Nicks News Advent 2011


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Parish newsletter for Advent 2011 - St Nicholas Birch Cliff Anglican Church, Toronto

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Nicks News Advent 2011

  1. 1. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2011 NICK’S NEWS 20 Questions ...with St. Nicks’ new director of music, Carmine Lappano 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are from originally? What is your family background? I was born and bred in Toronto. My parents are both from a southern region of Italy called Calabria. Therefore, I have been raised in the culture of good pasta sauce, spirited conservations (or arguments containing plenty of stubbornness), a lot of opera, and ofMichaelʼs Message course, quite a bit of soccer! 2. How does a Roman Catholic endRemember your interior journey at Christmas up being a music director at an Anglican church? Dear Fellow Travellers, First of all, let me say that Excellent question! I have been lucky One of the many images Im very grateful to be here, at to play and sing in churches of manyused to describe our life on St. Nicholas, Birch Cliff. I have denominations of Christianity. Thethis planet is that of travel. no idea about the length of my Anglican Church is the one I feel mostLife can be seen as a journey stay, but I am pleased to be close to. I guess I must have lived inwhich is ultimately from birth here for this part of my own England in a previous life, or somethingto death. journey. like that. In all seriousness, making music I hope to get to know in a Christian family of faith is all that While we take this life- matters to me.long journey there are many some of you during my timeother trips that we take: here. 3. What inspires you?school; relationships; And I want you to know Love inspires me. Love of my faith.vocational or professional; that I hope to be as available Love of my family. Love of my friends. Itfaith. Each of these may have to you as you need for your is easy to be inspired when you love, andits own set of distinct own journey. are loved.characteristics. Continued on page 2 Continued on page 2 PAGE 1
  2. 2. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2011 Focus: All it takes is five minutes a dayContinued from page 1 shopping, card writing, where that may lead and what One of our common special cooking and baking, kinds of thoughts andyearly journeys is nearing its special decorating, and of feelings it might evoke.time for ending and new course, socializing, that seems Lets not allow thebeginning. As you very likely to take up so much of our journey of Advent and theknow, our church calendar time during the four weeks celebration of Christmas toyear begins with the First leading up to Christmas. become one jumbled messSunday of Advent which falls For far too many people this year.on Nov. 27 this year. this seems to leave little, if As Im sure you all know, Advent can certainly be a any, time for the other kind the 12 days of Christmaswonderful time of year. No of journey that we ought to actually begin on Dec. 25, andmatter what age you are, the be on during these weeks: the end on Jan. 6, the Feast of thedays and weeks leading up to interior journey. Epiphany.Christmas, are often filled The interior journey can I encourage you to keepwith all sorts of activities. add so much to the the two separate and distinct. Sometimes, depending on preparations we make to And in so doing, ourour own character and celebrate Christmas. It can preparatory journey duringinterior life, Advent can build be as simple as taking just five Advent and our celebratoryup to a deafening crescendo minutes every day during the journey during Christmas-that actually causes a great season of Advent, blocking tide will each be enriched anddeal of stress and strain. Im out all the exterior noises, enhanced.sure that many of us are all allowing ourselves to focus on May God guide, bless, andtoo familiar with the hustle being in Gods presence in a enrich each of you and ourand bustle of Christmas special way, and discerning common journey together!...More Carmine4. Who or what have been 5. What’s on your IPod?your musical influences? Actually, I do not even own I think that I am an IPod! However, if you askedinfluenced by many musicians my wife this question, sheor styles. Whether they are would roll her eyes and saymusicians I have had the that the CD carrying case inprivilege of working with in my car probably has aperson, or musicians of the recording of the Kings Collegepast. I love all types of music, Choir under the direction ofand they have all formed me to David Willcocks, next to anbeing the type of musician I Eminem today. Continued on page 5 PAGE 2
  3. 3. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2011WARDENS’ REPORT Dear Parishioner: These last few months have certainly been busy for your Wardens and members of Executive and Parish Council. We are appreciative of your prayers and support over these past months. Father Kevin Robertson announced that he has accepted a position at Christ Church Deer Park, and his last Sunday with us was Sept. 25. Kevin had been our incumbent for 6 1/2 years, and was a wonderful pastor, friend and spiritual leader. Our bishop, Patrick Yu, has appointed Michael Pollesel as our Interim On Sunday, Sept. 18 we Priest in Charge, and it has held a special vestry to elect been a pleasure and privilege the members of the Parish to have Michael in our midst Selection Committee (PSC), during this period of change who are responsible for and transition. Michael was working with the Bishop in most recently the General selecting our next Secretary of the General incumbent. This committee Synod of the Anglican consists of Doug Goss, Church of Canada, a Sonia Halloran, Andrew position from which he has Reeves, Shawn Carter, recently retired. Freda Gearing, Pauline Michael is pleased to be Glasgow and Julia back in parish ministry and Hanson. We expect that a especially so here in new incumbent will be in Scarborough, where he spent place by late Spring of 2012. many years earlier in his Joan Waters-Garner ministry. We warmly and Bill Goodfellow welcome Michael, and please announced their retirement We welcomed two additions to introduce yourself if you as Co-Directors of Music. our St. Nick’s family - Carmine have not already done so. Lappano (top) and Rev. Dr. Continued on page 6 Michael Pollesel. PAGE 3
  4. 4. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2011 * To our ministry team, musical directors, * To all our church school teachers,choir, servers, chalice bearers, sacristans, especially those who kept church schoolsidespeople, greeters, readers, intercessors, altar running each week during the summer.guild members, for making our worship services * To all those who participated in our annualso meaningful. Bazaar, but most especially to those who * To all those involved in the wonderful new organize and run this amazing event ! gardens taking shape on the church lawn.To all * To those who hosted the farewell those involved in the ongoing maintenance receptions for Father Kevin as well as for and care of all of our property. Joan Waters-Garner and Bill Goodfellow. POETRY Once more the Christmas Story read A manger for a Babys bed, With cattle looking on nearby By Joan Clarke A shining star high in the sky.The strong north winds begin to blow On the hillside, shepherds abideSoon it will bring the pure white snow, As Angels appear by their side,Bright coloured lights will then appear Singing the praises and the joyTelling us Christmas time is near. Of the birth of the Baby Boy.Christmas Carols soon fill the air Through the years, we do celebrateAnd Church bazaars are everywhere, The news the Angels did relate,Folks are rushing from store to store The Son of God was born todayAnd wreaths are hung upon each door. His radiance did light the way. PAGE 4
  5. 5. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 20116. You’re a big soccer guy. To 11. Your wife is a music game, and started playing a fewencourage more scoring, teacher and choir director years ago.don’t you think it would be a as well. Do the two of you 17. What have you foundgood idea to make the nets walk around the house most rewarding aboutbigger? singing to each other? working at St. Nick’s? How about a smaller ball? I can assure you, if I am Working with the choir.7. What’s your favourite walking around the house They have been such anteam and player? singing, my wife asks me to enthusiastic, eager group of stop, immediately. musicians, and I am very I am such a student, and fanof the game, I really do not 12. What is your guilty pleased with what we have beenhave a favourite team. I enjoy pleasure? able to do already in such awatching the great teams like Timbits, (ask the choir). short amount of time. TheyBarcelona, and Manchester also laugh at my jokes. 