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Nicks News - Christmas 2012

  1. 1. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 NICK’S NEWS Our new incumbent, Janet Read-Hockin (middle), shared some time with Gary Glowacki of The Bridge (left) and FaithWorks co0rdinator Karen Inselsbacher (right) after the service on Oct. 28. Get to know Janet better by reading 20 Questions With...on page 6. Making room for Christ in Christmas Preparing to celebrate a decorating, gift become blurred. For many, Holy Christmas, or making preparations, celebrations the expectations around room in our hearts and lives with family and friends or a Christmas and remembering to receive the Christ child, host of other things, often the way things ‘used to be’ can be a challenge. The propels us into overdrive or ‘should be’, can also busyness of the season, and the true reason for our heighten a sense of loss or whether it is card writing, celebration can easily grief. For these reasons, and Continued on page 2 PAGE 1
  2. 2. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 Advent all about looking forward Those four qualities or By taking time toContinued from page 1 gifts of hope, peace, joy and meditate in this way, or by love, are the focus of each of taking time to worship, pray,more, the season of Advent the four weeks of Advent. reflect on scripture or spendbecomes an important focus One method of honouring time in a daily devotion, weand a gateway for making Advent and preparing for are making room for theroom in our hearts and lives Christmas is to take time coming of Christ to enterto receive the Christ child each day or week is to our hearts and homes anew.more fully. meditate on the gift before And that is what Christmas The season of Advent, us in a three-fold movement is truly about: making room,which spans the four weeks upward, inward and outward. celebrating and honouring apreceding Christmas, comes God who chose to enter For example, the focus offrom the Latin words ad - humanity in and through the the first week of Advent is"to" + venio - "come". As a person of Jesus Christ, hope. Step 1. The movementseason in the Chruch Year, it imbuing all of life with hope, upward: What hope doesprovides us with the peace, joy and love. It is a God set before me throughopportunity to look forward gift unlike any other and His word and the coming ofto the coming of the Christ worth taking the time to Jesus?child and to the coming of unwrap in the busyness ofChrist in glory. It is marked Step 2. The movement the season for it, alone, hasby a focused spirit of inward: How have I the power to transform usexpectation, anticipation, experienced hope today or and our world.preparation and of longing. this week? In what areas, situations or relationships do May God’s blessings of At first glance, it may hope, peace, joy and love fill I need greater hope?seem like simply one more your hearts and homes as youthing to do in an already Step 3. The movement prepare for the coming ofhectic schedule but it is far outward: How can I the Christ child.more. It is something we are incorporate God’s hope more fully in my life and extend it Yours in faith,called to do in order toimbue everything else with to others? Rev. Janethope, peace, joy and love.Words of thanks from Rev. Janet Dear friends in Christ, commitment, willingness to serve God and Words cannot express the gratitude I feel hospitality which you, the people of St. for the tremendous kindness, warmth and Nicholas, Birch Cliff, demonstrate in both welcome which you have extended to me and word and action. my husband Joe. Over the past months, I have I regard it as an honour and privilege to been blessed to witness the faith, have been called to lead and serve within this PAGE 2
  3. 3. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 Lots of ideas, lots of work to do, too parish and pray that for these ministries and type, values and passions in together, by the grace of prayerfully consider if God is an easygoing and God, we will continue to calling you to lend your gifts enlightening manner and will build on the strength and to them. be open to individuals of all witness of this parish. Some of my hopes and ages. To be honest, the expectations match those * Explore and initiate beginning of a new which were identified by you opportunities for inter- incumbency can be nerve in the Parish Profile and are generational and family wracking for the new clergy as follows: programs which augment person, the ministry staff and * To visit every ‘family’ rather than infringe on the parish. For all involved, it within the parish within the present programs