Eeunit bulletin july august 09


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Eeunit bulletin july august 09

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Eeunit bulletin july august 09

  1. 1. D E PA RT M E N T O F F O R E S T RY J U LY / A U G U S T 0 9 E N V I RO N M E N TA L E D U C A T I O N U N I T BU L L E T I N What’s been going on ? Summer Camp 09 !! Hailing from Japan ! This summer, camp went off Welcome! Welcome! To Mika Sasaki without a hitch despite the our new JOCV (Japanese Overseas co- rain but I guess they don’t operation Volunteer). She hails from Ehime Prefecture west of Japan. call it a rainforest for nothing. Students were good natured and had great fun ex- ploring the forest, doing bird watching, and especially bathing in the Mahaut river among other things. Below students can be seen listening attentively as they’re be- ing taught about medicinal herbs by our very own Magaret Severin and Chris Sealys who made the trip down to La Porte especially for this activ- This bright, smiling young woman ma- ity. Students later planted jored in Chinese language and culture various herbs on site. and loves to play the piano and make confectionaries. Approximately 60 students She is here with us for two years to attended the two 3 days camp learn and share and is presently at- from various schools such as tached to the Environmental Education Forestiere Combined, St. Jo- Unit. She has come from very far from seph’s Convent, Vide a completely different culture so let’s Boutielle Secondary, St. make her feel at home. Mary’s College, Sir Ira Simmons etc. The setting was perfect WELCOME MIKA !!! for developing and strengthening new and old friendships. We’re pleased to say that the donations received by the various private businesses assisted greatly and we thank them. Notice Hey, organizing summer camp takes a lot of hard work and cooperation, ap- The Ministry of Agriculture, plause to all the persons involved Fisheries and Forestry has re- especially those of the Quillese launched the government web- range. site. Giving it a brand new and exciting look. So everyone check it out @: Phone: 468-5648/5 E-mail your suggestions/ ideas to: Done by: Nicole La Force.
  2. 2. D E PA RT M E N T O F F O R E S T RY J U LY / A U G U S T 0 9 E N V I RO N M E N TA L E D U C A T I O N U N I T BU L L E T I N What’s been going on ? Are you afraid of Invasive Aliens ? I don ’ t know about you but they sound like bad news to me. These invasive alien green iguanas which have been spotted in Soufriere in places like Ze- non and Fond St. Jacques are spreading quickly. We can ’ t allow their popu- lation to go unchecked or it ’ s bye bye to our unique Iyanola , St. Lucia ’ s iguana. Talk about major competition and lots of interbreeding. If nothing is Invasive Iguana done, then bye bye to farmers crops as well. Community participation is a must in eradicating this alien invasive iguana . In light of this a series of commu- nity meetings have been planned by the Forestry Department. One has successfully taken place in Zenon where more than 35 persons from the community attended along with Department of Forestry ’ s chief, dep- uty chief and forest officers of Soufriere, Quillese and Castries. Also in attendance were volunteers from Durrell Conservation Trust who are here to study and help in the capture and possible eradication of these invasives. Point persons from these communities will be selected to work directly with the Forestry Department in catching these invasive iguanas or at least report to the department iguana sightings for quick response and capture. CAUTION !! : Don’t mistake our cuter St. Lucia iguana (Iyanola) with the invasive. St. Lucia iguana We have to protect our own. Iyanola Reception Anyone!! (468-5638) Everyone knows the bubbly, Affable Linda. Can you tell where she is sitting in this picture? Well for your information she is our new receptionist and we know she will do a great job warmly receiving and disseminating information to all requiring it. Congratulations Linda as we support you in your new post !! Phone: 468-5648/5 Done by: Nicole La Force. E-mail your suggestions/ ideas to: