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  • -play song- Andrew Goodwin says that a ‘music video is a response to the music’ – Baring this in mind Stacey and I used Synaesthesia to try and envisage what we saw our music video being like. We shared both of our ideas and put them into this moodboard.
  • This is our mood board. We believe that this completely represents what we want our video to be like. The pin up girls are examples of what we would like some of the models to look like. We have also included a header from Kanye West’s video Gold Digger. We would love to be able to do something like this in the post production stages of our video. We have also included pictures of props that we would like to include in our video, things like the milkshake, ice cream sundae, telephone, beach ball, hairbrush, curlers etc. We have included a picture of red lipstick and a eye with fake eyelashes on it, this is how me and stacey envisaged the make up of the models looking.
  • - Read slide, go into more detail -
  • Here are some examples of what we would like our models to look like. Preferably we would like to have 8-10 models in our video. Our lead singer will be dressed a lot like Stacey, featured above. We want her to be a strong looking woman, and we thought that the stereotypical ‘Rosie’ would be the ideal for our leading lady. Even though this is the type of dress theme that we are going for we would prefer ‘Rosie’ to have a pink bandana as we believe it will look more contemporary and would appeal more to our younger audience.
  • Here are some other examples of what we would like our models to look like. We definitely would like a sailor girl in our video, aswell as a more glamorous girl, like featured on the left. Other types of pin up girl that we would like are, Housewife, Mechanic, very much the typical stereotypical pin up girls..
  • Read slide, go more into detail, click on the link and read about the male gaze.
  • We have created a slide where we have created a character profile of our audience. We believe our demographic audience are white females aged 14-17. Our secondary audience, that we believe would appeal more to the music video are males, aged 15-20. We believe both our demographic audience and secondary audience would be C2/D on the jicnar scale. We believe they would be hedonists, mainstreamers, aspirers and materalists.
  • These are some of the women that influenced our ideas. We loved the idea of focusing on the 1940’s theme and these were some of the women that came into our minds. Women like Kat Von D, influenced us as she has a very fun pin-up look and yet is more contemporary as she is tattooed. Also Katy Perry is a very popular artist nowadays and also has that slight modern pin-up girl look. Dita is probably one of the more traditional pin-up models, but we believe her style and grace is something we would look for when deciding how to dress our girls. Rosie is a huge influence to us as she is one of the most well-known pin ups of the 1940’s, we believe that she has a huge influence on our video.
  • Here are some examples of our influences. – play some of the videos-
  • Our video is going to be a performance video, with some dancing in a studio setting. We’d like our music video to be quite artistic as well as quite low budget. Our video would have a Semantic meaning, which means that , ‘This code refers to connotation within the story that gives additional meaning over the basic denotative meaning of the word.It is by the use of extended meaning that can be applied to words that authors can paint rich pictures with relatively limited text and the way they do this is a common indication of their writing skills.’
  • Health and Safety Issues – Loose wires, tape them down. Heavy props, more than one person helping. Tripping over tripods – Folded away when not in use. High Heels, could cause ankle injury, remove when not in use. Lighting, can be heavy, more than one person helping, break easily, only experience people should manage the lighting equipment.
  • Pitch

    1. 1. Beccy and Stacey’s Music Video Pitch For By Tiffany Queen
    2. 2. Vibrant colours, elaborate costumes, artificial lighting, theatrical makeup, studio setting, simple set design, pin-up costumes, colourful, fun, flirty, appropriate props. Panning shots, split-screen, extreme close-ups, establishing shots ( lead singer), long shot, point of view shot, high angle, low angle, canted angle, panning zoom, reverse zoom, tracking shot. Short takes, montage editing, post production visual effects, cutting, eye line match, fade out transitions.
    3. 3. Relationship between the music, lyrics and visuals •Song doesn’t necessarily go with the video – quite unpredictable •Quite simple, and so entropic •Many props and different costumes used •Sexualisation of women •Dancing in a pop video •‘Male Gaze’ - More on Male Gaze, Laura Mulvey
    4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu-7rPdFjvI&ob=av3e •We like the pin up sets and costumes in this music video •We like the letter boxing and editing in this video which we • believe will make our music video look effective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxfxDycUVnE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr-SqRWImmI •This video has text adding in the editing process which we believe looks: fun, quirky and effective. We also like the: bright, vibrant colours used in this pop music video and the fun but simplistic costumes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 6vwNcNOTVzY&ob=av3e
    5. 5. Health and Safety is another thing we need to consider when making our music video. We need to make sure that all of our extras and ourselves are safe in the environment in which we’re working.