Nicks News Summer 2011


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St Nicholas Birch Cliff parish newsletter for Summer 2011

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Nicks News Summer 2011

  1. 1. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011 NICK’S NEWS Music, soccer are Carmineʼs big passions The way Carmine Lappano sees it, when your vocation is your vacation, things are working out pretty well in your life. “Even if it didn’t work out with professional soccer,” Carmine says with a laugh. It did, however, work out with music and that, in turn, has worked out quite nicely for us here at St. Nick’s. Starting Sept. 1, Carmine will replace the dynamic duo of Bill Goodfellow and Joan Waters-Garner as our esteemed music director. And while following in those shoes might be considered a daunting task, Carmine is up for the job. He already juggles theFather Kevinʼs message: responsibilities of being a Grade 3-4 teacher at William G. Miller PublicTending our garden School, a father to five-year-old Joseph and three-year-old SamuelDear friends, and their gardens – lots of and, until he joins us in September, One of the joys of rain and, more recently, the music director at Guildwoodsummer is spending time in plenty of sunshine. The Presbyterian.the garden. I enjoy other seeds and seedlings that “But the beauty of it is, especiallypeople’s gardens very much, were planted weeks ago have with church, is that it doesn’t feel likethough I confess my own is a now exploded into life. Many work to me,” Carmine says. “Not thatbit of a jungle! of us have been busy my day job isn’t rewarding, but it can While this summer got planting, fertilizing, be very difficult at to a slow start, it now watering, pruning andseems ideal for gardeners Continued on page 2 Continued on page 2 PAGE 1
  2. 2. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011 Continued from page 1 have to do with “passionate spirituality” and “needs- Continued from page 1 repotting, and this is allessential if we want a nice oriented evangelism”, we need “But playing in church andgarden. to spend more time and energy. leading choirs and creating Passionate spirituality is music for a congregation is what Our job is to provide the concerned with our knowledge I love.”right environment, butultimately only God can give and understanding of the Bible, Raised as a Roman Catholicthe growth. our commitment to prayer, and and trained as a pianist, he has our ability to proclaim our been a music director in The same is true of the faith. Needs-oriented Presbyterian and UnitedChurch. Our task as Christians evangelism is about sharing our churches. But it was a stint inis to plant seeds and nurture faith with others, including the tenor section of the men’sthem. In our parish, we tend those who have no idea what and boys’ choir at St. Jamesthe community of faith by we believe or why we believe it. Cathedral from 2002 to 2005caring for it and giving it the A group of people from our that the graduate of the facultybest conditions to thrive. One of music at the University ofof the ways we have done that parish has been working closely with our NCD coach, Bill Toronto was first exposed tois through a process called Benson, to help us tend our Anglicanism.“Natural ChurchDevelopment” (NCD). garden more effectively. We “I completely fell in love are striving to bring greater with the Anglican church and As its name suggests, this health to the weaker areas of the Anglican tradition,resource helps churches to our parish life, while continuing especially with the music part ofdevelop in natural and organic to affirm and support the it,” Carmine says.ways. Our recent NCD survey many, many things that are He met his wife, Michelle,suggests that our parish strong and healthy. through music and says she’s agarden is very healthy,especially in the areas of We hope to undertake our “fantastic singer.” And how do“loving relationships” and “gift- next NCD survey next winter, you like this for intertwined?based ministry”. to see if we’ve been able to Michelle is a vocal teacher at a create new conditions for God west end high school and music This affirms what many of to bring about even more director at Holy Redeemerus already know: that members growth. Catholic Church in Pickering.of our community care deeplyfor one another, and that the The other NCD team Carmine loves the soccerministries we undertake are members are Joan Wilson, pitch, but feels most at homeclosely connected with the Andrew Reeves and Freda when he’s behind a that God has given us. Gearing. If you have questions “I haven’t had too manyThese parts of the garden are or suggestions, please speak Sunday mornings off,” Carminelush and healthy, and our task with us. says. “But I would be thereis to keep nurturing them. Have a great summer. See anyway. There’s nothing I love Other parts of the garden you in church! more than being in a churchare less healthy. In the - The Reverend Kevin making music.”corners of the garden that Robertson PAGE 2
  3. 3. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011 Wardens’ Report Dear Parishioner These last few months have certainly been busy for your Wardens and members of Executive and Parish Council. We are appreciative of your prayers and support over these past months. At the time of this newsletter, we are nearing the end of the waterproofing of the foundation walls on the east side of the church. This has been an extensive project, and will result in greater insulation in the church basement as well as the able to undertake major pleasure to have her in our opportunity to landscape capital projects, and hire midst. If you havent the south and east side of additional staff. already done so, please the church. introduce yourself to We have also renovated Thank you for your the church office to better Alison. Alison is with us for patience and understanding utilize our existing space. the next two years on a as various pathways and This project, while modest part time basis and we look entrances to the church in cost, has made a major forward to having her with have been unavailable change in the office space. us. during this project. A new office was created The Churchwardens Through the Our Faith- for clergy, and new flooring, thank our ministry leaders Our Hope Campaign, St. paint and furniture make and all Parishioners for the Nicks has raised 138 for a very pleasant space. time, talent and treasure percent of our goal. Thank If you havent checked each of you devote to our you for your support of this out the results of this Parish life. Wishing you and incredible initiative, and to renovation, please feel free your families a pleasant, the leaders in our parish of to do so. restful and blessed this campaign. This summer... We welcomed the Rev. campaign, and our own The Churchwardens - Dr. Alison Falby as our capital campaign has put us Doug Goss, Sonia Halloran, Assistant Curate early in in a position where we are Anne Moir and Brian Todd. May, and it has been a PAGE 3
