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How a  hurricane occurs

How a hurricane occurs






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    How a  hurricane occurs How a hurricane occurs Presentation Transcript

    • How a hurricane occurs? By Mitchell deverson
      • Warm ocean (more than80 °F) provides energy for the hurricane causes more evaporation creating moist air and clouds.
      step 1
      • Winds coming together forces air to rise.
      Step 2
      • Winds separate and flow outward over the storm and allowing the air below to rise.
      Step 3
      • Moist air rising creates clouds for the storm.
      Step 4
      • Light winds outside the hurricane control it and let it grow
      Step 5
    • -Destruction. -Demolition. -Ripping -Strong winds because the hurricanes generates a lot of power -Heavy power because the walls of the hurricane is huge -Over powered because the hurricane has a lot of momentum and the winds and forcing each other and has the ocean for energy -Blowing because the wind would be loud because of the force Looks like feels like sounds like Because every thing is being torn up and broken to pieces
    • Before                                           After Green plants                             ruined plants (no plants) Houses                                      destroyed houses Civilisation                                like a graveyard Calm land                                  demolition zone Casual                                        devastation Constructed                              destructed Enjoying                                     living hell Good place                                awful lands Happy place                               nothing Fine weather                              dreadful  suburb                                                     no houses same: the area, place of the power poles, These changes occurred because the hurricane has forced houses to the ground and killed the plants because Success Criteria: How will I know when i have been successful?  - I can identify what is the same in the two photos  - I can identify what is different in the two photos  - I can explain why these changes have occurred
    • Hurricane article Title Storm Review (hurricane) In an awesome display of power and destruction, Hurricane Mitch will be remembered as the most deadly hurricane to strike the Western Hemisphere (right side of the earth) in the last two centuries! (two hundred years) Not since the Great Hurricane of 1780, which killed approximately (around about) 22,000 people in the eastern Caribbean (place), was there a more deadly hurricane. Mitch struck Central America (place) with such viciousness (dreadful attacks) that it was nearly a week before the magnitude (energy and strength) of the disaster began to reach the outside world. The death toll currently is reported as 11,000 with thousands of others missing. Though the final death toll will never be known, it is quite likely that Mitch directly killed more people than any Atlantic hurricane in over 200 years. More than three million people were either homeless or severely affected. In this extremely poor third world region of the globe, estimates of the total damage from the storm are at $5 billion and rising awful  . The President of Honduras, Carlos Flores Focuses, claimed the storm destroyed 50 years of progress (sad  ). Table 1 lists the top seven most deadly hurricanes ever witnessed (being present at the event) in the Western Hemisphere. Mitch is ranked number 2, a rank which will likely stand for a long, long time.
      • Hurricane Katrina (title)
      • On August 28th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States (setting) with devastating effect.  It was reported that more then 1,800 people lost there lives (that is so bad)  , and more then $81 billion dollars in damages occurred (that’s sad).
      • As a result, efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina still continue, as those affected by the terrible hurricane continue to work to regain the health and livelihood that they had before the storm.  The resources below provide access to historical information related to the event, as well as on-going aid and assistance that is currently available to the effected public.
      hurricane katrina
    • It was a miserable day in hell. The Wind God assassins were invading when some one called them. The ocean goddess wanted the land of Australia. The Ocean Goddess wanted the Wind God Assassins to take out the far north of Australia then the whole country and then the world. Because then land people have always been dumping pollution onto her land and he is sick of it That day was the most miserable day for Australia, the wind god assassins arrived and causing destruction and putting fear upon the land they came together and merged to make a super wind reaper. The reaper had powers unknown to the gods. There was nothing not destroyed in the rubble and no human wasn’t killed or injured. It wasn’t finished but nobody could stop his wrath and strength after it’s the world! The reaper is so reckless he shreds up someone’s Lamborghini from bumper to bonnet soon there where just under 200 live humans on the earth. The reaper is going mad and his robe is white and his eyes glowing light green and a skeleton body. Unstoppable suddenly he stops, suddenly he hears a voice…the ocean goddess want the war to end. The hurricane turns the pollution to dust and in an instant the ocean goddess felt better because the pollution disintegrated and cleared out then the water was a sparkling stream and the land was like a desert graveyard. Everything is destroyed in rubble. The Resurrection of the Wind God Reaper
      • And at the end it looks like this:
      Thank you for watching