or forms of marks a transition in which new year. worship. new relationships are being Looking over this list it * To hold a Parish built and a mutual may sound like a lot but, Visioning process in early commitment is being made with God’s help and a mutual 2013 so that together we may to build up the kingdom of commitment to ministry I seek to discern God’s will for God within and beyond the strongly believe that all of it this parish and its ministry parish. is within our reach. initiatives. By God’s grace, I am deeply grateful for this process will help us set Finally, I want to express the guidance of our Wardens, priorities and create a my gratitude to the Selection Doug, Sonia, Anne and tangible plan to move “into Committee, not simply Brian, as well as St. the future.” because I am grateful to be Nicholas’ ministry staff, The here, but because the * Provide opportunities Rev. Dr. Alison Falby, ministry they undertake is for continued spiritual Deb Chapman, Janet often far more demanding growth through such things Baron and Carmine and time consuming than as small group study and by Lappano as well as The many people perceive. providing an opportunity for Rev. Joan Waters-Garner people to identify and use As we continue to follow and The Rev. Canon Ian the gifts God has given to and serve Jesus may God Noseworthy. them. To help facilitate the grant us wisdom, I have a host of ideas, former, we will be holding an discernment and strength hopes and expectations. Advent program on Handel’s and fill us with the Unlike many positions, Messiah in December. To knowledge that "God can do ordained ministry does not help facilitate the latter, we infinitely more than we can have a formal built-in system will be inviting individuals to ask or imagine." of accountability. As such I participate in the LifeKeys Yours in faith and want to share some of my program sometime in the friendship, ideas with you not only as a new year. LifeKeys is a means for me to hold myself Janet + spiritually-based program for accountable, but also as an discovering your life gifts, The Reverend Janet opportunity for you to pray spiritual gifts, personality Read-Hockin PAGE 3 enter text Type to
  4. 4. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012WARDENS’ REPORT What an amazing year 2012 has been so farin the life of St Nicholas’ parish. As we lookforward to the beauty and joy of the Christmasseason we also look back over a year that hasbeen filled with change and with manywonderful and significant events. Perhaps the most important of thoseevents was the naming on June 10 by the ParishSelection Committee of our new priest, theReverend Janet Read-Hockin. Janet andher husband, Joe Hockin arrived at St.Nicholas in mid-August and in October,Bishop Patrick Yu officiated at the movinginduction service which officially made Janetour incumbent. We are very happy to have Janet and Joewith us as part of the St. Nicholas family andlook forward to many years of growth anddevelopment as a Christian community underJanet’s thoughtful guidance and insightfulleadership. A less happy event of 2012 was having toprematurely say goodbye to our interim priest, Rev. Ian Noseworthy had some help playingMichael Pollesel. Michael had intended to the keyboard from his trusty dog Kennybe with us until our new incumbent was in during the annual Blessing of the Animalsplace, but his position as Bishop-elect of the in October.Diocese of Uruguay required him to be therein early June. We have welcomed back our former We were very sorry to see him go but we priests, Jack Roney (April), Prue Chambersunderstood, and were fortunate that Bishop Yu (May), Ian Nichols (September) and mostwas able to appoint as an “interim for our recently, Kevin Robertson in October asinterim,” the Rev. Ron Scott who took over guest preachers and have enjoyed thecapably until the arrival of Rev. Janet in August. opportunity to hear and reconnect with ourAlthough this was a somewhat shaky period for former spiritual all, we weathered it well thanks to the The major focus of our anniversary yearstrength and commitment of all those involved was the Homecoming Weekend of June 9 andin ministry at St Nick’s. 10. The Gala Dinner and Dance held at Ella’s Of course this year the other major events Ballroom on the Saturday evening was awere most certainly the Centennial eventsthemselves. Continued on page 5 PAGE 4