  4. 4. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011 20 QUESTIONS WITH... ...our new Assistant Curate, The Reverend Dr. Alison FalbyAre you a part of the Trinity College mafia Margaret Visser’s The Rituals of at St. Nick’s? What inspires you? Trinity College, yes; mafia . . . ? Many things: Nature; children’s delightTell us a little bit about yourself. Where and truthfulness; and anyone who recognizesare you from originally? Where did you go that we inhabit a broken world and yet livesto school? What’s your family background? with hope and love. I grew up in Toronto and went to What’s your idea of a perfect evening?University of Toronto Schools (UTS) on Bloor Dinner with good friends and family.Street. My family Do you think thebackground is Western Leafs will makeEuropean mongrel. the playoffs nextTell us about the season? (Hint:journey you’ve taken. Answer no.)What led you to pursue We live in hope.the Anglicanpriesthood? If you could I grew up in the have dinner withAnglican church and was any three peopledrawn to the idea of in history, deadordained ministry from a or alive, whoyoung age. I delayed would they bepursuing ordained and why?ministry for many Jesus, for obviousreasons: it seemed really uncool; I wasn’t sure reasons; Desmond Tutu, because I’m inspiredmy faith and sense of call were strong by his faith and commitment to social justice;enough; and I wanted to try out the academic and Tina Fey, because I think she’s What is your guilty pleasure? But I didn’t find academic life as fulfilling The New York Times Sunday I’d hoped, I grew in my faith and sense of What are your pet peeves?call, and I got over the uncoolness factor. Um, people who say “let there be light"So you’re a doctor, eh? It hurts when I every time any light switch is flipped on?try to stick my leg around the back of myhead. What should I do? So you’re the chaplain at Havergal. What do you enjoy most about that work? Try yoga. Or is that what you’re doing?What book are you reading at the moment? Watching the girls grow spiritually. PAGE 4
  5. 5. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011What would you be doing withyour life if you weren’t anAnglican priest? I would certainly still bedoing some kind of ministry:teaching in a Divinity school,probably!How do you like your newoffice? Love it.What kind of music do youhave on your iPod? An eclectic mix: blues, folk,classical, rock, jazz…What aspect of your ministrydo you most enjoy? Seeing people see God. * To our ministry team, musical directors, choir, servers, chalice bearers, sacristans, sidespeople,What aspect do you find greeters, readers, intercessors, altar guild members,most challenging? for making our worship services so meaningful. Making time for myself topray. * To Reg McRae and George Sczepanski for their workWhat is your all-time and results in the renovation of the church office.favourite motion picture and * To all those involved in the ongoing maintenance andwhy? care of all of our property. “Dr. Zhivago,” because Ilove the book and the movie * To Arlene McGuire and Marcia Parum for hosting thebrings it to life beautifully. Annual St. Nicks plant sale again this year, raising over $2,000 for the Nikibasika Learning andHas Father Kevin regaled you Development Project in Uganda and Faithworks.yet on what a fine golfer heis? * To Brian and Betsy Jones for organizing the Annual No, but I can talk his ear Golf Tournament and hosting the BBQ about what a fine rummy * To all those who continue to support and participate inplayer I am. Coffee Hour, thank you for your ongoing efforts.What do you hope to gain outof your experience at St. * And finally, to Bill Goodfellow and Joan Waters-Nick’s? Garner, for their musical leadership, inspiration and To learn how to be the kind hard work in their ministry as musical directors. Noof priest that can nurture a amount of thanks can show our gratitude for the jobwonderful congregation like St. you have done. Thanks and enjoy your retirements.Nick’s! PAGE 5
  6. 6. THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS, BIRCH CLIFF SUMMER, 2011Reverend Charles Etienne LuceFirst Rector of St. Nicholas Church By Dennis Newman businessman (railway who offered the use of his Born on May 16, 1881 in equipment), Presbyterian, and stable. The first service wasGloucester, England, Charles YMCA enthusiast, and they held on his lawn on June 25 ofLuce was the eldest son that year.(and one of 13 children) Following theof Alice C. Luce (Stubbs) frame building’sand John James Luce, renovation, Stthe evangelical vicar of Nicholas’ Church wasSt Nicholas’ Church, dedicated by theWestgate Street. bishop of Toronto on After attending Aug. 9. Expanded in(1896-99) a well-known 1914, but burned inevangelical public school, 1916, the church wasDean Close School in rebuilt that year onCheltenham, Charles its present site, atspent “some years in Manderley Drive andbusiness.” He immigrated Kingston Canada, subsequently During his time insettled in Toronto, and Scarborough, 1906 entered Nicholas’ congregationUniversity College at the had grown rapidly, andUniversity of Toronto, took up residence at on 10 Oct. 1922, withfrom which he graduated in Scarborough Junction. In 1913 some 335 families, it became aclassics (BA) in 1911. Luce received his diploma in separate parish. Ordained deacon on June theology from Wycliffe, and Charles E. Luce died2, 1912, Luce was officially was made a priest that year on unexpectedly on Sept. 21, 1927appointed incumbent of June 8. in Providence, Rhode Island, onScarborough Junction (Church At the beginning of his his way to Toronto for theof the Epiphany) and Agincourt charge, Luce had also been 50th anniversary of Wycliffe.(St Timothy’s Mission Hall) taking steps to set up a church Following a service in itsthree days later. Thus in the emerging, semi-rural chapel, he was buried inestablished, on Sept. 23 in village of Birch Cliff, east of Toronto’s Mount PleasantEglinton village, North Toronto, Toronto on Kingston Road. On Cemetery.he married Helen Emma, June 12, 1912 he called a His wife – they had nodaughter of John J. Gartshore, meeting at the home of children – stayed in Torontoa prominent Toronto businessman George F. Davis, and lived until 1967. PAGE 6