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Q2- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
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Q2- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?


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  • 1. Question 2- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    Stacey Hall
  • 2. As part of my coursework I had to produce a promotion package for the release of an albumwhich included:
    • A music promo video
    • A cover for it’s release as part of a digipak (CD/ DVDV package);
    • 3. A magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/ DVD package);
    My work partner and I had to ask permission from an unsigned music artist to use their:
    which we then produced a music video for.
    We were adamant to produce a pop music video and preferably with a female artist, as we believed we could produce strong pieces of work, as we are familiar with the codes and conventions of the pop genre.
    Recently the pop genre has become popular with many people today with the likes of mainstream artists such as:
    • Lady GaGa
    • 5. Katy Perry
  • My digipak for my artist Tiffany Queen
  • 6. My magazine advert for my digipak
  • 7. My music video
    Below is a link to my music video on Youtube
  • 8. I believe my marketing package is coherent and issuitable to our demographic audience of:
    but also:
    • secondary audience of males
    • 11. aged 15-20.
    We believe they would be:
  • Male gaze/
  • 15. Male gaze/ voyeurism
    In 1975 Laura Mulveypublished her essay title ‘"Visual
    Pleasure and narrative Cinema.”’ The essay established
    the male gaze presented in cinema.
    Mulvey argued that the cinematic;
    • inevitably put the spectator in a masculine subject position
    • 16. Made the figure of the woman on screen the object of
    • Encouraged viewers to identify with the protagonist of the
    film, who tended to be a man.
    • female characters of the 1950s and 60s were, according to Mulvey, coded with "to-be-looked-at-ness." and passive characters
    Mulvey suggests that there were two distinct modes of the male
    gaze of this era:
    1) Voyeuristic;- i.e. seeing women as 'whores'
    2) Fetishistic;-i.e. seeing women as ‘Madonnas'.
  • 17. Definition of voyeurism (Wikipedia);
    The male gaze is purposely present in both my ancillary texts and music video to appeal to our
    secondary audience of males aged 15-20, as the girls featured in my marketing package have
    been sexualised.
    Hey Boy contains sexual voyeurism throughout the video:
    • Imagery of beautiful half naked women acting provocatively are present throughout the video which creates a sex appeal towards them which is stereotypical of the pop genre.
    • 18. The camera positioning is objectifying the females as sex objects, this is done by the camera giving the point of view shot from the males point of view in the video but also the camera purposely focuses femininity of the girls.
    • 19. When the boyfriend looks to the right the camera then cuts to Tiffany which the camera focuses on her boobs which gives the audience his point of view which I believe is really effective.
    • 20. Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate
    behaviours, such as: undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered to be of a private nature. The term is used in a more general sense to refer to someone who habitually observes others without their knowledge, with no necessary implication of sexual interest.”
  • 21. Male gaze in my ancillary texts
    • Giving eye contact creates a connection with the audience and a sense of desire.
    • 22. By the lips being the only feature in colour on Tiffany it draws attention to them. Lips are a common feature focused on women in the pop genre, as they are a sexually desirable.
    • 23. Make up creates a sense of femininity
    • 24. By focusing on Tiffany Queens chest is the most oblivious portrayal of the male gaze and by adding a lens flare on the bra draws more attention to her chest.
  • Male gaze in my music video
  • 25. Used in marketing package to make them coherent with one another.
  • 29. Fonts
    • I used the same three fonts throughout my ancillary texts so that they were not too complicated or distracting to the viewer by taking away the focus of the artist but also they link well together.
  • The colour scheme
    Font colour codes on Picnik
    • Pink FF347B
    • 34. White FFFCFC
  • Themes/ props- Vintage Vs modern in my marketing package
    The vintage phone links to my music video
    Layers on both print tasks un- edited
  • 35. The way the theme of vintage links between my ancillary texts and my music video is very subtle but effective.
    I wanted to incorpriate vintage and modern I did this by adding a modern twist such as:
    • the layers are from old photographs and layer over Tiffany Queen who is wearing modern clothing
    • 36. ‘Gossip girl’ is speaking into the vintage phone which appearson my digipak panel.
  • Prop- Tiara
    • Here is a great example how my ancillary text and my music video link together. On the back cover of my digipak Tiffany Queen is wearing a tiara to emphases and add humour as it is a inside joke mocking her name. The exact tiara is then used in the opening sequence of the music video and is clearly in shot several times, this would be and inside joke for Tiffany’s fans as they would notice the link between her digipak and music video.
  • Reference to my digipak in in the music video links the marketing package
    • Advertisement- which then influences the audience to buy the digipak
    • 37. Advertisement also for the Ipod as it clearly displayed in the frame
    • 38. Shows the audience what genre Tiffany Queen is and will be familar with the digipak cover which then they will hopefully remember and purchase
  • Themes/ costumes - pin up Vs modern in my marketing package
    • 1940’s/ 50’s Pin up girls especially Rosie
    • 39. Lady GaGa
    • 40. Katy Perry
  • My interpretation of the pin up icon Rosie for my ancillary texts and music video inspired by my influences (previous slide)
    Here I styled the artist in my clothing similar to my digipak but this time giving it more of a glamorous pop chick tone by adding the jewelled bra underneath the shirt.