  5. 5. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 Centennial wasn’t only highlightwonderful event, followed on Sunday morning planning and carrying out of this wonderfulby our homecoming service at which we were project.honoured to have as celebrant and homilist the In August, Deb Chapman and her teamPrimate of Canada, the Right Reverend of volunteers once again held a very successfulFred Hiltz. Vacation Bible Camp at which more than 20 The choir’s singing of the Centennial children had fun while learning about the fiveanthem commissioned from composer Barry essential ingredients of a joy-filled life at thePeters was a highlight of the service, while ‘Taste and See’ Café.the floral display organized by the altar guild Our 96 year-old building also received itsmeant that St. Nicholas had never looked so share of attention this year. And it wasbeautiful. definitely needed. The kitchen renovation is The weekend of our 100th anniversary was virtually finished and functioned well for thetruly memorable and was a tribute to all the Bazaar tea room. The exterior tuck-pointingorganizers, led by Betsy Jones (Altar Guild), was carried out earlier in the year, whichDoreen Moffat and Jane Roberts (Gala allowed us to then repair the interior damagecommittee). which had been caused by water seepage, Centennial events continued over the next particularly in the Manderley entrance and thefew months. First was the unveiling of a book room.Heritage Toronto plaque on August 9, the date These areas have now been repaired andon which 100 years earlier the original church plastered and while some painting still remainswas dedicated. This plaque outlining St to be done, the work is otherwise finished. ANicholas’ history in Birch Cliff is now very large debt of gratitude is owed particularlymounted on the wall to the west of the main to Reg McRae who organized, oversaw anddoor of the church. did a lot of the work on these important The end of September brought our projects.neighbourhood street party run by Suzanne All in all, this has been an exciting andLehtinen, Joan-Mary Spencer and a host eventful year in the life of our parish. Despiteof volunteers. Manderley Avenue was closed not having an incumbent for more than halfoff, hot dogs served, games played and a good the year and the perhaps inevitable drop-off intime had by all as we shared our centennial attendance and offerings, we are now seeingwith the local community. that trend reversed as Janet settles in here at In addition to Centennial events, many St. Nick’s.other things were happening during the year. We are truly blessed in our parish familySpring saw the completion of the planting of and, as ever, we thank you all so much for yourthe new gardens and the dedication in May by efforts and for your ongoing prayers andCanon Prue Chambers of the Kennington support.Memorial Garden. Thanks are due to Arlene The Churchwardens - Doug Goss,McGuire and the other members of the small Sonia Halloran, Anne Moir and Brianbut dedicated garden committee for the Todd PAGE 5
  6. 6. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 20 QUESTIONS WITH... ...our new incumbent, Rev. Janet Read-Hockin 1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where share a few insights and welcome any furtherare you from originally? Did you come dialogue.from a big family? Have you ever driven a Following the death of my father when Itractor? was 14, God and I had a parting of ways. At I was born and raised in central Toronto that time, and for several years, I could notand I am the youngest of five children. Before reconcile the notion of a loving God with thearriving at St. Nicholas, I would have said that reality of suffering and death.I came from a big family but I have It took me a long time to recognize that itsubsequently learned that five children or was I who had left God rather than God whoseven family members does not constitute a had left me.large family! While I have never driven a I truly believe that one of the mosttractor, I have been a passenger on a ski-doo. powerful aspects of the Christian story is that 2. Can you tell us a little about your Christ is present even in the midst of thatjourney that led you to entering the suffering seeking to bring light even when weclergy? feel overwhelmed with darkness. I am afraid that my answer to this questionwould be far too long to print, however I will Continued on page 7 CHRISTMAS SERVICESSunday, December 16 10:30 a.m. – Sung Sunday, December 30(Advent 3) Eucharist with Church (First Sunday after8:30 a.m. – Holy School Christmas)Eucharist Monday, December 24 8:30 a.m. - Holy10:30 a.m. – Sung (Christmas Eve) EucharistEucharist with Church 5 p.m. - Holy Eucharist 10:30 a.m. – SungSchool 7 p.m. - Family Eucharist Eucharist7 p.m. –A Service of with Pageant Sunday, January 6Lessons and Carols 11 p.m. - Traditional (Epiphany)Sunday December 23 Eucharist with Candlelight 8:30 a.m. – Holy(Advent 4) Tuesday, December 25 Eucharist8:30 a.m - Holy (Christmas Day) 10:30 a.m. - SungEucharist 10:30 a.m. - Sung Eucharist Eucharist PAGE 6
