The Centennial of St Nicholas’ Church                       Final Report to Parish Council and Vestry, 2013         From t...
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St Ncks Centennial Report to Vestry 2012


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St Ncks Centennial Report to Vestry 2012

  1. 1. The Centennial of St Nicholas’ Church Final Report to Parish Council and Vestry, 2013 From the Past, Into the Future: St Nicholas’ Church, Birch Cliff, 1912-2012When the Centennial planning process began four years ago, 2012 seemed far in the distance.But now our Centennial is over, and what an eventful year it has been. As we look “into thefuture,” we do so with a new rector, a refurbished church, a host of other accomplishments, and arenewed sense that we can continue to move forward as a community of faith and presence inBirch Cliff.As Centennial coordinator, I am deeply pleased that we – the Steering Committee and thevarious committee heads – have been able to fulfil the approved Centennial programme, ofevents, guest speakers, special music, heritage recognition, anniversary logo and artwork,memorabilia, a year’s worth of anniversary blurbs in Nick’s News, and more. All of this could nothave been accomplished without the patient and dedicated involvement of a host of parishionersover the years, as well as the backing of Parish Council.Thanking all those involved by name would be an impossible task – there were just so manyparticipants, in time, active engagement, initiative, and commentary. A blanket note ofappreciation in Nick’s News only begins to express our appreciation. We are particularly gratefulto the entire congregation, who embraced the Centennial and supported it heartily throughout theyears, especially in 2012.A responsible, final report on such an undertaking could not be complete without a financialreckoning. Brian Jones, our treasurer, has informed me that the expenses with respect to ourCentennial were $7,184. This amount includes all costs for the Gala in June and the variousreceptions during the year. In addition, we incurred $1,201 in 2011 and the honoraria of $2,100paid to eight guest preachers during 2012. Full details are available from Brian or me. We aregratified that the Centennial came in so close to the approved budget of $10,000, the result ofcareful planning and scrutiny by our committee heads, some key donations, and cost recoverieson such features as our Gala, calendars, heritage plaque, and Christmas ornaments.What did we accomplish with our Centennial celebrations? Some parishioners observed that theyhelped us through a challenging year. Others have noted our renewed sense of place within theBirch Cliff community. The celebrations themselves gave us a variety of wonderful experiences,from the special music performed here to the social events to the uplifting messages of ourvisiting clergy. Everyone will have an impression on 2012. If nothing else, just as we haverevisited our past, we can move with refreshed confidence into 2013.David Roberts