Question 1- In what ways does your media product, use, develop, challenge forms of real conventions of real media product

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  • 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct, use, develop, challenge forms of realconventions of real media product.
  • 2. Music Video:Before starting the construction of my media product I decided to do researchinto what conventions are used in typical music videos, I used various sources ofinformation in order to gain more knowledge on how to create and present amedia product.The conventions of a typical indie music video I have found out usually containimages of nature, close ups, humour, dim lighting, performance and instruments.Research into the conventions deepened my knowledge of what conventions Iwould need to use in order to conform or go against a real media product.One of the many conventions I have used throughout my music video is lipsynching. The majority of all music video I have researched contained lipsynching whether it may be for a few seconds or used in the whole video. Idecided use lip synching in my video as I feel that it helps express the artist’semotions and her heartbreak, it also strengthens the narrative of the video andmakes the audience feel a part of the storyline. Lip synching is an aspect whichneeds to be matched perfectly throughout the video in order to look professionaland we have created an almost perfect example of lip synching through the aidof media technology.
  • 3. Music Video
  • 4. However if I did not include this convention in my media product then itwould have been mistaken for a short film and this is the sort of I idea I didnot want to create for my audience. In the pre-production we decided toinclude only a few shots where she would lip synching put through furtherresearch we have found out that constant use of lip synching helps engagethe audience, without making the video look boring and uninteresting.Another convention I have used is Mise-en scene. Commonly all music videouse Mise-en scene as it helps set the tone, emotion and the meaning of eachshot. A certain atmosphere is created in music videos to help the audience toidentify with what is going on within a scene; it can either be for instancespecific characters, props, lighting, costume, makeup or the actual setting.In my media product the artist is seen wearing casual clothes throughout thevideo. I learned that in many indie videos artist don’t wear glamorous orrevealing clothes for example in Ingrid Michelson’s “Be Ok” video we see herwearing a simple shirt and jeans and playing the guitar in her room. For ourvideo this is the idea wanted to create; scenes were the focus was on theartist’s emotions and performance and not on her clothes. However we didconformed to the typical convention by making our artist wear indie/vintagecolours such as mustard yellow.
  • 5. Another Mise-en-scene convention we applied to our media product was theuse of natural setting a convention which can be seen in many indie videossuch as Florence and the machine “rabbit heart” where the artist is seendancing around in a forest/park. In our music video we used natural settingsto conform to the convention but also make it easier for our target audienceto identify what genre our video is. We used indie colours in our video forexample by having the artist wearing the same colour top as the yellowflowers. We did this to show the artist as a down to earth and innocentcharacter and by using nature it was easier for us to portray this.Another Mise-en scene we used is props, one of the main props we used inour video was a guitar as from previous research we have seen many indieartist use instruments such as guitars in their performance. In our mediaproduct we see the artist playing the guitar by herself; we did this a way tolet the artist express her emotion and heartbreak through her love of music.Another Mise-en scene convention we used was makeup, in our music videowe tried to go for a natural look a way of portraying the artist’s natural anddown to earth character. In one part of our video we see the artist wearingred lipstick to connote that she still loves him and that she hopes he comesback to her.
  • 6. Another convention that we have included in our media product is the use ofclose-ups, this is a convention used in indie music videos such as Florenceand the machine “Cosmic Love”, which have various shots of the artist faceexpressing her emotions through her facial expressions. I learned that theseshots are used to help the audience identify what the artist if is feeling in thevideo. In my media product I have used numerous close-ups to show theartist’s emotion and the confusion she is feeling on whether he will comeback in to that relationship. I have used other shots like mid-shots and lowangle shots each timeOne convention we haven’t used is humour, we decided not to include thisas our song was heartbreak and including humour would disrupt theloneliness and isolation the artist feels throughout the song.
  • 7. Digipak:When creating a digipak I had to keep in mind the typical codes and conventionsof a typical digipak and by doing research I have found out that all digipakcontain some key information. For instance name of album, artists name, tracklist, record label, release date and a visual imagery e.g. of artist or bandmembers. What I have learnt is that digipaks are made to reinforce the artist’simage to its specific target audience.There are various conventions I have used in my digipak in order for it to appealto my target audience. One of the conventions is wording, I have included a titleboth of the artists name and the albums name, and this will give the targetaudience basic information about the artist and what the album is called. I havealso a track list of the songs included in the album, without it the audience willnot be able to access the songs made by the artist.Another convention I have used is visual image; from previous research I havefound out that majority of digipaks have an image either in ananimation, photographed or hand-drawn. The visual images will portray theartist and the genre of the music the artist is conveying. Many people usuallypick up an album because it looks attractive or they recognise the artist, so I triedto create a digipak that is appealing to my target audience but also at the sametime providing information about the artist for people who don’t know her.
  • 8. Another convention I have used is including CD, which typically all albumscontain as it is a technology which allows you to play the music recorded bythe artist. For my digipak I decided to make the CD more bright andcolourful my applying flowers used from the background of the main albumpicture. I have created this so that CD looks more unique and interesting, butalso making it stands out from other digipaks. I have taken inspiration fromRihanna’s “Loud” digipak which also contain an image of roses on the CDcover.Another important convention I have used is the record label’s logo, this is toprovide information the target audience about what record label the artist isconnected with. It is also an additional information but an important one so Idecided to apply this convention at the back of the digipak near the tracklist, so it easier for the audience to clearly recognise.
  • 9. Magazine AdvertWhen creating a magazine advert I wanted to produce an advert whichfollowed all the convention, this so that it looks professional but still besuccessful in promoting the artists album, Which is why a magazine has toinclude all vital information, so that the audience can know more about anindividual artist or band. For example things like album release date, officialwebsite, artist and albums name.In my magazine advert some of the conventions I have included are: name ofthe artist and album. I have placed the albums name underneath the artistsname as this is one of the main features of a magazine advert they will lookat. The font I have used is not that fancy as I wanted to make the artist themain attraction not the font used. From previous research I have found outthat not many adverts have fancy writing as the main focus is always on theartist. This is the idea that I wanted to use for my advert to make it lookmore appealing to my target audience and focus group.
  • 10. Another convention typically found in magazine adverts are visual, the sameas digipaks. The way the artist is positioned, they props they use, theirmake-up can also represent the artist in positive/negative, strong/weak waybut mostly in a positive and strong way to promote the artist in a good light.In my magazine advert I have used an image of the artist holding a guitarand wearing subtle makeup, I did this to show the artist as a down toearth, innocent and pure character.Another convention I have included are the logos of the artists recordlabel, this is an added information but is vital for people who want to knowmore about the artist. I have also included the artist official website, wherethey can buy new albums, get information about tours/gigs and also learnmore about how the artist became successful.
  • 11. I have also added a new media technology in the magazine advert, thisbarcode allows people with a smartphone to get on the go informationabout the artist and where they purchase the album. As media is currentlychanging I decided to keep up and use new technologies around me and alsopromote the artist using new media.One of the conventions I decided not include in the advert is the releasedate, If an individual is interested than they can visit the official websitewhich will include all the information and also the person can find out aboutother albums available by the same artist.