  7. 7. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 4. So you have a cat named Neil Young?Continued from page 6 What’s up with that? Why wouldn’t you name him Cat Stevens instead? In terms of my sense of call to ordainedministry, I can honestly say that it was not a Neil Young, our cat, was named by mycall I was expecting! I began my M.Div. at husband Joe on the day he brought him homeWycliffe College in 1990 with the intention of from a farm. The poor little kitten wasgoing into Inner-city Youth Work as a lay meowing like crazy in the car but when Neilperson. In the summer of 1991, I carried out a Young’s song Harvest Moon came on the radio,summer internship in the Parish of Parham- he stopped meowing and calmed downSharbot Lake in the Diocese of Ontario. completely. Maybe if it was Cat’s in the Cradle or Father and Son on the radio it would have been It was through the ministry opportunities a different story!and my experience there that the sense ofbeing called to ordained ministry came to the 5. What inspires you?forefront for the first time. I was not prepared Jesus and the lives of faith of his followers.for it and actually dropped out of Wycliffe for 6. Is there a little corner of the worldsix years. Over those years, the personal sense to which you like to escape?of call continued and was further affirmed Yes, our cottage near Parry Sound.within a broader Church context. 7. What’s on you iPod (if you have one)? In 1996, I returned to Wycliffe, completedmy degree and was Ordained a Deacon in the If we change the “o” to an “a” I do have one.Diocese of Toronto in 1999. While I am still learning to use my iPad, it has various Apps, music and videos and a calendar In all honesty, this is an highly abbreviated that I am still trying to figure out how to sync!sharing of my faith journey and call to ordainedministry. I will share, however, one quote that 8. What book are you reading at thehas been very formative for me in my own moment?journey and the exercise of ordained ministry. Sara Miles’ Take this Bread and Jann Arden’sThe quote is from Frederick Buechner and may Fa$ing paraphrased as “Your vocation in life is that 9. Do you have a favourite saint? Whoplace where your great joy meets the hunger of is it and why?the world.” I think that this is at the heart ofall ministry – lay or ordained. I am grateful that you used small “s” saint and the answer in this case is my mom, Helen, For me, that ‘great joy’ was, and is, in who is alive and well and has been, andproclaiming the good news of God in Jesus continues to be, one of my “heroes of faith.”Christ. She is my favourite saint because she has 3. Good thing you kept it short. So you modeled a depth of faith, faithful living andgraduated from Wycliffe, eh? The kids at humility that I can only aspire to match andTrinity say that’s where the nerds go. there have been countless times where she hasWhat do you think of that? helped me “grow into the person I know Christ By nerd, do you mean those who self- wants me to be much more so than I couldidentify that “Nunc Est Regni Deus” (now is have on my own.”the reign of God)? If so, I’m pretty sure that 10. What would you be doing if youthey are nerds too! If I’m quoting Latin, were not an Anglican priest?though, does that make me a nerd? PAGE 7
  8. 8. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 Continued from page 7 While I do not expect to live to 126 years of age, I absolutely expect to see the Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup again. After all, not I really do not know as I struggle to even only am a Torontonian, I am also a person of imagine doing anything else. faith and, in this case, faith truly is “the 11. What’s your idea of a perfect substance of things hoped for, the promise of evening? things not yet seen.” It would be an 15. What are you looking evening with my forward to accomplishing husband Joe and the here at St. Nick’s? “perfect” part would be I am hoping to continue to far less about what we build on the strength that is are doing than simply already present by fostering a having time to spend continued deepening of our together. As I think life of faith as it is revealed about it, however, it and lived out in and through would probably be an the person of Jesus Christ. evening at our cottage, More details may be found in enjoying a nice dinner my article in this edition and that we cooked together in the weeks, months and and watching the years to come! sunset. 16. What’s your pet peeve? 