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  1. 1. Tornadoes
  2. 2. How A Tornado Forms Step 1 The air that rotates inside a thunderstorm is called a Mesocylone.
  3. 3. Step 2 Then the winds outside the thunderstorm causes the air at the ground to start spinning.
  4. 4. Step 3 A downdraft, the air of the storm called the rain-cooled pushes down on the air that is spinning, and causing it to slit into two columns.
  5. 5. Step 4 An updraft, the warm air rising into the storm, causing one spinning column to stretch and form in to a tornado, that attaches to the Mesocylone.
  6. 6. Step 5 Together, A spinning column joined with the Mesocylone forms a much larger spinning column of air also known as a Tornado.
  7. 7. Looks like -Cars- Cars spinning out of control. -Huge- a huge violent, rotating column of air. -Scary- it would look really scary if it was coming straight for you. -Crashing- buildings falling down cars smashing into each other. -Cracking- The tectonic plates moving apart. -Thunder- a huge storm could be forming. -Screaming- people screaming for help. - Whistling winds- the wind is moving really fast going around and around at full speed, with the tornado. - Emotions- ect, frightened, scared. -Dizzy- you would not be standing you will just be spinning out of control also you would be dead! -Cold- because all the air will be rushing around you and it could be cold freezing air. Tornadoes Sounds like Feels like
  8. 8. My Narrative story
  9. 9. How Tornados came to be Angry One fine evening in Aoetearoa, Mother Nature was resting when all of sudden she was disturbed by humans because they were throwing rubbish and they buried rubbish in her stomach. She was so disgusted that she wrote a letter to her best friend tornado to come and teach the humans a lesson! The next morning Mother Nature is woken by a rumble and screaming humans, she rubs her eyes to see better, then she all of a sudden she sees her best friend TORNADO!! Mother Nature had a huge warm smile on her face she was so happy to see her. But when she saw tornados face she felt terrified, she saw her best friend so angry, so inflamed and hurting poor instant people that she had to stop her, and she had to calm her down. When Mother Nature went to touch Tornado to calm her down Mother Nature felt Tornados body was half freezing and half sizzling. Mother Nature had never seen Tornado so mad before! Mother Nature was trying to calm Tornado down, then finally Tornado listened to what Mother Nature had to say. Tornado said that this was the first time ever she had felt this mad, she also said that she so angry at the humans for hurting her, for treating her badly. Mother Nature’s eyes filled with salty tears that then filled the sea. Then Tornado went to the humans and told them that if they do not treat Mother Nature nicely, when she would come back and fill their houses with all the rubbish they put on Mother Nature! By Becky
  10. 10. WALT: Compare and Contrast before and after photos of a Natural Disaster. crushed  damaged broken ugly un- symmetrical  dull boring destroyed  shattered  ruptured    Tall building perfect walls no cracks nothing is broken pretty symmetrical nothings wrong straight lines perfect concert After    Before
  11. 11. Think Write
  12. 14. Thank You For Watching I Hope You Enjoyed It By Becky 