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How a hurricane occours
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How a hurricane occours


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  • 2.
    • Warm ocean more than 80 ْ۫۫۫۫ f
    • provides energy for the
    • hurricane causing humid air and clouds .
    stage 1
  • 3.
    • Because of stage 1 air comes together causing it to rise higher and higher to it gets to the higher atmosphere.
    Stage 2
  • 4.
    • Continuing to rise a above the storm, using the air below to help it rise.
    Stage 3
  • 5. stage 4 Humid air rises to form the clouds within the storm.
  • 6. Light air from the out side of the storm steer the hurricane to make it bigger. stage 5
  • 7. stage six And eventually forms the hurricane and destroying any thing in its path.
  • 8. WALT: Compare and contrast. Task: Compare and contrast two photos. One before you natural disaster occurred and one after. Success Criteria: How will I know when i have been successful?  - I can identify what is the same in the two photos  - I can identify what is different in the two photos  - I can explain why these changes have occurred. Before-Every thing is stable and strong.-Every thing is clean.-The sky is windy and looks like a storm will occur.-the the houses near by are still standing -trees are got leafs all over them.-Ground is flat and no harm to it. After-Cars have been pushed back to ether side. -Cram skies.-Rubble every where.-Every ting has been shattered to pieces.-Leafs from trees have blown off.-Ground cracked.-buildings have pushed over.-Light posts have been nocked out. -Dirt every where.  -Grass has been ripped off and sucked up because of the raped winds. -Wood and bricks from houses have been sucked up the channel and dropped at high altitude because it suddenly stopped. -The sides of the rood looks like it has been grassed with the sides of it.
  • 9. Looks like. Feels like Sounds like - Boiling each building over. -Building crumbing to the ground -Derby rising from the rubble. -Your neighbours car on your roof. -The ground is rumbling. -A rapped amount of air pushing your back. -Dirt and derby pushing your skin cutting it. -If you was running it was like some one was trying to ankle tap you -Ever hair on your body being ripped of your body. -Some is trying to punch you and if you give up they will not take any mercy. -Fire works going off because of all of the houses smashing to gather. -People screaming for there lives as if there lives are flash before there eyes. -Fire works are going off as if it is guy forks of new years eve. -Sounds like some one is about to drop a knuckler bomb because it sounds like hurricane as it rips throw the upper atmosphere. -God is blowing. as loud as he can.
  • 10. The rules of the gods Before time, gods rained the land and man loved and obeyed all, the gods had one single rule. That one rule was to respect the holly land of New Zealand and if this was not obeyed by man they would be severely punished. The holly land was a flourishing place where grass was green and the sky was a glittering blue with the flagrant bush surrounding the land. The land was a very wealthy land, given to man by the gods. But one day man decided to disobey the ruler of the gods. They destroyed three major forests belonging to the gods. Why man did this? We don’t know but the gods became extremely angry at man for doing this. The God of Wind and the Goddess of the Ocean decided to teach mana lesson on respect. The gods unleashed a mass of winds and typhoons but the most disastrous was the hurricane that they unleashed. It wiped out the existence of man except one village the hurricane seemed to not even touch them. The only damage to that village was their food supplies. To this day man can not decipher why they left them alive maybe the gods love for them was too strong to kill them all. But even now the gods are watching over us knowing man will not destroy the forests of the gods, hoping they have learnt their lesson.
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