    Here I styled the artist in my clothing similar to what Rosie is wearing e.g. Denim shirt and red bandana .
  • 41. Intertexual reference by artist doing a similar pose to Rosie
    I think the concept of the pin up/ vintage theme works well with the song as it reflects an era of a: strong, independent woman for example the fact that our artist is wearing military boots similar to the man is effective as it reflects ‘girl power’
  • 42. The bra links all of my work as it is present in each and flows will with the concept. The colour scheme works well such as: the pink lips is worn by the artist in both my ancillary and music video.
  • 43. Who I think would produce Tiffany Queen’s digipak and music video
    Sony Music is the second-largest global recorded music company and is based in America. It signs a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. It is home to premier record labels representing music from every genre. It includes artists such as:
    • Christina Aguilera
    • 44. Beyonce
    • 45. Britney Spears
    As Sony seem to sign mainstream artists I believe Tiffany Queen would be signed as she is similar to other artists such as the ones stated above. On
    the digipak and title at the beginning of my music video I have included I mentioned and added the Sony music logo. By doing so the audience may decide solely on the company as they have a reputation of signing mainstream
    pop artists.
  • 46. Examples of how ancillary texts and music videos are coherent- Katy Perry
    Advert, CD cover and clip from video.
    Advert, CD cover and clip from video.
  • 47. Marketing
    • HMV is a British global entertainment retail chain and is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. The company also operates in Hong Kong and Singapore.
    I think it would be sold in HMV as it is:
    • Reasonable price
    • 48. Sells mainstream music
    • 49. Convinent for people to purchase from as nearly everywhere has a HMV in their town centre
    Sold for £8.99
  • 50. Advertisement- how I believe my video would be advertised
    People nowadays are accessing media through the internet, here a examples of current media similar to mine being advertise on:
  • Audience Feed Back
  • 52. Bonnie Brinkworthloveeeeee it. i'de say pop, but a bit edgy, like lady
    gaga'ish. Really like how you've edited the photo's and the texture in the
    background which creates a modern tone to the print work and you can
    see this reflected in the music video as well as the artist is wearing the
    same costume :)
    Shelley Eva Haden love the outbreaks of colour which is present through the whole set of work. Love the added sparkles such as the bra which is in both the print work and music video; this gives it an edge. The old vintage effect surrounding the frame of each image is the 'cherry on top of the cake'.. weldone! ♥ James White Love it stace :) I like the black and White with the bursts of pink and the effects you've put on the images. Its looks symplistic yet effective which is also come across in the music video, as it is filmed in studio with a white backdrop.Em Webb I love them totally would buy the album because they look good and the music video is fun and suits an audience of 14- 18 year old girls/ boys:) x
    Ash Jones Looks pretty awesome. Because of the symplistity on both the print and video. The girls look great and the same theme is present through all your work which I think is girly vintage fashion :) BeccyBonfieldomgstace, your print work is so good!!! I love the colours and how you've made the pink jump out and stand out. It looks old, and yet modern. I also see how this links to your music video because the same colours are used in this aswell. Overall they are mazing, well done matey :) Shane SmithThe vintage border stands out to me, I think it goes really well with the look of the piece. But I don’t see the vintage obvioius in this video which I think you could of done by maybe just making the video back and white in the falsh back. The colours work really, the pink makes the print work eye catching well and the costumes which are used in both pieces of work which is fun as it is like an inside joke
    Beth Small I really like the boobies, makes me wanna buy the album xxx
    Audience Feed back
  • 53. Summary of feed back
    I asked a handful of mixture of male and female teenagers aged between 16- 18 years old on the social network Facebook what they thought about my final marketing package, as they are not media students they did analyse them in detail or compared them but they did give personal appears which is also helpful as they are honest which a good set of feedback as they would generally be the stereotype people who would purchase the digipak and watch the music video. In Summary they:
    • They noticed the vintage aspect throughout work but also it was not to obvious in the video which I think is good as I only wanted a vintage overtone by the choice of costumes
    • 54. They like and once again noticed a colour scheme running throughout my marketing package and said it was effective. By having a colour scheme an audience notices is great as it creates a brand image for the artist which means people will start to recognise the artist and hopefully purchase the digipak.
    • 55. The sexualisation aspect worked but in this case for a girl but this proves that my ancillary texts appeals to larger audience which is effective as this means more people would buy the digipak due to the physical appearance even before listening to the song or watching the music video.
  • Conclusion
    • I think by planning my digipak helped a great detail and in the end influenced my music video. We did not draw up a story board instead we jotted down some ideas and decided that we knew the basic concept and had knew core sections we must film such as the ending but the rest was improvised which I believe is effective as the girls look natural rather than acting.
    If I was to improve my work in my opinion and from audience feed back I would:
    • Make the vintage and pin up tone more obvious in both pieces of work.
    • 56. Include the cast member in the digipak as this would link well with the video.
    Overall I am extremely happy with the outcome of marketing package and from my audience feedback comments so do many other people but especially teenage girls which proves that I have produced work suitable for my target audience.