into a hot bath of water that is as hot as the Volcanoes Lava. A whole bunch of fire works in the sky.
  8. 8. WALT compare and contrast Task: Compare and contrast two photos. One before you natural disaster occurred and one after. Success Criteria: How will I know when i have been successful?  - I can identify what is the same in the two photos  - I can identify what is different in the two photos  - I can explain why these changes have occurred                                                Before      - It is clean -It is up -It is standing up tall -There is Water for -There is Grass because the grass has not been dead yet from the gushing lava. -The volcano is straight and in the right shape -The volcano has not erupted yet because everything is straight and you cant see the hot lava tumbling down. -The sky is pitch blue because when the sky is gray that is when all the smoke comes out from the Volcano. - It is bright After -There is no Water -There is no Grass -The snow is scatted everywhere -The volcano has erupted -The sky is now gray - It is dark - The grass is dead -The volcano is gone down These changes have been caused because one minute the volcano is tall and big and the next minute the lava inside has exploded out and has ruined the grass and the clean water. The grass is gone because the hot gushing lava has destroyed it. The water is gone because the snow has tumbled down and destroyed it taking the volcano down with it. When the volcano has erupted everything around it has gone down with it leaving just a little bit of snow and no water that is clean because all the water is filled with lava.
  9. 9. My narrative writing
  10. 11. My think-write articles
  11. 15. Hope you liked it.