13. What is your pet peeve?City, because they are full of 18. What is your idea of a Punctuality, or lack thereoftalent and skill. I suppose I do perfect evening? (ask the choir, again).follow the Italian National If you asked me thisSoccer Team, for obvious 14. Are the Leafs for real question 10 years ago, it wouldreasons. My favourite player this year? be completely different. I willtoday is the great Lionel Messi. I think all the variables are leave that to the imagination.The only issue with him is that going to determine it. Will At present time, I would sayhe is not Italian. Reimer be back soon and find that a perfect evening would his form from last year? Will8. You’re a full-time teacher, entail a wonderful meal with Kessel keep scoring? Willfather of two young boys my wife and two sons, reading Phaneuf play the way he playedand music director at St. my sons stories before bed the first 10 games for the wholeNick’s. What do you do with while lulling them to sleep, and season? Will Ron Wilson teachthe three minutes of free knowing that I am lucky to his team how to kill penalties?time you have every day? have a beautiful home and a Wow! I am glad I do not have I read about sports online. beautiful family that I get to to right about that stuff!Yes, I read your columns! enjoy every single day. 15. What book is on your9. Have you ever had a 19. Have you ever played in nightstand?mullet? a band? The Tenth Insight by James Absolutely! Haven’t we all? In high school! I was the Redfield is on my nightstandUnfortunately, I was asked (by drummer of a rock band. The right now. I have been trying tomy wife) to burn any pictures mullet was cut by then, thank read it for a long time, but haveshowcasing my mullet, to spare heavens. not gotten far. I loved thethe scalding of retinas of all 20. What is your favourite prequel, The Celestine Prophecy.those who would have the song of all-time?misfortune of beholding such a 16. What sports do you play That is a hard one. Can Iterrible visual. aside from soccer? give you two? I mean, I really Basketball and squash. I10. Do you ever fantasize could give you about 50, but I picked up the game of Squashabout being a rock star? am sure anyone could do that. when I was in my undergrad at What do you think I’m How about Billy Joel’s Honesty U of T. Basketball is the mostthinking about while I am and Elton John’s Goodbye Ye#ow recent. I fell in love with theplaying the Offertory hymn? Brick Road? PAGE 5
  6. 6. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH CHRISTMAS, 2011WARDENS’ REPORT Carmine and Michael have a lot we are blessed to have this They were a wonderful of new names to try and happen in our midst each and led the choir and our remember! Our own St Nicks Knightsmusic ministry for over three Our annual bazaar was won the Scarborough Anglicanyears. While they may have another resounding success! Youth Softball Tournament thisretired from "the bench" you Many thanks to all who year. Thanks to the team andcan still see Bill in the choir contributed to this amazing their loyal fans who havemost Sundays and Joan in the event. Not only did we raise cheered them on the wholecongregation. It is wonderful to over $14,000, we also opened season.have their presence with us our doors to the wider We should always beeach week. community. Many thanks to the reminded of how blessed we are We are pleased to have leaders and planners of this at St. Nicholas to have thewelcomed Carmine Lappano event, as it is a year long effort. inspirational leadership fromas our new Director of Music Our vacation Bible camp in our ministry team. Theirand organist. Carmine has been August was another great leadership empowers andwith us since the beginning of success. Special thanks to Deb equips us all to serve the LordSeptember and if you havent Chapman for organizing and and live the Gospel.already done so, please running this. This is a special The Churchwardens thankintroduce yourself to Carmine. ministry that involves our our ministry leaders and allWe look forward to Carmines parish families but also a great Parishioners for the time, talenttalent and enthusiasm in many children in the and treasure each of you devoteleading our music program at community that are not to our Parish life.St. Nick’s. members of St Nicholas. This is The Churchwardens - Please remember to wear outreach in so many ways, and Doug Goss, Sonia Halloran,your name tags, as both Anne Moir and Brian Todd CHRISTMAS SERVICES Sunday, Dec. 18 Saturday, Dec. 24 10:30 a.m. - Sung (Advent 4) (Christmas Eve) Eucharist with Christmas 8:30 a.m. – Holy 4 p.m. - Family Eucharist Carols Eucharist 7 p.m. - Family Eucharist Sunday, Jan. 1 (The 10:30 a.m. – Sung with Pageant, followed by Naming of Jesus) Eucharist with Church a Birthday cake! 8:30am - Holy Eucharist School 11 p.m. - Traditional 10:30am – Sung Eucharist 7 p.m. – A Service of Eucharist with Candlelight Friday, Jan. 6 Lessons and Carols Sunday, Dec. 25 (Epiphany) (Christmas Day) 7 p.m. – Sung Eucharist PAGE 6