12. What would When we fail to respect one .. you like inscribed on another’s ministry. your tombstone? 17. If you were having the “I will lift up mine Rev. Janet seems to think this will Archbishop of Canterbury eyes unto the hills”. It happen again in her lifetime. over for dinner, what was the inscription on Good luck with that one. would you cook? my father’s family tombstone and when I Joe barbecues a pretty visited his grave as a teenager I would always incredible steak so I’ll have to read the words aloud without knowing where go with that – providing, of course, that the they came from. Searching for the words Archbishop doesn’t have any dietary within their full context was probably the first restrictions. time I opened the Bible for myself and that 18. What is your all-time favourite has made all the difference. movie? 13. What are your interests outside Pride and Prejudice. your job? 19.And your favorite book? I love to read, garden poorly but with Also Pride and Prejudice. enthusiasm, and I like to turn pens on my 20. Do you have a personal credo? wood lathe. It isn’t a personal credo but the phrase that 14. Do you think you’ll live to see the came into my head is “salvation is about great Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup? In other weeping and great laughter.” words, are you expecting to live to 126? PAGE 8
  9. 9. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012 Outreach shows how much we care By Deb Chapman and Sonia agencies and at tax time by providing freeHalloran income tax service. At St. Nicholas we continue Autumn is the time of harvest and the to support the work of the food bank, bothmarkets are full of the amazing bounty of financially and through many volunteer hours. Incolourful fruits and vegetables that inspire fact, one of our parishioners has beencomforting thoughts of rich stews and hearty volunteering weekly at the food bank since itsoups to keep us warm as the days get shorter began.and colder. But for We are also involved inmany, there is no the Beach Interfaithcomfort because the Lunch Program, whichcost of these wonderful provides hot lunchesfresh fruits and Monday throughvegetables is Friday at variousprohibitive. You can locations. Last year, Nicholas partnered St. Nicholas is with St. John theinvolved in two major Baptist, Norway tofood ministries that provide nutritiousprovide fresh fruits and lunches utilizing asvegetables, in various many fresh fruits andways to those who vegetables as possible.cannot afford to buy We served between 50them. We are a founding and 85 guests eachmember of Churches by Tuesday, working on athe Bluffs Food Bank, schedule of ‘two weeksthat operates out of on and two weeks off ’Birchcliff Bluffs United with the St. John’sChurch. This food bank team. This year, theyserves over 300 families have run into aand is committed to volunteer problem,enhancing hampers which means St. John’swith as many fresh is unable to meet thisitems as possible. Your Kids attending The Amazing Christmas schedule. In order todonations of food and Feast on Dec. 23 will get some face time continue thismoney help ensure that with Santa Claus two days before necessary ministry, wethey meet their Christmas. have committed tocommitments. providing lunch every In addition to providing food hampers and a week, at least for the time lunch to their clients, the food bank alsooffers advocacy and assistance by facilitating Continued on page 10referrals to other government and social PAGE 9
  10. 10. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012Continued from page 9 In addition, essentials such POETRY CORNER as toilet tissue, toothpaste and By Joan Clarke other hygiene items generously This additional As Christmas Carols donated by St. Nick’scommitment means that both parishioners are provided for fill the air,our volunteer base and our those who need budget are stretched. With snowflakesYou could help in falling everywhere,several ways. Ifyou have a few There are packages tohours to spare on mail away,a Tuesday you Rehearsals for thecould join ourteam (please Christmas play.know that you do The Christmas tree tonot have to decorate,commit to everyweek, just let us We sure hope Santaknow when you Looking ahead, while our won’t be late,could work). commitment to the food bank Friends to remember, Also, if you like to bake you and the Christmas Feast remains constant, we are near and far,could donate a dessertperiodically. Or we could always conducting a needs assessment As we gaze up at theuse a nutritious salad to in order to identify what other Shining Star.complement the meal. Let me outreach initiatives are mostknow how you might be able to needed in our area. The hope is Recalling that veryhelp. A donation to the that the program(s) identified first night,Outreach fund is another way can be begun at St. Nicks in the fall of 2013. the manger and theto help further both the FoodBank ministry and the Beach Star so bright, Nonetheless, whatever theInterfaith Lunch program. Outreach committee and The shepherds And coming up on Dec. 23 volunteers take on, none of it kneeling by His side,is our Amazing Christmas can be carried out without both the spiritual and financial And gentle Mary’sFeast, held in co-operation withWimpy’s Diner and BBNC support of the wider St. smile of pride.(Birchcliff Bluffs Nicholas community. We know Two-thousand yearsNeighbourhood Centre). Each that St. Nicholas is a church that cares and so we are have come and gone,year, literally hundreds ofpeople enjoy a turkey dinner at confident that, as it has in the Yet we still greet theWimpy’s and then come to St. past, the support needed will be Christmas dawn,Nicholas for dessert, a visit most generously forthcoming.from Santa, gifts and for the Thank you for your With wishes old, forchildren, a colour photo of prayerful consideration of Peace on Earth,themselves with their favourite support for these food As we rejoice ourman in red. ministries. Saviour’s birth. PAGE 10
  11. 11. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2012100 YEARS OF ST. NICKSExactly 100 years to the day after the officialdedication of the Church building by theBishop of Toronto on Aug. 9, 2012, HeritageToronto unveiled a plaque honouring theChurch of St. Nicholas. Highlighting the eventwas the early arrival of Baby Victoria CatherineCarter, born on our most significant centennialday. Congratulations to all.History of a Christening GownThe year is 1955 and Rev. Garnsworthy is holding Betty Kimball’s younger brother, Rodger Brown, in agown passed down through the family back from the 1800s. Mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers andsisters, daughters and sons and grandchildren have all worn this gown. Although not everyone wasbaptized at St. Nicks, many were, including all the Brown children and Sheila’s youngest daughter,Jennie, and granddaughter, Leslie. Last to wear the gown was Julia Durbin, seen here with her parentsin 2005 in Robinson Hall.To help celebrate our centennial with the community, St. Nicks held a Street Party Sept.29 on Manderley Avenue. From left to right, Sarah Brown is saved by Spiderman (timestwo), some of Toronto’s finest make an appearance and Joan Wright has a hallucinationinvolving unicorns. PAGE 11
  12. 12. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 20122012: It was quite a year JANUARY 15 Reg McRae shows up with his toolbox to do a few repairs around the church and doesn’t resurface until August. Apparently, he discovers the weeping tile needs replacing and decides to dig around the church himself, resurfacing only to set up tables every week for coffee hour. FEBRUARY 27 A miscommunication leads to an unfortunate turn of events when Rev. Michael Pollesel urges the church to make a donation to the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. Treasurer Brian Jones dutifully signs a cheque, but sends it to the Primates Relief Fund, which is devoted to preserving wildlife for orangutans. MARCH 24 Alison Falby is ordained as an Anglican Priest, making her full title “The Reverend Dr. Alison Falby, B.A. M.A, Phd, M.Div., Blesser of the Bicycles, Confirmation Guidance Specialist and Chief Bottle Washer. NOVEMBER 3 Al Pollard had a lot more than trinkets in his pockets at the annual Bazaar. The Pick-A-Pocket scheme at the annual St. Nick’s Bazaar goes horribly wrong when one of the patrons accidentally reaches into Al right to not have recurring nightmares the rest Pollard’s pants pocket and emerges with a ball of their lives,” say the police. of lint big enough to choke a horse. DECEMBER 9 DECEMBER 8 Newly installed incumbent Rev. Janet Santa’s elves at the Christmas Dance step Read-Hockin is mortified at the presence of out for a breath of fresh air and are arrested the Bishop St. Nicholas at 10:30 mass. “I did shortly after when the police respond to not sign up for this,” she tells Archbishop numerous complaints from the area residents. Colin Johnson. “Yeah, well, we should have “Hey, we haven’t done anything wrong,” they told you about that guy. But we were afraid say. “Yeah, but look at those tights. They’re a that if we had, you would have barricaded crime against fashion, not to mention a yourself in your church in Shanty Bay,” he contravention of everyone’s constitutional replies. PAGE 12